Chapter 82 – Curing Poison

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Zeng Chingming sat back in his great chair. Although his white hair was meticulously combed, it was still difficult to hide the deep weariness on his wrinkled face. He braced himself to smile and cup his hands together. “Brother Yun, for what reason did you come to visit today?”

Yun Zhang replied with a look of regret, “I haven’t seen Brother Zeng in a short three months, but you have declined to such an extent. If I didn’t try, I wouldn’t have been able to feel the smallest fluctuation of magic power in your body.”

Zeng Chingming froze for a moment. Maintaining his composure, he said, “My injuries have accumulated within my body, weakening me. In order to avoid aggravating them, it's best if I use as little magic power as possible.”

Yun Zhang nodded. “Brother Zeng is right. Allow me to examine you. Perhaps I can think of a way to help Brother Zeng’s condition a little.” As he spoke, he stood up.

Zeng Chingming waved his hand. “There is no need for Brother Yun to bother with me. My injuries have improved a little recently.”

Yun Zhang’s eyes flashed. He sat back down. “Then I wish Brother Zeng a speedy recovery in the future.” He suddenly changed the topic. “The reason I came here today is for this boy. He saw Mo’er a while ago and afterwards he was completely lost in his daydreams, not even able to cultivate. I have already heavily punished him, but this boy doesn’t know how to repent at all. Because of this, I have no choice but to be brazen and come here to request a marriage. Luckily, an engagement has already been decided between these two children earlier, so this won’t be made a joke by others.”

Zeng Chingming’s complexion changed. “This…”

Yun Zhang heartily laughed. “Brother Zeng, there is no need to worry. Although it is a bit hasty, my Yun Family will not make anything difficult for that little girl Mo’er. The wedding gifts have been arranged, and the ceremony and new home preparations have also been completed. As long as Brother Zeng agrees, we can have Mo’er marry in today.”

Zeng Chingming’s complexion sank. It was already an extremely great affront for the Yun Family to complete all the preparations before coming to ask for permission. But, with them to also suggest taking away Zeng Mo’er today, that was no different from contempt! He took a deep breath and said, “Brother Yun, don’t you think this is a bit inappropriate?”

Yun Zhang’s smile dimmed a little. “I think it is very appropriate.”

The scene went deathly silent for a while, falling into a strange awkwardness.

The Yun Family cultivators were all full of confidence and with rigid expressions.

Across from them, the Zeng Family cultivators were clearly flustered. They looked indignant at this turn of events, but none of them dared to speak out.

“Old Grandfather, it is already a great honor for Grandfather Yun to personally come for me. I like this marriage, so whether it is in the morning or night, none of it matters.” Zeng Mo’er lightly said as she walked out from behind a curtain.

That strange and wicked little girl from East Stream Town several years ago had calmed down a great deal. She seemed much more tranquil and restrained, and this charm naturally melted into her features, forming an even more intense atmosphere around her. Just by looking at her, it made one feel as if their soul was being drawn into a dream, never to wake up again.

Among the Yun Family, the gaze of a robed youth instantly turned burning hot. He turned and whispered, “Grandfather…”

Yun Zhang glanced at him and smiled. “Little girl Mo’er, it’s good that you think like that. How about this. You first go back home with Yun Hai, and after a while I will have the wedding gifts sent over.”

Zeng Mo’er’s expression froze and she began to shiver. To be taken into the home of the groom before wedding gifts were sent over, that wasn’t marrying a wife at all, but taking in a concubine! Even if the Yun Family didn’t explain things like this, this was still an incredible shame upon the Zeng Family! She bit down on her lips, nearly breaking through the skin. She took a deep breath, but, just before she was about to speak, Zeng Chingming suddenly roared out loud.

“Yun Zhang, we have been friends for so many years, so what is the meaning of this?” He glared in anger. Although the cultivation wasn’t there, the aura of a Golden Core still left one’s heart trembling.

Yun Zhang frowned. He quietly said, “Brother Zeng, you are still not well, so it is best that you don’t lose your temper so easily. If you were to aggravate your injuries, you would only be asking for more trouble.”

Asking for more trouble – there was another meaning behind this!

Since Yun Zhang dared to come to the Zeng Family to stir up trouble, that meant he had complete assurance of his actions. Several days ago, juniors at Immortal Eclipse Valley had come back to the Yun Family and personally informed them about how Zeng Zhongxiu had been blamed for stealing spirit grass and also how he had been targeted by Eclipse Shoucheng.

