Chapter 80 – Against Nascent Soul

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Bang –

Bang –

The rumbling was endless. The blood red light nearly seemed to link together into a single continuous stretch. The vast majority of people could only determine which angle Qin Yu was attacking from based on how Eclipse Xuzi was tumbling around.

As for Eclipse Zin, Eclipse Ming, and the others who had caught up, their faces were filled with shock.

Xu Ao turned around. “It’s over. Junior-apprentice Sister Eclipse cannot win.”

If she couldn’t win, then she could only wait for defeat.

Eclipse Wu opened his mouth. He originally wanted to say that Qin Yu was using some secret method to increase his speed and it wouldn’t be able to last much longer. But by this time, Qin Yu had punched out at least 30 fists and didn’t seem to be slowing down in the least.

The words he wanted to say were all caught in his throat.

Many Eclipse Clan powerhouses all had dazed expressions. Would they be defeated like this? So what if they were unwilling? Even the peak Golden Core Eclipse Xuzi that grasped the powers of water and fire was being crushed, so what could any one of them do?

Eclipse Xin sucked in a deep breath. “We admit…” His complexion suddenly changed and his head swerved upwards.

Bang –

Eclipse Xuzi’s aura rapidly grew. Boundless pressure surged outwards. Several people were able to instantly sense that this wasn’t her strength.

It was…the Fifth Furnace!

She was borrowing the strength of the Fifth Furnace.

Within the skies, the black clouds began to sparkle with red light. Endless plumes of steam surged out, creating a vast sea of white. The temperature started to dramatically rise once more. The giant fish roared in pain, as if it were being burned by flames. Its body twisted and lengthened until it finally changed into a giant fierce fire snake that locked a pair of violent eyes on Qin Yu.

Xu Ao roared, “Junior-apprentice Sister Eclipse, you cannot recklessly summon the power of the great furnace!”

However, with anger raging in her heart and seeing through eyes of red, Eclipse Xuzi didn’t hear his words. The fire snake turned and hurtled straight towards Qin Yu. It was incredibly fast and turned into a line of fire in the air. Even if Qin Yu had revealed astonishing speed so far, he still might not be able to dodge this.

Thus, he chose not to run away.

With a thought, the Fleeting Flame Furnace appeared.

In the far off distance, an infuriated roar suddenly erupted. Another terrifying mass of flames appeared. A great fire alligator rushed out, sweeping its tail and smacking the fire snake away.

The fire snake hissed in anger. Its eyes became even colder as it rushed back.

The fire alligator cast a pleasantly charming smile at the Fleeting Flame Furnace before ruthlessly glaring at Qin Yu. But as it turned back, it was like a shift from summer to winter, its eyes full of disdain.

Bang –

The two great furnace spirits started to fight!

The Eighth Furnace had opened its inheritance Samsara, causing serious losses to it. There was a weariness in the fire alligator’s eyes, but its actions were ruthlessly tyrannical and vicious, allowing it to completely suppress the fire snake. When a chance appeared, it stubbornly chomped down on the fire snake, squeezing hard.

The fire alligator’s scales cracked and disintegrated all over, but it didn’t have any intention of loosening its grip. Its jaws became increasingly heavy and tight.

With a sad howl, the fire snake uncoiled its body and tumbled to the floor, its eyes full of grief. But the fire alligator swung his head and smashed it to the side before rearing back and releasing a great roar. Although it was damaged all over, it was like a king that was declaring its unsurpassed authority!

The fire snake lowered its head in awe and then turned and fled, disappearing without a trace.

Victory and defeat were decided in a minute!

The fire alligator lowered its head. Its giant pupils were cruel and icy. It stared at Eclipse Xuzi and fell down to the earth. As it did, the terrifyingly high temperature melted whatever it touched. Each step it took caused loud rumbling to echo out.

The entire Dawnperch Platform shook!

Eclipse Xuzi was deathly pale. Fear surged in her eyes.

The fire alligator raised its front claws, its fierce appearance seeming as if it would eat someone. Qin Yu glanced at it, too lazy to bother with it. This ridiculous fellow was only planning to scare others. If it really killed the Fifth Elder, then even if others couldn’t do anything, that old man Pill Crucible would definitely hang it up for a beating!

Suddenly, the world turned silent.

This silence wasn’t a peaceful silence, but like the impending arrival of some disastrous cold that instantly froze everything. Placed within, it was like being a fish in ice, unable to move even as one’s heart filled with fear.

