Chapter 72 – Junior Uncle

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Amongst the lingering clouds was where Pill Crucible’s dwelling was. Even now, Qin Yu still didn’t know who he was. But one didn’t need to be a genius to know that he was definitely some high level figure in Immortal Eclipse Valley. If he could directly face off against the Saint Lord of the demonic path, how could he be ordinary?

After this person discovered him, not only did he not question him or punish him, but he actually asked him to be his student? No matter how he thought about it, this was just too strange.

With an empty heart, Qin Yu felt as if he hadn’t yet come back down to the ground. He tried several times to calm his racing heart but nothing worked and his face remained flushed red as before. Even the wine he drank didn’t seem to have any flavor to it. He subconsciously swept his eyes around.

Pill Crucible was wild and unruly, completely lacking all of that vigor and majesty he had when he faced the Demon Monarch. As if his spine had been pulled out, he slumped back into a soft cushion and swept his eyes lazily about. “Boy, don’t say that I didn’t warn you. The Great Five Element Sword Formation beneath your feet is continuously revolving. If you were to recklessly rush in, then…burp…you should know what the result would be.”

Qin Yu reared back his head and drained the rest of the wine, no longer bothering to look at the beautiful scenery and found around him. Wasn’t there supposed to be some basic level of trust between people? This was simply far too excessive for them to have camouflaged this place so impeccably, to the point that even he didn’t realize it! If he had gotten drunk and tried to escape, what difference was that from suicide? This was too much!

Pill Crucible smirked in satisfaction and patted Qin Yu’s shoulder. “Don’t be sad boy, it wasn’t easy for you to survive this long. Hurry up and accept me as your teacher and I will clear off everything that has happened before. Otherwise, I will have to hand you over tomorrow. Believe me, although my Immortal Eclipse Valley is an orthodox and righteous sect, we also have our fair share of freaks and crazies. For instance, that old lunatic Crimson Stove likes to throw people into his furnace to increase its temperature. Of course, you won’t immediately die when you enter. You will burn within for eight or nine days as all your blood, fat, flesh, organs and marrow is all slowly melted away before you are able to die a happy death. Hehe, it’s real, you definitely wouldn’t like the taste of that. So, hurry up and make the correct decision!”

Qin Yu’s lips twitched. Not only did he threaten someone but he threatened in such a superficial way that lacked any sense of artistry. He began to regret worshipping him a little at the start!

Pill Crucible curled his lips. “Don’t worship me, because there are far too many people that do. I was forced by them to live here, and only by putting on an idiotic act when I leave am I able to live with my current comfort.”

Qin Yu’s eyes widened.

Pill Crucible laughed. “Are you scared? Let me tell you something, I have already learned the heart reading arts. No matter what tiny plans or thoughts you have, you can’t hide them from me!”

Qin Yu composed himself. “If senior truly did cultivate the heart reading arts, then there would have been no need for you to use the spiritual wood to save me when the Demon Monarch attacked.”

Pill Crucible spat out the wine he was drinking. He coughed, his face a little red. “Hey, little child, do you really have to say so much? Don’t you understand that poking through the act of the elderly is something that is very disrespectful?”

Qin Yu laid down his wine cup and stood up to bow. “I, Qin Yu, would first like to thank senior for the grace of saving my life. However, may I ask senior to tell me why you want to take me in as your disciple? I just don’t know right from wrong, and this sinister world has too many plots that run deep and dark. I fear with my shallow thinking I will fall beyond redemption in the future.”

Pill Crucible eyed him. “And do you know that I can send you beyond redemption right now?”

Qin Yu’s expression didn’t change. “If senior wished it, I would have died countless times already.”

Pill Crucible laughed. He scolded, “You little idiotic bunny, do you really think you can be so fearless?” His eyebrows furrowed for a moment as he fell into thought. Then he said, “In truth, I cannot say why I want to take you as my disciple. It’s just that the first time I saw you, this thought leapt into my mind, and I wasn’t able to suppress it any longer.

“In the art of deduction, if I were to call myself second, there is no one in the Southern Empire or Northern Dynasty that would dare call themselves first. You and I indeed have a linked fate of master and disciple.”

