Chapter 90 – The One-Eyed Wild Wolf

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

The ant king was enraged and its wings began to buzz. Just where did this countryside chicken come from and how dare it be so rude to this majesty? In the end, the chicken overlord was utterly defeated and left in a miserable state. If it weren’t for Qin Yu secretly telling the ant king to hold back, the chicken overlord might be half-dead by now. Perhaps because it was conscious of its humiliation, the chicken overlord suddenly began to struggle to grow stronger. It woke up early in the morning and went to sleep late at night, constantly absorbing the essence of the sun and moon. It trained arduously every day in the hopes that it could one day avenge this shame.

Qin Yu was slightly comforted. But after several days, he found that the chicken overlord had sneakily crept into the ant raising room, and using some method it had managed to mix into the ant king’s clique and become good friends with it. Then, a one-eyed wild wolf was caught by the ant king and his little brother and was ruthlessly taught a harsh lesson.

The chicken overlord stood high above. It glanced at Qin Yu, and its posture seemed to say, ‘shiver at my presence, stupid mortal!’

This overlord had so many methods. To completely innovate and revamp itself, was this something that you could even imagine?

Qin Yu stopped the chicken overlord from continuing its rampage. He looked at the one-eyed wild wolf, “I let you go once, so you think I’m not willing to kill you anymore?”

The wild wolf howled and leaned down, bowing deep against the floor.

Qin Yu frowned, “You want to stay here?”

The wild wolf nodded repeatedly.

The chicken overlord immediately exploded into anger!

It leapt up and down, screaming at the wild wolf. If it could speak, it would definitely have cursed the wild wolf and all its previous generations.

Qin Yu suddenly had a thoughtful expression.

The chicken overlord quickly stopped, clearly anxious.

Qin Yu pointed a finger. “During this time, have you been frequently teaching it lessons?”

The wild wolf raised its head. It glared at the chicken overlord, its entire face full of disdain.

With such a posture, it was more than persuasive without even a nod!

The chicken overlord squawked crazily.

During the time since Qin Yu had left, this wild wolf had simply been a nightmare. This damned despicable wild wolf, the chicken overlord didn’t know why, but the wolf had suddenly become far fiercer than before. Although the wild wolf had never once truly harmed its body, the psychological damage it caused was far more serious!

It couldn’t stay here, it absolutely couldn’t stay here!

But it was clear that the chicken overlord didn’t have any decision-making power here.

Qin Yu’s lips curved upwards. “Good. Then from now on, you will guard the medicine garden for me.”

The wild wolf respectfully bowed to the floor.

From this point on, there was another scene that often occurred within the valley – a confrontation of a chicken and wolf.

Of course, many of these scenes were because of the provocation of the former, while the latter didn’t even spare it a glance. Or, sometimes the latter was annoyed and the former would flee into the wild. But with this, the boring and dull cultivation life in the valley had become just a bit more interesting.


The wild wolf shifted about so that it lay down more comfortably. The sun shined against its body, so warm and relaxed that it didn’t want to move. It had been a long, long time since it had experienced such a satisfying rest.


I am a wolf that doesn’t live for a long time, so why would I have the phrase ‘a long, long time’ in my vocabulary?

It blinked its eyes, helplessly baring its teeth. It silently thought of these past days. Recently, it would have inexplicable thoughts. All sorts of random things would pop into its head, appearing in bits and fragments. Could it be because it hadn’t been sleeping well?

As a wolf that was locally born here, it was well aware that Severed Spirit Mountain was barren of spiritual strength, and this had greatly influenced its cultivation. More than once, it had thought of leaving this place and experiencing the outside world, perhaps looking for a place that was truly suitable for its own cultivation. But every time it reached the edge of the mountain range, it would become nervous and restless, and regret would rise in its heart. Eventually, it would turn around and give up any thoughts of leaving.

After several times, the wild wolf blamed itself and called itself a talentless fellow without any future prospects. With that, it also severed any more thoughts of leaving.

It was said that water flowed downwards and wolves climbed upwards. It also had certain hopes and dreams, and wanted to become a better wolf. Even though it couldn’t bear to leave its native land, it still wished to become stronger.

