Chapter 91 – Divert Trouble

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

The dappled sunlight shined through the mountain forests. Two shadows suddenly shot forwards at an astonishing speed, crossing dozens of feet in the blink of an eye. Looking carefully, one could see that they were one man and one woman. They were handsome and beautiful individuals wearing luxurious clothing, but at this time they were in a terribly distressing situation.

Wang Zifeng’s arm was wounded. It was unknown what sort of weapon caused this, but black gas lingered around the injury, even as blood dripped down. He tried swallowed recovery pills but nothing was able to stop the blood from flowing. His face was pale white and his normally confident and prideful eyes were now filled with alarm and fear. He often turned to look back, completely flustered.

As for Yun Xueqing beside him, although her face was also pale, she managed to barely maintain her calm. At the very least, she didn’t seem on the verge of collapse like he did.

“Damn it all, these demonic path people dare to chase us down! I will surely return this favor twice over in the future!” Wang Zifeng roared as he gasped for breath.

Yun Xueqing sighed inwardly. If he had strength to shout like this, he might as well save it to escape.

Suddenly, the scenery opened before them and massive clouds of fog appeared. The fog enveloped the entire valley that was located between steep mountain cliffs.

Yun Xueqing was surprised. A cultivator was actually living here in secret? From this close distance, she could clearly feel faint fluctuations of an array formation in the fog. She paused, hesitating for a moment. But beside her, Wang Zifeng’s eyes suddenly shined with a glorious light.

“This is wonderful! There are some fellow comrades that are living here in seclusion. You and I can take advantage of this array formation to temporarily push back the demonic cultivators!” He flew into the fog.

Yun Xueqing bit her lips and followed him in.

Shua –

As soon as they entered, a powerful restraining power covered them. It wasn’t too powerful, making them feel as if their bodies were wrapped in a layer of mud.

Wang Zifeng shouted out loud, “Which fellow daoist is living here? I am Wang Zifeng from the Flowing River Sect and this is my companion! We have encountered trouble and I ask that great expert open the array formation so we can temporarily stay here!”

There was no response.

Yun Xueqing said, “Perhaps the master isn’t here.”

Wang Zifeng frowned. “At extraordinary times, you can’t care about things like this. Junior-apprentice Sister Xueqing, wait here a moment while I break open this array formation. We can continue speaking after we make our way inside!”

He raised his hand, taking out an object that was round and blue like a drop of water. As he poured his magic power into it, it began to release a water-colored halo that rapidly filled the air with mist.

Wang Zifeng’s heart ached. This treasure was called the Riverheart Drop and it was a magic tool renowned for breaking through array formations. By discarding this treasure and then making use of the array formation here, they should be able to momentarily stop the demonic cultivators chasing them from behind. Then, he could retreat safely with Yun Xueqing.

That was right, from the very start he had planned to flee as soon as possible. As a core disciple of the Flowing River Sect, reaching the great dao of Golden Core was an inevitable matter. His life was incomparably precious, so how could he randomly risk it? As for causing trouble for the cultivator living here in seclusion, that wasn’t something he cared about at all.

That cultivator could just consider this a stroke of bad luck!

Yun Xueqing frowned. “Senior-apprentice Brother Wang, isn’t this the wrong way to do things?”

Wang Zifeng didn’t glance at her. “Once this is over, I will come back to apologize and express my thanks.” Of course, the premise was that the cultivator was still alive. Looking at the strength of the array formation, this cultivator should be average at best. It wasn’t likely that they would survive battling against the demonic cultivator.

Yun Xueqing wavered for several moments, eventually not saying anything. After all, she was also fleeing for her life. However, Wang Zifeng’s actions had caused a complete change in her opinion of him. And concerning the matter of her father mentioning marriage to him…she would have to reconsider that.

Buzz –

The fog trembled. It began to swirl around. Wang Zifeng was overjoyed. “Great!”

But at this time, a sudden change occurred.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

The sound of breaking air filled the skies and the fog violently tumbled around. Some objects rapidly approaching from the distance. Before Wang Zifeng’s complexion could change, the purple thunder had already arrived. The Riverheart Drop was in essence a water-attribute treasure, so it had no ability to resist in the face of the power of thunder. Wang Zifeng’s miserable cries filled the air as his clothes were burnt black and began to emit smoke. His neatly groomed hair began to split apart and rise up like a porcupine!

