Chapter 79 – Devastate

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Zeng Zhongxiu was worried. He coughed up blood, saying, “Junior Granduncle, there is no need to care about me!”

Eclipse She lightly said, “If Junior Uncle leaves now, then we can pretend this incident with the Disciplinary Hall never happened.”

Qin Yu smiled. Immortal Eclipse Valley was indeed worthy of being called the number one immortal cultivating sect; their cultivators were truly conceited. Eclipse Yan was this way, Eclipse She was this way, and even this so-called Eclipse Shoucheng that popped out of nowhere was this way. Could this really be the first time they had ever kicked a sheet of metal? That they had never been beaten up until their heads bled?

If so, he wouldn’t mind being their first.

Qin Yu said, “First bring Zeng Zhongxiu down.”

Eclipse She’s eyes brightened. “Good, do as Junior Uncle says.” He waved his hand, signaling to two disciples.

Qin Yu said, “No need to trouble them.”

He supported Zeng Zhongxiu down from the Dawnperch Platform. He smiled at the woman in front of him and said, “Miss Qi, if I could bother you to take care of him for a while.”

Qi Jiao bit her lips and nodded.

“Thank you.” Qin Yu turned and walked away.

Zeng Zhongxiu shouted out, “Junior Granduncle!”

Qin Yu didn’t look back. “I know what I’m doing.”

He had indeed come here to save someone, but it was also a test.

Qi Jiao looked at Qin Yu’s back, completely confused. She had assumed that Qin Yu had died, but in recent days she had heard news discovering him. This was Senior Pill Crucible’s junior-apprentice brother, the young Junior Granduncle of the entire Immortal Eclipse Valley. He was someone that could fly atop the highest clouds, so why did he always choose to walk along the wire’s edge?

After the seizure of the Eighth Furnace and Eclipse Yan being angered to death, Eclipse She couldn’t help but feel his heart and mind quake with anger as he saw Qin Yu approach. He shouted out, “Eclipse Shoucheng, you know at what point to stop!”

This was clearly nonsense. No one knew where the point was, so how could he stop?

Perhaps the true meaning was…to leave him alive.

Eclipse Shoucheng sneered. “I ask Junior Granduncle for advice!” He lifted his hand, magic power surging around him in turbulent waves. It gathered into a black fish in the void, its ghostly green eyes revealing thick killing intent. With a flick of its tail, it revealed a mouthful of sharp fangs as it started tearing forwards.

Qin Yu lifted his hand and pointed a finger. Although his actions seemed simple and slow, as it fell upon the head of the black fish, the fish suddenly froze and its body shattered and disappeared in a gust of wind.

Eclipse Shoucheng’s complexion changed. He never imagined that his all-out strike would be instantly broken. But, as expected from a disciple of a large faction, he quickly responded. He stepped back and lifted his hand to summon a shield-type magic tool. This item possessed incredible defensive capabilities and also remarkable offensive abilities. Sending in magic power, the shield’s power rose and grow. Eclipse Shoucheng was filled with confidence.

This shield-type magic tool was gifted to him by his mother, and its all-out striking power was equal to that of an early Golden Core master. Beneath the power of a Golden Core, any Foundation Establishment was no different from dogs and chickens, so how could Qin Yu be an exception? But just as he was about to attack, a shadow approached. With a loud bang, the shield trembled and screeched, as if a mountain had struck it. In the impact, Eclipse Shoucheng spat out a mouthful of blood and immediately fainted.

The entire audience was sent into a deathly silence!

The eighth level Foundation Establishment Eclipse Shoucheng and his magic tool had been shattered with a single punch and had beaten unconscious. The one who did this was a fourth level Establishment Foundation…fourth, fourth your mom!

The Eclipse Clan members gnashed their teeth. This fellow actually played a pig to eat the tiger. He was too despicable!

The disciples of other surnames were lively and cheering. As they looked at this scene, they were full of smiles.

