Chapter 71 – Demon Monarch

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Qin Yu sat cross-legged beneath the Radiant Red Wood, magic power racing through his body and rumbling like thunder! His eyes suddenly flashed open and a dazzling brilliance erupted. A powerful aura flowed out like waves of liquid mercury, causing swathes of dust and dirt to rise into the air.

Golden Core, second level!

Carefully sensing the heightened degree of strength in his body, Qin Yu revealed a smile. But soon, he sighed, as if he were a bit helpless. The Radiant Red Fruits were indeed incredible. They contained an inherently and extremely pure amount of heaven and earth spiritual strength. By utilizing them, one’s cultivation could advance 10,000 miles in a single day. For him to break through to the second level of Golden Core within a month was the best proof of this.

Unfortunately, even the Radiant Red Fruits had a limit. After swallowing down a massive amount of them, it was obvious that his body was absorbing them at a far slower pace. This wasn’t because a natural resistance was being formed but rather because his body couldn’t withstand a long-term baptism of such pure spiritual strength. The reason Qin Yu was able to last for a month to begin with was because his mortal body was amazingly strong. If it were any other Golden Core cultivator, a week would have been their limit.

Fortunately, his body would only need to rest for some time before it was restored to its previous productivity; it would take a month at most. But what a pity, this also meant that his cultivation speed would drop by half…well, if other Golden Core cultivators were to know of Qin Yu’s thoughts at this moment, they would all fervently wish that they could choke him to death and curse him as a cheap bastard even after he died!

For the remaining time that Qin Yu wasn’t cultivating, he occupied himself with other matters. For instance, the Ancient Beast Dominion Art that was used to control the Purpleback Bluewing Ants and also the vast and profound Medicine Codex that contained a trove of information; both of these things required a tremendous amount of time to perceive and fully comprehend.

Although these things weren’t necessarily useful, as long as they could display even the tiniest bit of use in the future, they might be able to bring him unexpected harvests or even save his life in critical moments. Of course, these were all things that were for later, but one could never have too many skills. Qin Yu buried himself in studying these two ancient manuals, slowly studying them with relish.

A month later, Qin Yu resumed his cultivation.

After rearing the ant king on Greatsun Mulberry leaves, it had clearly become much stronger. It was now far larger than its rivals and its wings produced a mighty buzz. It held an extreme affection towards Qin Yu. At the orders of its master, it sent out a large number of workers to pick Radiant Red Fruits, so many that they formed a small pile on the ground.

Then, the ant king came forwards and waited for a reward. Seeing its actions, Qin Yu laughed and took out several Greatsun Mulberry leaves. The little fellow was so excited that snot nearly dripped from its nose. It turned and maliciously glared at its fellow ants before taking the leaves to its mouth and eating them with great chewing motions! For now, Qin Yu only provided Greatsun Mulberry leaves to the ant king because he needed it to control the ant swarm. Otherwise, if other Purpleback Bluewing Ants were to break into the king level, they would automatically separate to form their own swarms. This would make things far more troublesome.

Since Qin Yu began, he didn’t plan to hold back. While he couldn’t take away the Radiant Red Wood, he wouldn’t let any Purpleback Bluewing Ants remain.

At the Golden Core realm, every increase in level would be followed with a clear increase in overall strength. When there was a difference of two levels, it was almost impossible to defeat the other. Of course, exceptions existed for those with powerful inheritances and bloodlines, and this was particularly true for a freakish abnormality like Qin Yu. Even so, it had to be known that cultivating at the Golden Core realm was extremely difficult. Even at the relatively easy early Golden Core realm, it normally required at least three years to rise by one level, and that was for those who had outstanding martial talent.

Even with the cheat-like Radiant Red Fruits, Qin Yu had to eat them over three different periods before barely managing to step into the third level of Golden Core, using almost five months to do so. Even with an endless supply of Radiant Red Fruits and being able to cultivate beneath the Radiant Red Wood, his efforts still left him flushed red. In contrast, the two Golden Core cultivators that originally came here with Qin Yu had been able to increase their level with relaxed ease in a month.