Qin Yu hesitated. “Your words are a bit too obscure, just like…”

“Just like a fortune teller that you can find on a street side corner?” Pill Crucible curled his lips. “I didn’t think that a brat like you would have such vicious eyes that you can actually see through me. Indeed, I come from a fortune telling background. Alright, alright, now it’s time for you to tell me your decision.”

Qin Yu knelt on his knees, not feeling any shame at his actions. In the face of death, what was a little shame? Moreover, this person standing across from him like a big golden buddha was definitely some mighty figure. Perhaps kneeling down here would also be a great lucky chance!

But at this time, Pill Crucible cried out loud. His eyes widened as if he had been struck by lightning. He grabbed onto Qin Yu, the whites of his eyes showing as he sized him up and down. “Boy, just who are you and why would you react with my status jade slip?”

Status jade slip?

Qin Yu thought for a moment. With some incredulity in his actions, he hesitated and took out a storage bag from his chest, taking out a jade slip. Before he could say anything, Pill Crucible had already seized it. The old man formed several seals with his hands and a blue light erupted from the jade slip, gathering into the image of a furnace.

Pill Crucible was completely bewildered.

Qin Yu blinked his eyes, finally understanding a little of what was happening. This jade slip was something he had found in the underground space at the Eastern Mountain Sect’s Pill Disposal Department. It was one of Cang Mangzi’s relics.

What relation did he have with Immortal Eclipse Valley?

“Oh heavens! Oh great earth! This is unfair, this is just so unfair!” Pill Crucible suddenly burst out into curses as if he was an old man who had become deranged. “I’ve lived for so many years and I’ve finally found a boy who is decent in my eyes. I was planning to pass down my entire legacy to him, but someone had taken my prize ahead of time! If anyone else were to do this I would personally ruin them, but why must it be that damned old dead teacher who I have never met!

“My life, why must it be so bitter and hard!” This sentence was stretched out for a long time, as if he were singing it in some sorrowful opera.

Qin Yu paled. As he looked at Pill Crucible who was livid and gnashing his teeth, he was really afraid that he would suddenly leave and cause him to lose his tiny life.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

Several figures appeared from nowhere, all of them ready to face their enemy, their auras swift and dangerous to the extreme!

Pull Crucible jumped up and stamped his feet. “Why the hell are you all running out for? With me here, who dares to kill me!? Everyone get out! Out! Out! Everyone screw off!”

The several Immortal Eclipse Valley powerhouses froze. They swept their eyes over Qin Yu in silence and then slowly spun around and vanished into the fog.

Qin Yu was left speechless.

After cursing others and releasing a bit of his anger, Pill Crucible’s complexion was still pale. He restrained his aura and passed the jade slip back to Qin Yu. The corners of his lips twitched up as he squeezed out a reluctant smile. “Little junior-apprentice brother, it's good to meet you for the first time. I seem to have embarrassed myself a little.”

Qin Yu’s eyes widened into full moons. Although he had already been prepared for this, no matter how he thought about it, it just seemed a bit ridiculous.

Pill Crucible coughed. He took out another jade slip. “Junior-apprentice brother, there is no need for you to be suspicious. This status jade slip is something that…hum…a legacy that a senior passed down to me many years ago. There is an inheritance within that helped me to reach my current status today. Since junior-apprentice brother and I share the same teacher, then we should refer to ourselves as brothers!”

Qin Yu hurriedly cupped his hands across his chest, “Junior doesn’t dare!”

Pill Crucible dismissively waved his hand. “What do you mean you don’t dare? You are my junior-apprentice brother, my junior-apprentice brother! From this day forth, that will not change. Alright. You should rest now. I will make some arrangements and hold a grand ceremony for you tomorrow. Later on, you will be my Immortal Eclipse Valley’s Junior Uncle.”

Whoosh –

Pill Crucible flew out from the courtyard. And sure enough, as soon as he stepped out and before he vanished from sight, his laziness disappeared and his back straightened, making him seem like a proud and virtuous individual.

Qin Yu opened his mouth to speak, but in the end he only wryly smiled. Just what was going on here!?

The next day.