Eclipse She hurried over to check the injuries. After several moments, his complexion sank. Eclipse Shoucheng’s arms, chest, feet – there were broken bones all over his body. Even if he had excellent medicines to recover, there would still be hidden dangers left behind. He roared out in anger, “Junior Uncle, is there any need to be so heavy-handed to a little junior disciple?”

Qin Yu calmly said, “He hasn’t died.”

These were familiar words.

Eclipse She choked on his words, his face turning blue and veins suddenly sticking out from his neck.

Suddenly, several figures flew out from the distance.

“Shoucheng!” With a high-pitched scream, Eclipse Xuzi’s face twisted. “Qin Yu, you harmed my big brother before and now you ruined my child. You and I cannot coexist in this world!”

Beside her, several other people also had ugly complexions.

They had remained hidden in the dark and never expected Qin Yu to have such skills, so they didn’t have enough time to save the situation. They could only stare helplessly on as Eclipse Shoucheng was severely wounded.

Eclipse Xuzi stepped forwards, one step at a time.

Bang –

The aura of a Golden Core erupted, the killing intent nearly turning material.

Beneath the Dawnperch platform, the complexions of the onlookers changed. They instinctively drew back from this surging aura.

Eclipse She cupped his hands across his chest. “Fifth Elder, today’s matter involves the Disciplinary Hall. I will personally step forwards to ask advice from Junior Uncle.”

Eclipse Wu coldly glared at him before quietly muttering several words. Eclipse Xuzi clenched her teeth and turned, saying, “Eclipse She, don’t worry about holding back. If anything happens, you have me!”

Eclipse She’s voice was cold. “Junior Uncle’s strength is extraordinary and his methods are cruel. I naturally wouldn’t dare to hold back.”

He turned and cupped his hands together, “Junior Uncle, please!”

Qin Yu was expressionless. “You indeed have no need to hold back.”

In the next moment, everyone understood the meaning behind his words.

Bang –

The ground shook and shattered, tiny cracks weaving outwards. Qin Yu exploded forth.

Eclipse She flicked his sleeve. A deep thick red miasma appeared in the air, rolling about like mist. The deep aura caused one to feel as if they had fallen into an icy lake. This was a blood specter, a magic art unique to the Disciplinary Hall. It was incredibly powerful and a terrifying divine sense attack was attached to it. Eclipse She was a fourth level Golden Core cultivator and he had once used this technique to strike down a seventh level Golden Core powerhouse of the demonic path.

With a thought, the blood energy suddenly expanded, shrouding towards Qin Yu. All of the Eclipse Clan members below the Dawnperch Platform revealed looks of joy.


“Just how powerful is the blood specter? Ordinary Golden Cores simply wouldn’t dare to touch it, yet he rushes in. He is just stupid to the extreme!”

“With Great Uncle Eclipse She’s cultivation, even if a late Golden Core were to fall into the blood specter they could forget any idea of retreating!”

Suddenly, Eclipse She’s eyes widened, his cold pupils filling with shock. He stepped backwards but it was already too late.

Qin Yu’s figure was like a vicious beast as he tore through the blood energy. Although his robe was broken and melted away in many places, there was no change in his expression.

He overtook Eclipse She in the blink of an eye and punched out with his fist!

Bang –

The blood energy around him was suddenly dented inwards, surging and twisting to the extreme. It was tenacious enough that it didn’t break, but a horrifying striking power still broke in, causing damage. Eclipse She swallowed down a mouthful of blood, preparing himself to counterattack. But as he did, a roaring fist suddenly appeared before him. It tore through the blood mist and grabbed onto his neck, hard and steady, as if it were forged from steel. With just a little bit of movement, that terrifying strength could separate his head from his body!

Eclipse She’s body stiffened and his magic power froze. He was unable to suppress his injuries. With a cough, blood flowed out from his nose and mouth.

