Chapter 68 – Demonic Attack

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

The third day of the Grand Alchemy Meeting.

When Qin Yu arrived at Alchemy Mountain he was informed by a disciple of Immortal Eclipse Valley that he no longer needed to attend today’s competition. Once the meeting ended, he could join together with the other top nine ranking individuals to cultivate beneath the Radiant Red Wood for a month.

After explaining this, the disciple coldly coughed and sized up Qin Yu several times before turning around. Right now, if the disciples of Immortal Eclipse Valley held a poll to see who was the most unpopular participant in the Grand Alchemy Meeting, Qin Yu would be the absolute number one champion. Luckily, Qin Yu had experienced far too many similar situations and was long since immune to these types of attitudes.

This matter could only have been arranged by Daoist Wang. That person held an earnest love towards his talent, but unfortunately, whether it was because of the Radiant Red Wood or the little blue lamp which definitely could not be revealed to anyone, Qin Yu could only choose to decline his offer. Even so, he still felt a bit of guilt in his heart.

Shaking his head, Qin Yu drew to the side. Since he didn’t need to participate, he was happy. But this happiness didn’t last long. Daoist Wang arrived, coldly snorting and clearly flared up with a foul temper.

Hey, if you aren’t happy, don’t lean over here. If you sit so close it’s hard for me to keep up an act!

Qin Yu rubbed his nose. He cupped his hands across his chest and said, “Greetings, Senior Wang. I thank senior for looking after me!”

Daoist Wang sneered. “The matter of having you directly advance wasn’t because of me. Don’t go thanking the wrong person.”

Qin Yu froze for a moment. I haven’t even asked anything, so aren’t you just explaining things on your own initiative?

Daoist Wang’s complexion was much better as he saw Qin Yu at a loss for words. The third day of the competition was no longer managed by him.

On the third day of the Grand Alchemy Meeting, the competition was still held at Alchemy Mountain. But because of an emergency change in rules the pill refining area was changed to the open field below the mountain.

The nine people that refined the most precious pills and of the highest quality would win.

Qin Yu’s back was wet with a cold sweat. Luckily, he didn’t need to participate, otherwise if he really had to compete with his alchemy skills he didn’t know whether or not he could enter into the top 10. After all, this competition involved all the top junior alchemists of the Southern Empire and Northern Dynasty. Even describing the talent here as hidden tigers wouldn’t do justice to them.

In fact, Qin Yu’s cold sweat wasn’t in vain. There were only 84 participants on the third day, and many of them had hidden trump cards. Today, they no longer held back and put forth all their ultimate techniques. They could be called incomparably skilled.

Daoist Wang curled his lips. “The fourth boy from the left isn’t too bad. He’s a junior from the Northern Dynasty’s Flowing River Sect. He is refining a Foundation Establishment realm Soul Shrouding Pill. After swallowing it, it will form a barrier around the soul, and looking at it, it seems it should be around medium-grade quality. It should be able to resist the divine sense strike of an early Golden Core master.”

Daoist Wang curled his lips again. “The girl eighth from the left, she is refining a Nine Revolution Golden Pill. The effect isn’t as amazing as the name makes it out to be, but amongst Foundation Establishment realm pills it is one of the most difficult to refine. Her technique is quite accomplished and the pill is about to form. I estimate she will have a spot in the top 10.”

Daoist Wang curled his lips, yet again. “And the boy on the end, his aura is dark and gloomy. I don’t know where the hell he came from, but his alchemy is quite proficient. Right now he should be refining an extremely rare type of early Golden Core level pill, an Insanity Bug Pill. Hehe, to refine a Golden Core realm pill with a Foundation Establishment cultivation isn’t too bad.”

When Daoist Wang curled his lips, it wasn’t an expression of disdain, but one that showed ease. Although his words seemed thoughtless and spicy, he spoke straight to the point. And, although Qin Yu didn’t know just who he was speaking out loud to, he still felt as if he were benefiting. While he found it a bit funny, he had to acknowledge that Daoist Wang’s alchemy was truly at an exceedingly high level!

Qin Yu saw someone he recognized; it was the man that Daoist Wang said had a dark and gloomy aura. When Qi Jiao was selling the scabbard, this man had appeared and offered 500 spirit stones to compete with a bid. Qin Yu never imagined that he was also such a formidable alchemist. Looking carefully, he could sense that this person’s alchemy skills were strange, but as for how, he couldn’t voice the exact reason. But he could determine that this person was definitely not some good or noble person of his generation.