Zeng Zhongxiu would die!

With that, all of Yun Zhang’s worries disappeared. The reason he stirred up trouble here today was to plunder everything he could from the Zeng Family before the Lu Family could react.

If Zeng Chingming became enraged, then he couldn’t ask for anything more!

Zeng Chingming gasped for breath, blue veins sticking out on his thin hands. “Screw off, all of you screw off! Our marriage with the Yun Family is cancelled from here on out!”

Zeng Mo’er was panicked, “Grandfather!”

Yun Zhang laughed loudly and then immediately stopped, his complexion turning cold. “For better or worse, my Yun Family is still considered a powerful influence within Yang Peak City with an inheritance of over 300 years. If the marriage is cancelled just because you say it is, where does that put my Yun Family? Very well! In consideration for us being friends for so many years, I will make a concession for you. As long as you hand over the pill forging technique to me, I won’t pursue this matter any longer!”

Zeng Chingming’s eyes popped open. “You have the heart of a ravenous wolf. So you’ve been aiming for my Zeng Family’s arcane technique all this time! You came all this way today and because I ended up in such a state I cannot sever relations with you. Yun Zhang, you despicable villain!”

Yun Zhang’s voice was ice cold. “My patience is limited. Zeng Chingming, don’t try and make things worse…”

But before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted. “If your patience is limited, then get out of here. Why are you still standing there being an eyesore?”

Yun Zhang was enraged. “How insolent! Which wretch dares to be so rude to me!” His beard and hair began to fly about, making him seem a bit imposing.

Qin Yu stepped out. Standing beside him was a furious Zeng Zhongxiu. Although they had never met, he still regarded Yun Zhang as a respected elder. Yet, he never thought that the Yun Family would be such despicable creeps. Even as he was disgusted, he simultaneously rejoiced that he had asked Qin Yu to come here, otherwise if he didn’t return today he had no idea what sort of state the Zeng Family would have ended up in.

Zeng Chingming’s eyes widened. Excitement flashed in his eyes, soon followed by guilt and gloom.

Zeng Mo’er stood where she was, her eyes blinking and her thoughts blank. It was unknown just where her mind had run off too.

He…he was…

The complexion of a cultivator within the Yun Family changed. He leaned over and whispered several words into Yun Zhang’s ear. Yun Zhang frowned, revealing some annoyance before calming back down.

Zeng Zhongxiu hadn’t died. This was a surprise, but so what? Once someone was accused of stealing a spirit plant, they were doomed to never amount to anything.

Yun Zhang coldly said, “Nephew Zhongxiu, were you the one who said those words just now?” As he spoke, he locked his eyes onto Qin Yu, a cold air surging around him.

With Zeng Zhongxiu’s severely wounded appearance, he would never have had the energy to say those words. It must have been this other young man, but the reason he asked this question was to test the waters. If Zeng Zhongxiu dared to show up at this time and be so rude, he must have something he could rely on. In addition, since Zeng Zhongxiu was a disciple at Immortal Eclipse Valley, perhaps he knew some other juniors with deep backgrounds. In the end, Yun Zhang was an old man who had lived for several hundred years already, so it was best for him to be discreet in all matters.

Zeng Zhongxiu gnashed his teeth. “You old thief, I wish I could kill you!” He had heard everything the Yun Family had said, and the anger blazing in his heart could be imagined.

Yun Zhang laughed. “How brave!” He flicked his sleeves. “But I want to see just what methods you have that you dare to threaten me with death!”

Hu –

Wind rose up from the ground, spinning into a sword-sharp point.

Fifth level Golden Core. For a wandering family to achieve this step, they couldn’t be considered weak at all.

Qin Yu’s eyes chilled. He raised a hand and ruthlessly grasped at the air, instantly shattering the storm!

Yun Zhang’s pupils shrank, shock covering his face.

To be able to casually break his supernatural powers with a single hand, this person had to have the cultivation of a late Golden Core at the very least. He couldn’t believe that this young man in front of him was an old monster that was hiding himself.

Thoughts racing, Yun Zhang forced out a smile. “May I ask your name?”

Qin Yu coldly said, “Take everyone you brought with you and get out of the Zeng Family!”

“You…” Yun Zhang’s face twisted.

Qin Yu stepped forwards. “If you aren’t leaving, then all of you can stay behind!”

Bang –

A thick killing intent shrouded him.