An order was spread through Immortal Eclipse Valley’s core region. All direct descendants and juniors of the Eclipse Valley and all other official disciples of the valley were required to gather in the big square in front of the Pill Temple. This square was a full 10 miles in size and was covered with whitejade pavilions. This square fully displayed the power and majesty of Immortal Eclipse Valley and was rarely opened on ordinary days; it was only used when important events occurred.

And today, it was obvious that there was some important event!

Yesterday, the demonic path’s Demon Monarch had invaded Immortal Eclipse Valley and had been personally forced back by the High Ancestor. For them to engage in such insolent behavior, it was clear that things wouldn’t end so easily.

“The demonic path is too arrogant. Do they think that my Immortal Eclipse Valley is just some common sect within the Southern Empire or Northern Dynasty that can be played with however they pleased? I will never forget this!”

“That’s right, we must teach the demonic path a lesson and inform them that my Immortal Eclipse Valley isn’t so easily provoked!”

“Today’s actions must surely mean that the old ancestor has been moved to anger. There will definitely be a war! We have cultivated so much and now we’ll finally have a chance to show our skills. Cheers!”

“Hahahaha! This old lady’s saber is already thirsty for blood!”

Several dashing and debonair disciples of Immortal Eclipse Valley glanced over at the little clown who was waving her saber around. Their lips twitched and they turned their heads to avoid her.

Soon, everyone arrived at the square.

Rumble rumble rumble –

The great gates to Pill Temple opened. The eight Great Elders of Immortal Eclipse Valley walked out, each one with a tense expression and pale complexion. The square suddenly quieted down. The countless Eclipse Family juniors and valley cultivators all felt their hearts swell with pride and awe. The Valley Lord had truly been enraged! Good! Good! Good! You miserable demonic path scum, today your heads will begin to roll!

Intent came from the heart but aura came from the will. As slaughter intent started to rise up in the square, the atmosphere suddenly chilled.

Hu –

It was like a great hand stabbed into the clouds!

Immortal Eclipse Valley’s great array formation seemed to sense the momentum of the valley disciples and it began to slowly rumble and activate. With loud bangs, heaven and earth spiritual strength gathered. Sounds of ringing thunderclaps filled the air, making the mood that much more heated.

The Eight Elders frowned as they saw this. At the front, the Elder at the Bluesky Furnace coldly coughed. “All of you restrain your auras, or do you want to ruin us old bones!?”

Shua –

Everyone was left stunned.


This situation didn’t seem quite right.

The Elder at the Seaforge Furnance, Fan Jianghai, lightly coughed. “Senior-apprentice Brother Xu, the High Ancestor is still inside. Should I announce this matter?”

Xu Ao coldly snorted. He lowered his head, not speaking any further.

Fan Jianghai took a deep breath and loudly said, “This is the old ancestor’s decree!”

Bang –

Everyone in the square fell to their knees.

“Although the demonic path attempted to invade yesterday, that misfortune was turned into a blessing. The old ancestor and his long separated junior-apprentice brother were reunited. From this day forth, he will be my Immortal Eclipse Valley’s Junior Uncle, and his rank is equal to that of the old ancestor. All disciples must follow this decree or else be punished by the sect’s rules!”

Eyes widened and chins fell to the floor.

The old ancestor's junior-apprentice brother? Junior Uncle?

Just where did he jump out from!?

Everyone’s thoughts raced. They immediately understood why the eight Elders would have such dark and gloomy complexions. They had crawled and trudged their way to their current high seats of honor, putting in a tremendous amount of effort and energy to reach a peak that was only a bit below that of the old ancestor, and yet this Junior Uncle had suddenly appeared from nowhere to press down on their heads. How could they willingly resign themselves to accept this?

Moreover, although this person was called Junior Uncle, no one knew how old he was. If he was only a little baby that was ten or twenty years old, that would just be too shameful! Thinking of this, all of the core cultivators that were 100-200 years old also had ugly complexions.

Those that came quickly also left quickly. After the news was announced, everyone was dismissed. The eight Great Elders grimaced and returned to their stations. From beginning to end, Qin Yu never made an appearance. This was something that he had strongly requested, and it was also only with the opposition of the eight Great Elders that Pill Crucible agreed.

Even so, the name of Junior Uncle spread out over the entire Immortal Eclipse Valley within an hour!

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