Chapter 81 – The Zeng Family’s Dilemma

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Clouds and fog lingered about, creating a scene of mystical paradise. Pill Crucible’s eyebrows were stern and his aura was dignified. “Today, you have stirred up too much trouble.”

Qin Yu was relaxed. “Well, since senior-apprentice brother had so much interest, I thought you wanted to see the entire play.”

Pill Crucible wrinkled his eyebrows. “What did you say?”

Qin Yu lightly replied, “Senior-apprentice brother knows full well what I am speaking of.”

Pill Crucible fell silent for a moment. Then, he suddenly leaned backward and smirked. “How boring, you are just too smart.”

Qin Yu smiled.

And sure enough, Pill Crucible started his nagging. “So what happened? The Eighth Furnace is extremely arrogant, so how could it possibly have been captivated by a pill furnace!”

He blinked his eyes as he spoke, with a curious expression that wanted to quickly know the truth of everything.

Qin Yu nodded, “It’s true.”

Pill Crucible seriously looked at Qin Yu. As he saw that he didn’t seem intent on explaining, his mouth opened a little. The eight great furnaces, these were the eight great furnaces! The Eclipse Clan ancestors had expended a mind-boggling amount of time and effort to leave behind these treasures to stabilize the destiny of Immortal Eclipse Valley. Each one was born with their own spiritual awareness, and could definitely be called spirit treasures. Their value was self-evident.

But now, one of them had been drawn away by someone using a pill furnace.

Pill Crucible’s innermost heart seemed to collapse. He clenched his teeth and acerbically said, “Tell me, where did you get that pill furnace? If you dare lie to me then you’re dead!”

Qin Yu splayed open his hands. “I obtained it together with the jade slip. It might be a relic from teacher.”

Pill Crucible let out a breath of relief, immediately relaxing. “Mm, so it’s teacher’s things. Then, I don’t have to worry anymore.” He wanted to say something else, but his eyes flashed and he straightened up into the spitting image of a virtuous and upright character.

Qin Yu knew that some people had arrived.

And as expected.

“Old Ancestor, Xu Ao requests an audience.” A calm voice resounded.

Pill Crucible waved his hand and the mist dispersed, revealing a passage.

Xu Ao hurriedly walked in. He respectfully bowed, “Greetings, Old Ancestor, Junior Uncle.”

Pill Crucible nodded. “Xu Ao, what do you want?”

Xu Ao cupped his hands across his chest. “Old Ancestor granted me the authority to manage the daily affairs within the valley, but the recent turmoil has left many disciples injured and today, the Fifth Elder and Junior Uncle fought, nearly creating a grave mistake in the process. I am to blame for this, so I ask that Old Ancestor please punish me!”

Pill Crucible was silent for a moment before he slowly said, “I am well aware of your personality, but since things have already come to pass, the valley still must be given an explanation. From this day on, you will temporarily hand over your authority to manage the valley’s daily affairs to Eclipse Xin.”

Xu Ao respectfully stood up, bowed to the two, and left.

Pill Crucible sighed. A trace of sympathy flashed in his eyes.

Qin Yu’s thoughts stirred. “Is the play that senior-apprentice brother wanted to see related to Xu Ao?”

Pill Crucible shook his head. “I knew I couldn’t hide the truth from you. Hah, to do things like this, I really have no face left to show to the world. And I have indeed been unfair to Xu Ao. But, my surname is Eclipse and I cannot ruin the foundation that my ancestors created. Ultimately our legacy cannot be passed down to the hands of those with foreign surnames.”

Qin Yu thought for a moment. “Senior-apprentice brother also had no choice but to make this move. Xu Ao likely guessed what your plan was already so he came here to accept punishment on his own initiative.”

Pill Crucible nodded. “Xu Ao is extremely intelligent. When it comes to cultivation or character, he excels in all aspects. But what a pity…whatever, I don’t want to talk about these trivial things anymore.” He looked at Qin Yu, “After today’s battle, you should have thoroughly established your position here. There shouldn’t be anyone trying to bother you in the future.” He continued, “From now on, you are the master of the Eighth Furnace. I will pass down an order, so why don’t you move over to the station and start living there. It will be good for your cultivation.”

Qin Yu stood up and bowed, “Thank you, senior-apprentice brother.”

The hint of cold sweat on his back was absorbed by his robes. The tightness in his heart slowly scattered.

He turned and left.