Bang –

The fire alligator was sent flying backwards, scales breaking off all over its body. It crashed into the ground, roaring and struggling to stand, but finding itself unable to. A figure appeared high above the platform. His hair was black and there was a faint dark red between his eyebrows. Infernal energy lingered around his body. Everywhere he went made it seem as if seas of blood and mountains of bodies followed him, leaving them cold.

“Just a bunch of trash!”

A roar like thunder cracked in his ears. Qin Yu stuffily coughed, his face paling.

The others seemed to have been released from their icebound shackles.

Eclipse Xuzi revealed a look of happy surprise. “Greetings, Great Uncle!”

Eclipse Xin, Eclipse Wu, Eclipse Ming, and the others also bowed.

Xu Ao and Fan Jianghai’s hearts sank. They sucked in a breath and cupped their hands together.

This was one of Immortal Eclipse Valley’s four great Nascent Souls – Eclipse Lenqing!

His gaze was as sharp as blades as it cut across several Eclipse Clan masters. He coldly said, “If one is defeated, then a second goes up. If a second is defeated, then a third goes up. Even if you have to start some round circle combat to exhaust him to death, you still must do it! If my Eclipse Clan didn’t have this resolve then we would have been exterminated numerous times over these past years!”

“We follow Great Uncle’s teachings.” Eclipse Xin and the others all had expressions of respect.

Eclipse Lenqing was indifferent. “Just because you know some tricks, you dare to flaunt them haphazardly in my Immortal Eclipse Valley? Even if you are Pill Crucible’s junior-apprentice brother, I will still teach you just how vast the heavens and earth are!”

Qin Yu stood rigid like iron.

Xu Ao shouted out loud, “Martial Uncle, show mercy!”

Eclipse Lenqing turned and looked at Xu Ao. Xu Ao coughed and blood started to flow from his lips.

Qin Yu found a chance to catch his breath. His eyes turned calm and cold, even as endless violence and madness surged all around him.

The fire alligator roared. The strength of a trillion flames began to gather from the world, wildly fusing into its body and rapidly healing its wounds. As it did, it began to rise and grow. In the blink of an eye, it grew to a thousand feet high. It was a truly titanic being, and what was even more dreadful was the strength that boiled in it like a volcano on the verge of erupting.

At the location of the Eight Furnace, the 10,000 foot mountain began to shake. Endless mountain-stabilizing seals howled into the air, circling it and releasing deafening whistles. Deep rumblings came from the depths of the ground, causing the 10,000 foot mountain to sway. These tremors rapidly spread out and were easily sensed even a hundred miles away.

Xu Ao’s eyes widened, revealing shock for the first time.

Fan Jianghai, Eclipse Xin, and the others were all left staring in bewilderment. An irrepressible fear began to rise up in their eyes. As masters of the great furnaces, they were extremely clear what this current situation represented. This meant that the Eighth Furnace had intentions of self-destructing and perishing together with its enemy!

Immortal Eclipse Valley’s eight great furnaces came from mysterious origins. Rumors said that they were passed down from ancient times, and although they often fought, they were inexorably linked together, objects that came from the same clan and same source. At this moment, as the Eighth Furnace burst forth, the other seven great furnaces also awakened, each one forming a spirit of fire that roared in anger. Even the fire snake that had fought with the fire alligator had locked its eyes onto Eclipse Lenqing and was howling with rage!

“Junior Uncle, don’t be impulsive!” Xu Ao was the first one to regain his composure.

Fan Jianghai immediately flicked his sleeves. Magic power surged up around him. “All disciples, immediately retreat!”

At this moment, the entire scene was in chaos.

Eclipse Lenqing narrowed his eyes. He simmered with anger, “Are you threatening me?”

Qin Yu stood in sharp opposition. “I am only protecting myself.”

Eclipse Lenqing took a single step forwards. “I am standing right here. If you dare to blow up the Eighth Furnace, then give it a try!”

Bang –

The aura of a Nascent Soul came crushing down from the highest heavens.

Qin Yu stood straight. Beneath the shelter of the Eighth Furnace’s aura, he wasn’t affected in the least. The corners of his lips curled up and he revealed a smile that caused Eclipse Lenqing’s heart to violently spasm. An ill feeling began spreading through Eclipse Lenqing’s entire body.

The fiery light that the fire alligator released suddenly soared, as if a sun was rising atop the land. This strength was unimaginably violent as it swept across the skies.

Eclipse Lenqing was stricken with shock and anger. He dared to blow it up, he really…dared to blow it up!

At this instant, while he was angry, he felt an even greater regret.