Two hours later, the Grand Alchemy Meeting ended. As Daoist Wang expected, all those people he spoke of made it into the top nine. They had managed to bloom from the hundreds of participants and were all outstanding individuals of their generation. It was natural for them to have a deep sense of pride in their heart, and although they didn’t say much to Qin Yu who had taken the ‘back door’ to victory, their gaze towards him held a touch of prideful disdain.

Eclipse Xin’s eyes were cold. He said in a deep voice, “The Grand Alchemy Meeting has ended. After some time, people will lead you to the Radiant Red Wood. Let me give you all a warning. Do not try your luck with some hidden plan, otherwise you’ll be buried there!”

The eyes of the 10 people all lit up together. The ancient spiritual plant, Radiant Red Wood, gathered a massive amount of elementary heaven and earth spiritual strength, forming a domain around it. A day of cultivation within was comparable to a month outside…all of them were impatient to go!

Countless people watched on with envious gazes. If there was a single flaw in this Grand Alchemy Meeting, it was that black-robed fellow in tenth place. His performance was average yet he had stepped into dogshit luck and was able to occupy one of the 10 spots. It was just ridiculously absurd!

“Immortal Eclipse Valley’s actions today are just too unfair!”

“That might be so, but these opportunities are all provided by Immortal Eclipse Valley. It’s fine if one is taken away.”

“That is exactly why everyone was able to remain calm, otherwise how would the participating cultivators ever agree?”

“That boy called Qin Yu is just too lucky!”

Everyone began to discuss amongst themselves. They didn’t speak too loudly, but for the ears of a cultivator it was more than clear enough.

The nine victors swept their eyes over, their gazes becoming even colder and more contemptuous.

Qin Yu lowered his head as if he wasn’t aware of anything. Since he had already obtained the benefits, there was no need to provoke everyone. They could look wherever they wanted.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

Two Golden Core cultivators flew over. They greeted Eclipse Xin and seemed to be a bit irked by Daoist Wang. They swept over the area quickly.

“All of you follow us!”

As they spoke, the two Golden Cores turned to leave.

But suddenly, loud rumblings broke through the skies. Wind and cloud surged and turned dark. A pitch black hand reached down, its black scales billowing with demonic energy.

The arrogant and indifferent expressions of the two flying Immortal Eclipse Valley Golden Cores suddenly shattered. They cried out miserably as they were sent flying away like broken kites.

Bang –

The earth trembled. Seven beams of light shot into the skies, forming a seven star formation. A phantom of a golden eight trigrams soared into the heavens and collided with the black hand. Heaven-shaking explosions rang like thunder. Countless cultivators coughed and paled. Those with weaker cultivations felt blood flow out from their nose and mouth.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

Three figures appeared in the high heavens, their bodies roiling with horrifying demonic energy. Each one emitted an earth-shaking aura, one that left the soul shivering.

These were Nascent Soul demonic cultivators, and there were even three of them!

“Immortal Eclipse Valley, you overestimate your abilities and dare to try and stop the momentum of my demonic path! Today I will have your blood form a river a thousand miles long, and not even a chicken or dog will be left!”

With the support of a powerful cultivation, the voice rumbled throughout the entirety of Immortal Eclipse Valley.

The three demonic Nascent Souls each raised a hand and pressed down together.

The pitch black hand erupted with horrifying might. The golden eight trigrams phantom trembled and cracks appeared on it as if it would soon collapse.

“Humph! My Immortal Eclipse Valley is not a place where you can act wild and recklessly!” A silver-haired old man appeared. His robes swirled around him and his aura seemed as if it could move mountains. He was the powerhouse who had dispersed the Purpleback Bluewing Ants a while back ago.

He formed mudras with his hands. A sword pierced through the skies and flew into his hands. He raised it towards the heavens.

Hum –

Hum –

A heaven-shaking sword sound reverberated through the world!

Countless sword shadows appeared, at least in the tens of thousands. They howled like the roaring of endless rivers, filled with overwhelming momentum.

Bang –

The golden eight trigrams phantom disintegrated. The black hand continued to press downwards, but the countless sword shadows shot up to meet it. They slashed against it, causing sparks to fill the air and leaving it unable to move.