Pill Crucible watched him go. His expression relaxed and he smiled. “Junior-apprentice brother, with these arrangements, you should feel relieved.”

Qin Yu’s pace quickened and a light smile appeared on his lips. Pill Crucible knew that he could control the Eighth Furnace and force it to explode, yet he still allowed him to move there. This attitude set his mind at ease.

Perhaps this was what he really wanted.

Moments later, Qin Yu arrived at Qi Jiao’s residence. As soon as Immortal Eclipse Valley’s Junior Uncle arrived, with the events atop the Dawnperch Platform still fresh in everyone’s mind, the foreign surnamed disciples all began to reveal looks of awe.

And among them was that person who had bothered Qin Yu to exchange for a branch of the Skythunder Bamboo, Wei Jing. This person had a dazed expression as he looked at the distant Qin Yu. He mumbled, “It’s him, it’s really him…”

Several Wei Family juniors followed the reverent gaze of their great uncle and gulped. They rejoiced that earlier they had followed their great uncle’s words and didn’t disrespect this person, otherwise they feared they would have already been crushed into pieces by now.

Sensing the looks from the juniors, Wei Jing coughed. He lightly said, “The world of cultivation is filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons. A random passerby you see might be a great figure wrapped in mystery. I hope that after experiencing this, you will all be more discreet in handling matters in the future.”

The several juniors all bowed. “We will hold great uncle’s teachings in our mind!”

Wei Jing nodded. He stood tall, his hands held behind his back. The magic power of a Golden Core swirled around him, cleaning up the cold sweat that drenched him. He coughed…well, what has passed has passed. Don’t think, don’t think, don’t think, don’t think about what happened. No matter what, the more he thought about it, the more horrified he was.

Damn it, he just couldn’t stop sweating!

Qi Jiao and her senior-apprentice sister supported a woman as they came out to bow in respect.  Several young men bowed behind them, their foreheads nearly touching the ground, afraid that Qin Yu’s gaze would fall upon their bodies. As for that Senior-apprentice Brother Li who had falsely charged someone for a crime, he didn’t appear at all. It was unknown whether he had been chased out from his sect or perhaps he had fainted because he heard Qin Yu was coming.

Of course, there was no indication from those on the side.

The woman seemed to be around 40 years of age. She had a delicate and calm appearance, and she nodded in greeting, “Hello, fellow daoist Qin Yu.”

Qin Yu nodded in return. “The reason I came here is for my friend. May I know where he is right now?”

Qi Jiao stood forth. “Reporting to my lord, fellow daoist Zeng is in a stone building not too far away.”

She turned her head.

The woman nodded. “Go and lead fellow daoist Qin Yu there.”

Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “Thank you.”

The two people left. The senior-apprentice sister hesitated, wanting to say something.

The woman sighed. “Don’t worry. Qi Jiao is a smart child. She knows what to do.”

Soon, they arrived in front of the stone building. Qi Jiao stopped. “My lord, this is it.”

Qin Yu pushed open the door. Zeng Zhongxiu was lying in a bed. Because his body was weak, he was still in a deep sleep. Qin Yu performed a quick examination. As he saw that Zeng Zhongxiu’s injuries were stable, he relaxed and said, “I have bothered Miss Qi with this matter.”

Qi Jiao shook her head. “My lord has helped me many times before, so this minor matter isn’t anything at all.” She bit her lips and said, “If there isn’t anything else, I will bid my farewells first.”

Qin Yu said, “Alright.”

He watched her leave, feeling a sense of estrangement between them. He thought of stopping her for a moment, but then rubbed his nose instead. In truth, this was also a good ending.

Sleeping through the night and day, Zeng Zhongxiu finally opened his eyes. His gaze was blank for a moment before coming into focus.

“You’ve awakened?” Qin Yu stood up. “How do you feel?”

Zeng Zhongxiu was shocked. “My lord, why are you here?”

Qin Yu shook his head. “I already said that there are no lords here, only friends. If you continue to speak like that then I’ll really want to leave.”

Zeng Zhongxiu was moved. His lips parted, as if he were trying to find the right words to say.

Qin Yu took out a wound-restoring pill. “I refined this myself. Eat it, it will help your injuries.”

Zeng Zhongxiu ate the pill. The medicinal efficacy rapidly reacted and color came back to his pale face.

“So tell me, just who did you offend.” Qin Yu sat back down.