This mysterious mountain valley and the powerful valley master had given the wild wolf a ray of hope. Thus, it had come here. And after arriving it realized that the reality was even better than its imagination. There was rich spiritual strength here and even pills that were occasionally handed out. It was hard to imagine that any place could be so perfect. It was no wonder that the hateful chicken had risen in strength so rapidly. Humph. Luckily, wolves were naturally stronger and it had even obtained the favor of the master. It would become increasingly fierce and that damned dead chicken could forgo any ideas of flaunting its strength in the future!

The wild wolf pawed at the scars on its face. In the first great battle between the chicken and wolf, these scars had been left behind and an eye had also been pecked blind. One could say that the enmity of being blinded was an absolutely irreconcilable difference. And, the wild wolf wasn’t some kind and friendly sort either, so how could it endure not chomping that chicken bastard to death after such a long time?

Thinking about it, the reason might be because it favored this current one-eyed state even more. As if it should have had only one eye to begin with.

Hiss –

It took a comfortable breath. The bountiful spiritual strength in the air caused the wild wolf’s fur to tremble. It started to imagine; just how majestic and intimidating would a one-eyed black patch wolf be…ah, its thoughts were randomly jumping around again…however, a one-eyed black patch wild wolf also seemed to be a good choice!

The wild wolf’s eye brightened and it suddenly turned over and stood up. The chicken overlord saw its actions from the corner of its eye and leapt up in a frightened panic. Then, the chicken overlord proudly scampered away with an arrogant expression.

Soon after, the wild wolf had a black patch covering its blind eye. The edges were rough, as if it had been directly torn off. Yet, it couldn’t help but admit that it really did feel much more mighty and intimidating.

The chicken overlord curled its lips and wildly rolled its eyes back, still, it didn’t manage to suppress the growing envy in its heart. It secretly thought that this ridiculous servant had dressed up in such a manner that actually compared to itself! However, no matter how much you dress up, it’s only an appearance. In terms of temperament and aura, this overlord was still more than enough to crush you to dregs!

As the wolf and chicken ‘struggled’ against each other, Qin Yu only took this as a small distraction in his life. He soon put these matters away and continued onto business.

He needed to cultivate the Five Element Sword Array!

This was something he had decided when he was still at Immortal Eclipse Valley. Although he temporarily couldn’t solve the problem concerning different magic power sources, he could still continue with the basic preparations. The core nature of the Five Element Sword Array lay in the ‘sword’. Even if he successfully cultivated it, he still needed five different elemental swords to display its power.

Metal, water, wood, fire, earth; these were the five elements of the world’s origin. In certain ancient cultivation texts, it was said that these were the attributes that composed all things in the world.

For metal and water attributes, Qin Yu lacked the materials to refine the magic swords so he set those to the side first. For the wood attribute, Qin Yu had many choices, such as the Skythunder Bamboo and Greatsun Mulberry. As for the Radiant Red Wood, although that also belonged to the wood attribute, its true formidable nature lay in the powerful element of fire that surged through it. Because of this, Qin Yu decided to use the Radiant Red Wood to refine a fire attribute magic sword.

The wood attribute would come from the Skythunder Bamboo.

The reason was simple. Skythunder Bamboo contained inherent thunder laws within. While it satisfied the condition of the five elements, it could also display the power of thunder. If the Five Element Sword Array reached perfection in the future, it might be wondrous if the power of thunder could be used too. At the very least, even if it wasn’t associated with the five elements, having an additional thunder magic power would also be useful.

The Five Element Sword Diagram contained detailed records on how to refine a magic sword. Jiang Li’s insights had also mentioned this. Qin Yu carefully read through them, and after perceiving them for several days and making sure that he clearly understood what was needed, only then did he begin.

The Radiant Red Wood had just been planted. Even with the little blue lamp hastening its growth, it was still a seedling. To chop off a piece of it to refine a magic sword was a bit improper.

Thus, he decided to use the Skythunder Bamboo first as a test.

Reality proved that refining the five elemental magic swords was extremely simple, far easier than Qin Yu had initially imagined. After cutting off a part of the Skythunder Bamboo he used a law formula to stimulate magic power, crushing and sealing it into the shape of a sword. After laying down a divine sense mark, the wood attribute magic sword was basically complete. The only difference was that it needed to be nourished by magic power in the future, so that the quality of the magic sword would rise and the divine sense mark would strengthen.

Without any pressure, and without any accidents, he had succeeded in his first attempt.