It was a pitiful scene.

Yun Xueqing shouted out, “Senior, please show mercy!” To be able to utilize such powerful strength of thunder, one had to possess a profound cultivation. She secretly complained in her heart, cursing Wang Zifeng for bringing harm to them both.

Shua –

The light of thunder dispersed. 36 sword phantoms appeared in the fog before spinning around and leaving.

Yun Xueqing breathed a sigh of relief. Luckily for them, the master of this valley wasn’t some violent and cruel individual, otherwise it wouldn’t be strange if they were both chopped down.

To enter uninvited and try to break through their array formation, in the world of cultivators, this was already an invitation to die.

The fog dispersed from both sides and a figure stepped forwards. Yun Xueqing gathered her thoughts. But, just as she was about to bow in greeting, her eyes widened and filled with shock.

By her side, the charred Wang Zifeng revealed a mouthful of white teeth as if he had seen a ghost on a sunny day.

Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “Fellow daoist Yun Xueqing, what are you doing here?” He automatically ignored the charred fellow beside her. Although he didn’t say anything when he had been cultivating beneath the Radiant Red Wood, he had actually clearly heard everything. And, this brat actually tried to break his array formation; what a hateful fellow!

“F-fellow…fellow daoist Qin Yu…” Yun Xueqing gasped. “You’re alive!” As she finished speaking her face flushed red. She waved her hands in front of her. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that.”

Qin Yu smiled. “Some things occurred, so I’m living quite well.”

At this moment, he frowned.

Outside the valley, cold and grim roars sounded out. “Those inside, listen well! Hand over those two cultivators, otherwise there won’t even be a dog or chicken left alive!”

Yun Xueqing revealed an awkward expression.

Qin Yu’s thoughts raced and he soon guessed what was happening. He glanced at Wang Zifeng, his ice cold gazing sending a chill down the man’s spine.

This brat, he had actually been thinking of diverting trouble onto him. If it weren’t for Yue Xueqing, he wouldn’t even care if he lived or died.

“You two go in first and I’ll take care of this.”

With a flick of his sleeve, the array formation’s magic power led the two into the mountain valley.

Pa –

Wang Zifeng and Yun Xueqing landed on the ground, but their surroundings were still blurry. Qin Yu had clearly left the array formation’s magic power lingering around them so that they couldn’t see what was happening in the valley.

“To think it was Qin Yu! I don’t think he will be able to last long. Junior-apprentice Sister Xueqing, let’s hurry up and find a way to leave!” Wang Zifeng said in a low voice. Yet as he spoke, he couldn’t help but look deep into the blurry mountain valley.

Yun Xueqing frowned. She said, “Senior-apprentice Brother Wang, it is already a great favor that fellow daoist Qin helps us resist our enemies, so how could you ever consider running away? Even if fellow daoist Qin isn’t a match by himself, we still might be able to fight if the three of us join forces!”

Wang Zifeng’s expression was blank as he stumbled forwards several steps.

 “Senior-apprentice Brother Wang, since fellow daoist Qin doesn’t want us to see what is in the valley, we shouldn’t do anything reckless.”

Bang –

Explosions rang out in the fog above their heads. The light of deep purple thunder spread out, and with a miserable cry, a man that was charred black fell to the ground.

Wang Zifeng shrank back. He had tasted the strength of that purple thunder and knew just what it felt like. He didn’t know where Qin Yu had obtained such a treasure that he could control such a powerful strength of thunder. Even this powerful demonic cultivator had been defeated! What a dog shit lucky bastard!

As he thought of this, envy shimmered deep within his eyes. Luckily, he hid it well so that no one could realize it.

Yun Xueqing was surprised. “Thank you, fellow daoist Qin!

Qin Yu waved his hand. “It was just a minor effort. But, why was this demonic cultivator chasing after you?”

Wang Zifeng jabbed in, “We unintentionally angered him, so he decided to chase us down.”

Looking at Yun Xueqing’s complexion, it was clear that this matter wasn’t so simple. However, Qin Yu had only been casually asking and didn’t care much to begin with. But as he looked at Wang Zifeng’s appearance that seemed as if he were scared that anyone would ask more questions, Qin Yu suddenly frowned. He turned to Yun Xueqing, “Miss Yun, do you plan on staying here to recuperate, or do you have other plans?”