Zeng Zhongxiu smiled. “My lo…I mean, you have already helped me take revenge.”

“That Eclipse Shoucheng?”

“Mm.” Zeng Zhongxiu simply explained their grievances.

Qin Yu was left speechless. He couldn’t imagine that someone would be narrow-minded to such an extent. Mm, well, perhaps this was an inherited trait. He had also heard about Eclipse Yan angering himself to death, and he had only been able to shake his head at such a thing. He said, “If it’s like that, I won’t help you get justice. It’s best if I remain low-key for some time.”

Zeng Zhongxiu had a guilty expression. “It’s all because of me…”

Qin Yu waved his hand. “My problems with the Eclipse Clan couldn’t have been fixed after I became the master of the Eight Furnace. Even if you didn’t do anything, something would have erupted sooner or later. After this event, I have also proved myself. There shouldn’t be anyone else casually trying to bother me in the future.” He smiled. “So, don’t worry about this anymore.”

Zeng Zhongxiu nodded. Then, he suddenly revealed a trace of hesitation.

Qin Yu thought for a moment. “Brother Zeng, you and I can be called shallow acquaintances that have a deep connection, so in this way, I consider you my friend. If you have a problem, feel free to tell me. If it is within my power and domain to help, I won’t decline it.”

Zeng Zhongxiu was excited. “Brother Qin just saved my life, so I really shouldn’t mention anything else. But, this matter involved the life of my niece, so I really have to be brazen.”

After East Stream Town was destroyed by the demonic path, the Zeng Family relocated to Yang Peak City, a city that wasn’t too far away from Immortal Eclipse Valley. They thought they could rest and recuperate, slowly restoring their strength. But, Zeng Chingming fought with someone and the result was a complete worsening of his previous injuries. From that point on, he had been bedridden and ill, leaving the Zeng Family in a difficult position. In order to maintain the Zeng Family, they had no choice but to propose a marriage alliance to an old friend in Yang Peak City in exchange for shelter.

Qin Yu frowned. “Are you speaking of Zeng Mo’er?”

Zeng Zhongxiu nodded. “It is Mo’er. After discovering this, that little girl cried herself to sleep every night, but in public she stubbornly stood tall and chose not to reveal how she was struggling. My heart aches to see her like this. Brother Qin, you have an exalted status right now. If you can put in a few good words, perhaps you can change Mo’er’s destiny.”

Qin Yu hesitated.

Zeng Zhongxiu was worried. “Brother Qin, I ask you to please help me!”

Qin Yu shook his head, “Don’t worry. I am old acquaintances with the Zeng Family, so I won’t stand idly by. Your injuries right now are heavy so it’s not good for you to travel. Once your injuries have stabilized, I’ll go with you.”

Zeng Zhongxiu happily said. “My injuries are perfectly fine. Brother Qin, I’ll leave with you tomorrow.”

Qin Yu thought for a moment. “Alright.”

The next day.

Zeng Zhongxiu was sweating from pain, but he forcibly rose up from the bed. Qin Yu flicked a sleeve and gently lifted him up with magic power.

“You point the way.”

Yang Peak City wasn’t too far away; it was one of Immortal Eclipse Valley’s attached cities. This city had two great immortal cultivating families – the Lu Family and Yun Family. Once the Zeng Family moved in, they were the third. Of course, this was only on the surface. These days, no one knew how serious the Zeng Family old ancestor’s injuries were, and as people said, a featherless phoenix was inferior to a chicken.

Four hours later, they flew into Yang Peak City.

Zeng Zhongxiu was grateful. “Brother Qin, it's here.”

Qin Yu looked around. Although he hadn’t visited the Zeng Family when he was at East Stream Town, he had seen that grand mansion from before that was filled with luxury and the imposing aura of a family with a deep background. But now, as he looked at the courtyard around him, although this place could still be considered the residence of a wealthy and prominent family, it was still ten times worse than before. One could tell that the Zeng Family wasn’t doing very well these days.

“Eh? There’s not even a gate guard.” Zeng Zhongxiu frowned. Zeng Chingming strictly managed his household and the family servants were extremely disciplined, They were rarely negligent like this.

Qin Yu could hear the sound of branches cracking in the distance. He wrinkled his eyebrows a little and said, “Let’s go.”

Flicking his sleeves, he picked up Zeng Zhongxiu and the two of them flew into the courtyard.


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