He didn’t need to hold back because…he simply didn’t possess the qualifications to!

Qin Yu let go and drew backwards.

Eclipse She gasped for breath. In that moment just now, he had felt the thick taste of death. Fear flashed in his eyes and sweat dripped down his eyebrows. “Thank you Junior Uncle for showing mercy!”

He turned and hurried away.

He had no face to stay behind any longer.

Qin Yu’s expression remained calm. “Is there anyone else?”

The eighth level Foundation Establishment Eclipse Shoucheng had been overwhelmed with a single punch.

The fourth level Golden Core Eclipse She was also defeated with one fist!

Qin Yu’s figure seemed to be shrouded in the dark skies. Covered in the mist of the valley, he seemed like an unfathomable being. As he stood there, there was no difference in his aura from before he attacked or after he attacked. Even the Eclipse Clan members that were burning with anger still couldn’t help but look at him with awe.

Amongst cultivators, cultivation stood forever supreme. Powerhouses were all to be respected.

Hu –

Strong winds howled. A dense cold chill surged in the air.

Eclipse Xuzi coldly said. “Qin Yu, if you want to save others, then you must overcome me first!”

Her aura continued to climb upwards. Seventh level Golden Core, eighth level Golden Core, ninth level Golden Core.

Her aura broke through layer after layer, until it achieved the peak of the Golden Core realm.

Just a single step away from the Nascent Soul realm!

After a brief moment of stunned silence, the Eclipse Clan members began to wildly cheer, shouting out in their hearts. Finally, someone who could truly represent the might of my Eclipse Clan has appeared! Qin Yu, you won’t be able to remain arrogant any longer! Just see how our Fifth Elder will suppress you and devastate you!

Eclipse Wu’s eyes widened. Even he hadn’t known that Eclipse Xuzi’s cultivation had reached this level.

Beneath the pressure of a peak Golden Core, the entire audience was silent.

“Stop!” With a loud shout, Xu Ao arrived. “What are you all doing!?”

Eclipse Xuzi shrilly screamed. “Xu Ao, today, there must be an ending between me and him! If you dare to interfere I will never let you off!”

Eclipse Wu coldly sneered. “You didn’t interfere when Shoucheng was severely wounded, you didn’t meddle when Eclipse She was defeated, but now that the Fifth Elder has stepped up, you finally appeared to stop her. Xu Ao, just what are your intentions? Do you really think that our Eclipse Clan isn’t willing to tear apart all these pretenses?”

Whoosh –

Fan Jianghai also arrived. He quietly whispered, “Senior-apprentice Brother Xu, don’t meddle in this any longer.”

Xu Ao frowned.

“Let’s consider this as giving the Old Ancestor a reason.”

The firm resolve in Xu Ao’s eyes instantly dispersed. Although his back remained straight, he seemed much more hesitant.

Fan Jianghai loudly said, “We will no longer interfere with Junior Uncle’s battle with the Fifth Elder!”

Eclipse Xuzi’s eyes were as sharp as swords. “Qin Yu, prepare to die!”

She raised her hand and the skies above began to darken and turn cloudy. Between the black clouds, the shadow of a large fish appeared. Although it didn’t have the shape of a dragon, it possessed the aura of a dragon, and its momentum was awe-inspiring.

Immortal Eclipse Valley’s Fifth Elder. Those who controlled the Extreme Essence Furnace were born with an inherent water affinity and controlled profound Water Law magic arts. This was already hard to imagine, but in the next moment, an even more amazing scene occurred.

The great fish opened its mouth. A trace of crimson appeared between its fangs, and the temperature between the heavens and earth began to rapidly ascend.

Qin Yu’s pupils shrank.

Bang –

A column of flame fell down from the clouds!

“Water and fire fusion!” Xu Ao said, his complexion dignified.

Fan Jianghai sighed. “No wonder Eclipse Xuzi had been able to reach the peak of Golden Core in such a short period of time. So it turns out she had perceived the mysteries of water and fire.”