Wang Zifeng cast a meaningful glance at Yun Xueqing. She hesitated and said, “We will be leaving. If we stay here, we might give fellow daoist Qin more troubles.” She spoke with an apologetic expression. The information had been obtained by the two of them, so if Wang Zifeng didn’t want to say anything, then it was wrong for her to give anything away too.

Qin Yu nodded. “That’s also good. Then, I will open the array formation and see you two off.”

With a flick of his sleeve, a channel appeared in the fog, leading to the outside.

The two expressed their thanks and left.

Qin Yu looked down at the man still lying unconscious on the floor. He frowned before immediately composing himself. In the end, casually killing someone wasn’t something he should do. He should wait for the man to wake back up before he made his decision. Still, as he thought how his tranquil cultivation had suddenly been interrupted, he couldn’t help but wryly smile.

Indeed, the plans of man could never compare to the plans of heaven. There would always be unexpected accidents in this world.

But, Qin Yu never thought that the accidents he encountered would be far more than this. As he tossed the unconscious demonic cultivator to the side, he returned to his room to cultivate. Before he even fully digested several pills, a sharp light flashed in his eyes.

A brilliant light burst out from them!

He rose up. His figure flashed as he flew out from the wooden house.

The wild wolf’s single eye was flashing with a cold light. It was staring at a direction in the sky, its hairs sticking up all over its body like sharp steel needles as it roared out repeatedly.

The chicken overlord’s expression was far more disgraceful. It was laying prone on the ground, its wings shivering as it covered its head.

Within the ant room, the sound of buzzing wings rang out. With just a thought from Qin Yu, they would fly out to meet their enemy!

Wang Zifeng’s face was drained of blood and filled with horror. All of his thoughts were ‘I cannot die, I cannot die!’ As the valley appeared in front of him, he clenched his teeth and said, “Junior-apprentice Sister Xueqing, if you want to continue living then let me speak from here on out and don’t say anything at all!”

Yun Xueqing looked at him, hesitated, and then slowly nodded. There were still bloodstains at the corners of her mouth.

Wang Zifeng loudly shouted, “Seniors, it’s right here!” He pointed a finger, “The person in the valley knows us! After taking away our jade slip he forced us out, and now it is on his body! Moreover, I have confirmed that there must be a peerless treasure in the valley! If several seniors find a harvest, I ask that you spare our lives!”

Yun Xueqing’s eyes popped wide open. Her face flushed red. “Senior-apprentice Brother Wang…”

“Junior-apprentice Sister Xueqing, I am definitely not speaking nonsense. Although we weren’t able to clearly see what was hidden within the valley, Qin Yu wasn’t able to hide everything. I once refined a Soul Sensing Mouse that has extremely sharp spiritual sensing abilities. The heaven and earth spiritual strength is naturally gathering within the valley, meaning there must be some great treasure there!” Wang Zifeng bowed again and again, “Seniors, what I say is entirely true. You will all understand with a glance.”

A middle-aged man with beady eyes and a thin and long face smiled. “You have sold out your savior so thoroughly. Even within my demonic path, this behavior isn’t often seen. Brat, you have a good deal of potential. Good. As long as what you say is true and you don’t reveal any of this, then I might be willing to spare your life.”

Wang Zifeng was overjoyed.

“Enough. Since we have found where it is, let us not wait any longer. Right now, I still don’t know if my disciple is alive!” Gu Shengping coldly said. He stepped forwards and the aura of a seventh level Golden Core erupted. It surged through the land, stirring up wind and dust. He wanted to rip apart the fog with overwhelming strength.

Shua –

The fog parted. Qin Yu’s feet fell atop the void. Without expression, he coldly glanced around and then lightly said, “You have all come uninvited. Could it be that you all just want to have a talk in front of my door?”

The aura was completely restrained, without a single trace of it leaking. Although it appeared weak and small, one could actually sense it was as deep and boundless as a sea. Gu Shengping’s complexion changed, and the faces of the two men and one woman behind him also revealed surprised looks. They never thought that a master would be living in seclusion in this wilderness.

This wasn’t a randomly drawn conclusion. If a person could remain cold and still hide their nature in front of the four of them, they were definitely a master!

And a master was worth respecting.


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