This killing intent came from his days on the demonic path battlefield. Qin Yu had cut down more than 10 demonic path Golden Cores to accumulate this aura. Normally, it was restrained by his Demon Body, but the moment it erupted it was enough to have everyone feel as if they had fallen into a battlefield of war, their blood congealing in their bodies!

Yun Zhang’s complexion paled, as if a bucket of cold water had been tossed over his head. All of his hairs rose on his back. Without another word, he turned and left. This was because just now, he had truly felt the flavor of death from Qin Yu!

In the blink of an eye, everyone from the Yun Family left in distress. The Zeng Family were startled for a moment before bursting out in joy, unable to believe what happened. However, several people amongst them recognized Qin Yu, and their faces stiffened.

Zeng Chingming rose up, his body quivering and his face full of shock, embarrassment, and also guilt. “Fellow daoist Qin Yu, you…I don’t have any face to thank you…”

Qin Yu smiled. “I am good friends with Brother Zeng and can also be considered old acquaintances with the Zeng Family, so helping if I could was the right thing to do. Senior Zeng, there is no need to thank me.” He turned and nodded, “Miss Mo’er, it’s been a long time.”

Zeng Mo’er shook, her eyes filled with disbelief. She haltingly said, “You don’t blame me?”

Qin Yu shook his head. “In truth, whether you spoke or not back then, I wouldn’t have been able to escape trouble.”

Zeng Mo’er was surprised. But before she could speak again, Qin Yu said, “Senior Zeng, can I examine your injuries?”

Although he didn’t blame her for what happened in the past, since it did happen, their relationship could never be as it once was.

Zeng Mo’er’s eyes dimmed.

Zeng Chingming coughed. “My injuries are heavy and hard to treat. I fear even the heavens cannot save me.”

Zeng Zhongxiu was worried, “Old Ancestor, please allow Lord Qin Yu to try!”

Zeng Chingming revealed a look of astonishment. ”Then…I’ll have to trouble fellow daoist.”

Qin Yu could be called a senior and there was no way he could pull rank again. In the world of cultivators, strength reigned supreme, and this was an unspoken rule that could not be ignored!

Qin Yu sat down to feel his pulse. Of course, this was only for show. The true procedure was to send a silk-thin strand of magic power to investigate his body.

Zeng Chingming’s thoughts quaked!

Although he had witnessed Qin Yu forcing back Yun Zhang with a single move, he was still shocked by how pure this magic power was. To rise from the Foundation Establishment to his current level in a short several years was already amazing enough, let alone possessing such pure magic power. Could Qin Yu have experienced some incredibly lucky chance?

But with the wisdom of age, he quickly hid his shock and didn’t ask any questions.

This was how life worked.

After a moment, Qin Yu released his hand. He mulled over things for several moments and finally said, “The injuries are indeed a bit troublesome, but this isn’t the key problem. Senior Zeng seems to be poisoned?”

Zeng Chingming’s eyes brightened. “Fellow daoist Qin, do you have any means of dealing with it?”

If he asked, he clearly did.

Qin Yu nodded. “I do.” He hesitated for a moment. “But the method is extremely risky. It requires that Senior Zeng be in a deep sleep to work, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable. I wonder if Senior Zeng can agree to this?”

Zeng Chingming laughed. “I am already a dried up lamp, so what scruples would I have? Fellow daoist Qin can rest assured that I will agree with anything!”

Qin Yu stood up. “Then I ask that Senior Zeng prepare a quiet room. Remember – no one is allowed to disturb.”

The Zeng Family cultivators were all pleasantly surprised. They quickly moved and soon the preparations were completed.

Zeng Chingming swallowed down a sleeping pill and soon fell into a deep slumber. He was carefully brought to the quiet room.

Zeng Zhongxiu’s expression was earnest. “Brother Qin, I’ll have to rely on you!”

Qin Yu smiled. ”Don’t worry. If there isn’t any accident, Senior Zeng will recover by tomorrow.”

Closing the quiet room, Qin Yu sat down cross-legged. He swept out his divine sense like a cloud of rain, slowly sweeping through every corner of the room.

Although it wasn’t likely, it was best to remain careful.

Very good. Everything was right.

With a flick of his sleeve, several array discs fell down, blocking out the aura in the quiet room so that no one could investigate it.

Qin Yu closed his eyes and calmly waited.

As night arrived, a foot-wide sea blue light quietly bloomed in the darkness.


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