Xu Ao no longer spoke. He took a deep breath of air, magic power surging around him. He could allow this fight to go on, but he wouldn’t allow Qin Yu to die.

A figure flickered and Eclipse Wu blocked his way. His eyes were ice cold. “A dead brother, a crippled son, the Fifth Elder has more than enough reason. Senior-apprentice Brother Xu, it is best you keep your promise to not interfere.”

Bang –

As the column of flame fell down, the hard rock that made up the Dawnperch Platform began to melt away. Waves of heat rolled forth into the surroundings and the observing cultivators all cried out in alarm and retreated.

In the next moment, more cries of shock rang out.

Qin Yu appeared dozens of feet away. In the critical moment, he had evaded the destructive column of flame. Only Xu Ao, Fan Jianghai, and others like them were able to see the blood red light that shrouded him.

Fan Jianghai stood at Xu Ao’s side and smiled. “Of course, Senior-apprentice Brother Xu will not interfere.”

Eclipse Wu paled!

Eclipse Xuzi’s face darkened. She never thought that her all-out strike would hit nothing. Qin Yu’s speed was fast to the point of being inconceivable. At this time, blood red light exploded in front of her and a terrifying chill rose up from the depths of her heart. She flicked her sleeves, black and red light bursting out.

Bang –

With a deep ring, the red and black light wildly shivered and distorted. A fist-shaped hollow appeared. Eclipse Xuzi was left scared. Before, she had cursed Eclipse She for being useless and it was only now that she understood just what sort of terrifying strength was contained in Qin Yu’s fist. She used water and fire as a defense and was confident that no one within the Golden Core realm could break through it. But now, she could hear her defense groaning in pain.

But since it hadn’t broken apart, it was time for Qin Yu to suffer a loss. The defense of water and fire could do more than defend; the counterattack was enough to tear open his fist!

Qin Yu frowned for a moment, as if he didn’t think this defense would be so powerful. But soon he regained his calm and punched out his fist again.

Within the defense of water and fire, Eclipse Xuzi’s eyes widened, her entire face filled with disbelief.

There wasn’t any problem with it – his fist was completely unscathed!

How was this possible?

She stared in dumbfounded bewilderment as Qin Yu continuously punched out seven times in a row, each strike fierce and wild. Eclipse Xuzi wasn’t even able to stabilize herself. She flew about like a rubber ball, chased by the blood red light as she tumbled all over the place.

High up in the skies, the large fish roared in anger. It spat out more and more columns of flame as it raged about, but no matter what it tried, it couldn’t even touch a single corner of Qin Yu’s robes.

Perhaps in terms of true strength, both sides could be considered equal. But by relying on the Blood Escape Art, what Qin Yu displayed was absolute suppression. The person being suppressed was the Fifth Elder of Immortal Eclipse Valley, the peak Golden Core Eclipse Xuzi who had grasped the mysteries of water and fire. Or, perhaps this couldn’t be called completely overwhelming, but it could be called devastating…

The Eclipse Clan members all had tears streaming down their faces. Wrong, this was wrong, the side being suppressed was wrong!

Zeng Zhongxiu’s eyes popped open. In a short several years, Qin Yu had actually become this powerful.

Qi Jiao’s gaze was complicated. She was finally able to determine that she was destined to never be able to be together with this man. She sighed inwardly and let out a long breath. And as she let go of any hopeful expectations she might have had, she suddenly felt much more relaxed. A happy smile floated on her lips. At the very least, she could watch these Eclipse Clan members suffer defeat. This was a tiny comfort to her, because these Eclipse Clan people were just so, so unlikable!

Fan Jianghao was filled with praise. “Junior Uncle has really hidden his skills.”

Xu Ao fell silent for several moments. He slowly said, “I am inferior to him.”

Eclipse Wu’s complexion…turned even paler!


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