Compared to them, Qin Yu’s martial talent was simply garbage, garbage to the point that it would scare others. If it weren’t for the little blue lamp, he would likely have remained trash for the rest of his life. In this world, anything that one could imagine was possible. Even a heaven-defying object like the little blue lamp existed, so there was definitely something that could increase one’s latent talent. If he had a chance, he would definitely try to obtain one in the future.

Every person had a dream of learning how to become a tyrant in their heart!

Qin Yu shook his head and put away these thoughts. Thinking about it, he had already stayed in this valley for half a year. Although no one had disturbed him as of yet, he would inevitably be discovered. For him to break through two levels of Golden Core, this was already a considerable harvest. To retreat while he was ahead was also a good choice. But as he thought about leaving the tree that was still full of Radiant Red Fruits, he felt pains in his heart.

Everyone knew that being greedy wasn’t good, but who could really decisively withdraw when a great temptation was placed right in front of them? There were surely some calm and resolute individuals that could do this, but most people who stated they could were only liars.

Perhaps the heavens realized that Qin Yu was hesitating so they decided to make the choice for him. At this time, the skies above the valley began to darken and winds and clouds started to surge. An invisible oppression fell over the entire valley. As it covered Qin Yu, even with his third level Golden Core cultivation, he still felt himself panting for breath.

The Purpleback Bluewing Ants screamed nervously. Although their wings buzzed, they didn’t dare to leave the safety of the Radiant Red Wood. Qin Yu could feel the horror in the ant king’s heart through their soul seal. Just what was occurring that even these Purpleback Bluewing Ants that could easily kill Golden Cores would be so scared about?

Bang –

The Radiant Red Wood shivered. Deep and vibrant red lights burst out from every inch of the tree trunk as if it had been lit on fire. The entire valley was dyed in a blood red light. The originally gentle and auspicious halo of light suddenly turned so deep red that it seemed as if it could drip blood. An icy cold killing intent followed it! On every branch of the tree, the Radiant Red Fruits began to wither en masse and fall to the ground. These Radiant Red Fruits had been formed from pure spiritual strength, and in this critical moment they were deconstructing themselves to supplement the tree.

In the vast vault of heavens, flames lit up between the surging winds and clouds. Even though these burning flames were countless miles away, one could still feel the terrifying heat emitting from them. This was the domain of the Radian Red Wood. Just what was happening that would make this ancient spirit tree expand its domain to such a massive range without caring for the price? It seemed as if it was rejecting the arrival of some terrifying existence?

As this thought formed, Qin Yu felt as if he had fallen into an icy lake. He couldn’t imagine just what existence could produce such a dreadful reaction from the Radiant Red Wood. And, the important point was that he was still here! People often said that a fire at the city gates would mean disaster for the fish in the moats; in other words, bystanders of battle would suffer. Qin Yu finally understood what this phrase meant today. He had hesitated over and over, and now it was too late to leave!

Qin Yu clenched his teeth and stood up. This simple movement left him panting for breath and his face drained of blood. He staggered towards the edge of the valley. To disregard Immortal Eclipse Valley’s counterattack, this unknown existence had likely come for the Radiant Red Wood. The further away he was, the safer he would be. This was the only plan he could think of at the moment. Anything else would have to come later.

There was a loud explosion, as if the heavens and earth were collapsing. Qin Yu felt his scalp tingle as he suddenly looked upwards. He could see that the raging flames in the heavens were actually cracking apart. The Radiant Red Wood violently shook and countless red leaves blew apart. The domain was forcefully broken through and the Radiant Red Wood had obviously suffered a tremendous backlash. But at this time, something even more horrifying occurred.

From the skies above, a great bone hand appeared. It was over a thousand feet long and crystalline cold like jade. Malevolent flames covered its surface. With just a single glance, Qin Yu felt as if his mind had been captured. He froze where he was; the only thing in his eyes was the giant hand that grasped at him from the void.

Puff –

Qin Yu vomited a mouthful of blood. Pain tore through his mind as if someone had stabbed his head with a saber. He wavered where he stood, his eyes filled with shock!

Without stopping, the giant bone hand soared towards the Radiant Red Wood, looking as if it wanted to dig it out from the ground.