If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have forced things this far. But who knew this boy would be so steadfast and willing to have all of them die together?

With the Eighth Furnace having self-destructed, Immortal Eclipse Valley’s eight great furnaces would be doomed to have an irreparable flaw. And besides him and a few other people, the rest of those here would be buried with the dead.

The consequences would be so deeply tragic that he didn’t want to think about it!


With a cold cough, a towering figure appeared. The figure raised his arms and brought them slamming down. The fiery light that the fire alligator released began to dim down as it was forcefully suppressed, revealing the figure of a fire alligator with tears streaming down its face. In that moment, it also felt regret. It was a wonderful furnace with an endless life and prospects awaiting it, and it had even just met its true love recently. Yet, in a momentary impulse it had followed this bastard Qin Yu into playing such a dangerous game.

After being prevented from self-destructing, the fear faded and joy rose up, as if it had just survived a natural disaster. It hurried to gather all of its terrifying strength that it had scattered out just now even as it cried inwardly.

Pill Crucible’s lips twitched. He stepped up and flew into the skies. His dignified gaze swept over the surroundings and he angrily shouted, “How troublesome!”

With the Old Ancestor angered, everyone remained silent and fell to their knees.

The only ones still standing were Eclipse Lenqing and Qin Yu.

Eclipse Lenqing’s face was flushed red. He cupped his hands across his chest, “Valley Master.”

Pill Crucible nodded. He took a deep breath, “Eclipse Lenqing, you are already an old man, so how come you are doing nothing but stirring up even more trouble. If it weren’t for me promptly arriving to deal with this mess, you should be well aware of what sort of consequences there would have been.”

Eclipse Lenqing was incomparably embarrassed. “It was I who didn’t consider matters thoroughly.”

As he spoke, he maliciously glared at Qin Yu.

This bastard!

In the end, he was a Nascent Soul supreme elder so Pill Crucible didn’t bother talking to him too much. Pill Crucible turned and angrily scolded, “Qin Yu, are you planning to die? Are you unhappy that your senior-apprentice brother is living too comfortable a life here, so you plan on setting off fireworks in my Immortal Eclipse Valley?”

Qin Yu had an innocent expression. “Don’t be angry senior-apprentice brother. I lost my mind for a moment and nearly made a grave mistake. I ask that senior-apprentice brother forgive me.”

Pill Crucible coldly humphed. “It seems like I really must discipline you well in place of our teacher!”

With a flick of his sleeves, he grabbed onto Qin Yu, stepped up and vanished from sight.

The atmosphere in the area was awkward.

This…was it over like this…?

In other words, urging the Eighth Furnace to self-destruct and almost causing unimaginably devastating consequences was definitely a grave mistake. But, there weren’t even words of condemnation, instead only saying that Qin Yu would be ‘disciplined in place of our teacher’? Who knew what sort of discipline would occur? Perhaps they would share a cup of tea together and consider it over!

The Eclipse Clan members were all left dejected. They had clearly seen that the Old Ancestor truly loved and favored this junior-apprentice brother of his, to the point of showing impossibly unfair bias. To be honest, they would all try to not provoke this person anymore in the future. Of course, this was related to the terrifying strength that Qin Yu displayed. In particular, in that final battle when he had dragged the Eighth Furnace into self-exploding and stood unyielding against Eclipse Lenqing, that sight still left the hearts of countless people feeling cold.

This was a person that had strength, had the methods, and was also incomparably violent. It was definitely best to stay a respectful distance away from him!

Eclipse Lenqing’s complexion was ugly, but he didn’t have anything else to say. He turned and flew away.

As for Zeng Zhongxiu…at this time, no one paid any more attention to him. Even if they did, they pretended not to see him. He had been the source of today’s disaster. After experiencing such a dramatic sequence of events and nearly walking past death’s door, they would rather him hurry up and leave!

As the crowds began to disperse, Fan Jianghai sighed with emotion. “It seems we were both mistaken.”

Xu Ao nodded. “Although I cannot approve of Junior Uncle’s methods, I actually very much admire him.”

Fan Jianghai glanced at him. “Today’s trouble got out of hand. You are the head of the eight furnaces as well as the person in charge of the valley’s daily affairs. You will inevitably be punished for today’s events.”

Xu Ao lightly said, “After a moment I will go ask the Old Ancestor for forgiveness.”

Fan Jianghai started to speak but hesitated.

Xu Ao revealed a rare smile. “Don’t worry, I won’t hold any enmity in my heart. In the end, if it weren’t for the Old Ancestor, you and I would not be here today.”


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