The three Nascent Soul demonic cultivators roared out loud. The demonic energy surrounding the black hand stirred and expanded. The black hand violently swept away the countless sword shadows as its momentum continued to skyrocket.

The silver-haired old man’s pupils brightened. “Today I will show you all the inheritances of my Immortal Eclipse Valley! Great Five Element Sword Formation, rise!”

Between the heavens and earth, the sword phantoms increased multiple times over. They howled and surged as they began to burst out with divine lights of white, blue, black, red, and yellow. They spun together, forming a giant spinning wheel. Endless amounts of spiritual strength swelled towards it, forming visible tides in the air.

Weng –

The five-colored divine light swept forwards. The black hand stiffened for a moment before immediately collapsing.

Puff –

An arm fell to the ground and blood sprinkled down. It was unknown which Nascent Soul demonic cultivator lost an arm, but their pained roars reverberated in the world.

“Immortal Eclipse Valley! For the enmity of severing my arm, I will make sure to return this ten times over!”

Bang –

Demonic energy erupted. It tore through the encirclement of five-colored divine light and shot off into the distance.

The silver-haired old man coldly snorted. The sword in his hand flew away and the endless sword shadows and five-colored divine light vanished with it.

Shua –

The silver-haired old man disappeared from sight.

In a mere moment, a great battle between Nascent Soul level masters had come to an end.

Daoist Wang clenched his fists. Although his eyes blazed with excitement, there was a hint of melancholy in them too. Nascent Soul realm, this was the Nascent Soul realm! But what a pity…!

Eclipse Xin patted his old friend’s shoulder. He quietly said, “It's fine. The demons have been pushed back by the seniors within the valley. Don’t worry about it.”

He waved his hand and Immortal Eclipse Valley disciples immediately ran out. They established order again and started to treat the injured cultivators.

In front of Alchemy Mountain, the previously arrogant victors all had heavy and dignified expressions. Although this Nascent Soul level confrontation had only lasted for an extremely short period of time, it had allowed them to experience what a genuine powerhouse was like. This level was still far too distant from their own.

This wasn’t the first time Qin Yu had witnessed the might of a Nascent Soul. But on that day, he had drawn support from the self-destructing capabilities of Storm Flow and also the Blood Escape Art to escape; he hadn’t fought at all. If he had even bumped into any of today’s shockwaves, he would have likely suffered a horrible death where he stood.

Nascent Soul!

He had no idea when he would be able to reach this realm.

Qin Yu took a deep breath as firm determination appeared in his eyes. The path of cultivation needed to be walked down one step at a time; there was no significance to aiming too high. With the little blue lamp in hand, as long as he diligently cultivated then he would surely be able to step into the Nascent Soul realm, no matter how hard it was.

Unconsciously, after experiencing this new storm, Qin Yu’s mind and mood had become just a bit more calm and tenacious.

The two Golden Cores had been heavily wounded by the blast of auras from the demonic path Nascent Souls, and were sent off to recuperate. However, Immortal Eclipse Valley acted according to their own pace. Since they said that the victors would be brought to the Radiant Red Wood today, even though there was just a strike from three demonic path Nascent Souls, there still wouldn’t be any change to the plan.

Soon, new guides came to lead Qin Yu and the others to fly towards the core valley lands of Immortal Eclipse Valley.

After the terrifying event, this sight had a wonderful effect of comforting the minds of the people and stabilizing their panicked mood.

Immortal Eclipse Valley had strict and potent defenses; the Great Five Element Sword Formation just displayed was perfect proof of this. Even with guides leading the way and also with jade slips that allowed access, everyone could feel a dense chill surrounding them from time to time that caused their hair to rise up.

Shua –

Not too far away from the core valley lands, the group landed on the ground and began walking instead. A thick fog filled the air, making it difficult to discern one’s direction. As they traveled deeper into the mist, one could make out the faint rumbling of thunder.

The Immortal Eclipse Valley cultivators that were leading the way cautioned, “Stay close behind and make sure you follow the steps that we take. Do not stray off the path, otherwise it will be much more troublesome.”

There was no need for any reminder; the ten people behind them were all on high alert and extremely careful. Although they didn’t know what lurked in the fog, none of them desired to experience it.

After a moment, they broke through the fog region. The guiding cultivators relaxed. “We’re here.”

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