Rumble –

The branches of the Radiant Red Wood rustled and swung. Circular waves of divine red light surged out from it, but these waves were easily broken apart as they came into contact with the giant bone hand. As the giant bone hand was about to seize the Radiant Red Wood, a white-robed figure suddenly appeared. With an ethereal air drifting about him, this figure faced the fierce and flaming bone hand and pointed out a finger.

It was like divine thunder crashed down from the highest heavens. Horrifying shock waves reverberated outwards. Qin Yu was blown away as blood flowed from every orifice of his head. Countless cracks appeared on his body. Even with his powerful Demon Body, he had nearly shattered!

The bone hand quivered for a moment before vanishing into crystalline points of light. A laugh echoed down from beyond the skies. “Pill Crucible, it seems that I have underestimated you. You have become even stronger these past years.”

The white-robed figure said, “Demon Monarch, you overpraise me. The only reason I was able to stand evenly with you was because I borrowed the strength of the spiritual wood.”

“Hahahaha, you are quite a direct fellow. Unfortunately, you never step beyond the boundaries of Immortal Eclipse Valley, so even though I want to kill you I cannot.”

Pill Crucible looked up, his eyes shining like stars. “Whether or not you can kill me is unknown. But if you don’t run away now, you won’t have that chance anymore.”

Rumble rumble –

A deep rumbling sound rose up from all directions. The great array formation of Immortal Eclipse Valley had activated. Once it reached its full strength, even a Nascent Soul cultivator wouldn’t be able to escape.

The Demon Monarch sighed. “Your Radiant Red Wood is truly wonderful. Unfortunately…”

Shua –

A white bone hand reached towards Qin Yu. Although it was over a hundred times weaker than the one that reached towards the Radiant Red Wood, it was more than enough to deal with a Golden Core cultivator. At this moment, Qin Yu felt as if he had been locked down by a wild vicious beast. Although he wanted to escape, he couldn’t summon the strength to move his body at all.

Rah –

The ant king screamed, shrill and high. As it felt the impending danger to its master, it recklessly flew forwards and rushed at the white bone hand. A heavy sigh seemed to sound in Qin Yu’s ears. Then, the earth broke apart and a sturdy root whipped up to violently collide with the white bone hand.

The root was shattered into countless pieces but the white bone hand was also stopped. Pill Crucible had already caught up. He lightly said, “It seems that the Demon Monarch is quite interested in my Immortal Eclipse Valley. If so, then don’t plan on leaving!”

In the skies high above, the crack began to rapidly repair itself. The Demon Monarch coldly sneered and vanished from sight.

Pill Crucible didn’t care much. It was only when the great array formation was fully revolving that he dispersed the fierce and sharp aura around him. His face was a bit more pale and had a few more wrinkles. As he turned to look at Qin Yu, his gaze burned!

Qin Yu was streaming sweat, feeling as if he had just left the wolf’s nest and stumbled into the tiger’s lair. His mouth was parched and dried; he couldn’t utter a single word at all.

Pill Crucible’s face became increasingly strange. His fingers began to form seals and as he looked at Qin Yu his eyes grew increasingly bright. He suddenly sighed and said, “Hah, this is heaven’s will. I have never had a true lineage disciple in my life, but to think I would meet someone today. Boy, are you willing to take me as your teacher?”

As if his brain had been struck by lightning, Qin Yu went numb from head to toe. All of his thoughts about begging for mercy suddenly and cleanly vanished away.


Are you sure you didn’t grab the wrong script? This is a solemn, cruel, and brutal fantasy drama! Where did this ridiculous dogshit intermission come from?

Pill Crucible flushed red a little after being stared at by Qin Yu’s dumbfounded eyes. He coughed and said, “Boy, stop overthinking things. Out of all the things possible in this vast world, you have only experienced a tiny portion of them. Come, first leave with me.” With a flick of his sleeves and a step of his feet, the two vanished from sight.

The ant king was furious. Just as it was about to chase after, the Radiant Red Wood erupted with divine light, drawing back every ant into its crown of leaves. The cracked earth wriggled like worms and fully vanished after a breath of time, burying all the remaining leaves.

The valley returned to tranquility once more.

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