Qin Yu was even a bit puzzled. This was the infamous, dangerous, and extremely mighty Five Element Sword…how could creating one of its magic swords be so simple?

But in fact, the difficulty of cultivating the Five Element Sword Array lay in the word ‘cultivating’. It was once mentioned that crossing the minimum threshold was a simple matter.

The five magic swords were the very basic foundation, so them being easy to refine was also reasonable.

Moreover, Qin Yu himself was also a reason.

While he had a fifth level Golden Core cultivation, his true strength was nearly equal to that of a peak Golden Core. With his incredible divine sense, refining this magic sword shouldn’t be too difficult. Moreover, there was the quality of the Skythunder Bamboo as a material. It was an ancient spiritual plant that had surpassed 10,000 years of age. Its quality had basically been reborn anew, and it was extremely appropriate for it to be used to refine a wood attribute sword.

All of these factors combined together made Qin Yu feel as if creating the magic sword had been too simple.

But no matter how it happened, smoothly refining a magic sword was a good thing. Qin Yu followed the directions of the Five Element Sword Diagram and carefully nourished the sword for a bit before placing it into his storage bag.

With everything having gone smoothly, he had a great deal of time left over. After thinking a bit, Qin Yu didn’t immediately go into seclusion to cultivate but continued contemplating the Five Element Sword Diagram. The great Five Element Sword Array within Immortal Eclipse Valley had evolved from the Five Element Sword Diagram. Qin Yu didn’t have the wealth, means, or power to recreate that, but arranging a reduced version of the Five Element Sword Array should be possible.

The Radiant Red Wood had been planted and there were several different kinds of precious spiritual plants that were growing in the valley. With all of these things here, he needed to be a bit more careful in terms of the valley’s security so that no incidents occurred. Once he successfully arranged the array formation and also had the Purpleback Bluewing Ants acting as guards, the valley would be much safer.

After diligently studying for several days, Qin Yu finally began. But, the difficulty in arranging the array formation far outstripped his imagination. He failed several times, and there were even moments when the amount of magic power struck him in a backlash, leaving him in a distressed state. But after repeatedly attempting it over 10 days, he finally managed to barely complete it.

From the surface, the mountain valley was no different from ordinary days; fog still lingered about it. But once an intruder came, the hidden magic swords would launch an attack! That was right, since it was the Five Element Sword Array it naturally had to have magic swords. These were wood attribute magic swords created from the leftover branch section of the Skythunder Bamboo.

Even if they were only small ones, they were still formed from a 10,000 year old spiritual plant, so their quality was without doubt. There was a total of 36 small magic swords. Once they attacked an enemy together and released the power of thunder, their might would superimpose upon each other, becoming far greater.

Thinking of this, Qin Yu flushed red with a bit of shame.

Yes, he had imitated the Five Element Sword Array but the truth was that it didn’t have any connection with the five elements at all, and the attack method completely depended on being struck by lightning, an attribute that was brought by the Skythunder Bamboo.

He definitely had to place studying array formations on his future agenda!

But no matter how it happened, Qin Yu would be able to cultivate with peace of mind knowing that there was the protection of an array formation. He lightly coughed and returned to his house. He ignored the wild wolf’s stunned look and the chicken overlord’s undisguised contempt. They were both clearly living free and carefree lives.

There were still many refined pills from Immortal Eclipse Valley’s Pill Disposal Department.

The wild wolf basked in the sun, occasionally sweeping its eyes around. After a brief moment, it would stick out its tongue.

 The chicken overlord glared at the wild wolf like a tiger watching its prey. It looked as if it were observing the ugly actions of a beggar, and as if all of its face had been ruined by the wild wolf’s actions. If it had a chance, it would stir up the ant king in the future so that it would teach this unsightly bastard a lesson.

Unfortunately, the ant king had received Qin Yu’s orders. No matter how the chicken overlord tried to tempt it, all the offered pills were returned. The ant king began to feign forgetfulness and play dumb.

The chicken overlord frowned inwardly even as it smiled brightly on the outside. As it imagined its original wonderful life and its current embarrassing state, it couldn’t help but release a tear of sorrow.

Like this, time slowly passed.

Hu –

Strong winds rose up. The rich world strength within the valley began to revolve and gather at the wooden house.

Shua –

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed open. They exploded with a dazzling light.

Golden Core, sixth level!

As he felt the powerful magic power racing through his body, he smiled.

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