Chapter 92 – Refusal

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Gu Shengping restrained his aura. He asked, “And, may I ask where my good-for-nothing disciple is right now?”

Qin Yu reached backwards. A pitch black form fell out from the valley. “His injuries are heavy, but he hasn’t died.”

With no dead person, things would be much easier to discuss.

Gu Shengping bent down and probed his disciple. As he did, his complexion sank. He picked the man up and walked to the side. Today, he wouldn’t be involved in deciding how things ended.

A tall and strong fellow stepped forwards. His ash black face was calm. “You can call me War Bear. I greet fellow daoist.” His voice was as grating as iron on iron, and from the pressure his voice emitted…this person’s cultivation…was extremely high!

Qin Yu’s look didn’t change. “I am Qin Yu.”

War Bear cupped his hands together. “May I ask fellow daoist Qin why you interfered in today’s matters?”

Qin Yu lightly said, “I am old acquaintances with this young miss.” The hidden meaning behind his words was that he was unrelated to Wang Zifeng.

War Bear’s eyes flashed. “Then fellow daoist, do you refute that junior’s words?”

Qin Yu coldly sneered, “It is a bunch of nonsense!”

War Bear hesitated for several breaths of time. He nodded, “I believe fellow daoist.”

Several people furrowed their eyebrows.

War Bear continued to say, “With fellow daoist Qin’s cultivation, he should be able to fully view the contents of the jade slip. If he knew what was inside, why would he stay here and wait for us to arrive?”

This explanation was very vague. Gu Shengping and another man and woman looked thoughtful for a moment. Slowly, they also nodded.

Wang Zifeng felt his limbs turn cold, as if he had fallen into an icy lake!

How could things turn out like this?

This wasn’t how things were supposed to go. They were supposed to work together and break through the formation before suppressing and killing Qin Yu. Then, they would seize his treasures, and because of disputes over how to divide those treasures, they would fight again, giving him time to escape! But, all of you would just believe a few words from that boy? Based on what, you bastards!?

Wang Zifeng stiffened, his neck becoming straight.

War Bear’s eyes gleamed with killing intent. “You dare to deceive us? Junior, you are quite bold!”

Wang Zifeng wailed, “Senior, I didn’t deceive you!” His face was full of pleading. “Junior-apprentice Sister Xueqing, please testify for me, tell them what happened!”

Yun Xueqing bit her lips. She shook her head and said, “Fellow daoist Qin never took the jade slip.”

Wang Zifeng’s eyes flew open. “You bitch you have killed me! You have killed me!”

War Bear lifted his hand and brought it down.

Whoosh –

Suddenly, the sound of breaking air filled the skies, accompanied with a deep and angry roar. “Who dares injure the disciple I sent!”

Wang Zifeng was like a suffocating fish that was tossed back into the water. His ash white face suddenly lit up once more. He shouted out loudly, “Uncle Qiu, I’m right here! Hurry and save me!”

Qiu He fell to the ground, the imposing aura in his eyes rapidly rising. The aura of a ninth level Golden Core was as heavy as a mountain, and even the air seemed to thicken.

His eyes swept around until they fell on War Bear. “With your cultivation you actually attacked a junior. You have gone too far!”

With the aura of a ninth level Golden Core, these spoken words carried a great weight. The scene immediately fell quiet.

Wang Zifeng bitterly glared at Yun Xueqing. He thought to himself, you cheating bitch, you thought to betray me and place me in a deathtrap, now I’ll see just how much you beg me!

Now that his Uncle Qiu had arrived, his cultivation would be able to suppress the entire situation. These demonic path cultivators wouldn’t be able to be wildly arrogant anymore!

War Bear frowned. He drew back one step.

Qiu He calmed down. These several people in front of him had considerably strong auras, and he didn’t want to provoke them. And now, judging from their actions, they also seemed to fear him a little.

This was also good. No one here had bitter enmities against each other, so it would be good if they could openly discuss the issue and come to an amicable agreement. Why did they have to fight and kill all the time?

With a light cough, Qiu He was just about to say several polite words to set the tone, and then continue onto the matter at hand. But before he could speak, the situation suddenly changed.

Bang –

The ground beneath War Bear disintegrated. The reason he took one step back was actually to gather strength. At this moment when he attacked, his strength was like a raging river that broke through a dam, as violent and deadly as a dreadful flash flood.

With one punch, the potential of a thousand soldiers!

Qiu He roared with surprised anger. He thrust out his palm, magic power tumbling around him. But, he had underestimated the strength contained in that fist. With a dull crack like striking thunder, the cloth covering his arm burst apart, revealing red lines covering the surface of his skin. These were actually tiny blood vessels that had broken apart from the potent vibrating strength.

The ground beneath his feet collapsed. Qiu He was forced back again and again, each step he took causing crushed stones to fill the air, mixed with a terrifying strength that caused explosions to sound out all over. Although he was shocked by how strong his opponent was, as long as he had enough time he could mobilize enough magic power to stabilize himself and then return the favor with a deadly counterattack.

But behind War Bear, Gu Shengping raised his hand in the air and instantly drew a talisman. He waved it, sending it landing on Qiu He’s body. This talisman symbol didn’t have any killing strength, but it actually possessed a sealing ability, and an even stronger ability to muddle the magic power within a cultivator and impede the revolution of their strength.

Qiu He’s magic power was originally impeded, and after he was attacked by the talisman, it completely froze for a moment. He stiffened, revealing a fatal opening.

The daoist with a thin and long face and small beady eyes suddenly moved forwards. Black light flowed out from the ground and then drilled into Qiu He’s body as if it were a living creature. Qiu He’s eyes instantly darkened and his face filled with pain. Finally, the female cultivator flicked her sleeve and a red ribbon lashed out like a bolt of electricity and returned just as fast. The only difference was that as it returned, it seemed just a little bit more red.

Puff –

Blood burst out from a split neck. A skull split open, causing a flower of blood to bloom in the air.

The ninth level Golden Core Qiu He had died!

And at this time, War Bear rushed forth before coming to a violent stop. Cruel slaughter energy rose up all around him.

He turned around, locking his eyes onto Qin Yu.

Qin Yu narrowed his eyes. Although his expression was dignified, he didn’t have the least bit of fear.

Time seemed to come to a halt for several breaths. War Bear finally let out a deep breath of air. As if it were a signal, the heart-shaking oppressive aura in the air began to quietly scatter.

He cupped his hands across his chest and smiled. “Things happened so suddenly. I hope that fellow daoist Qin doesn’t mind.”

Qin Yu remained indifferent. “Everyone, is this a warning to me?”

Gu Shengping sneered. “And what if it is?”

The atmosphere that had been calming down suddenly became tense again!

Qin Yu’s eyes turned cold. “Then, you can all feel free to try!” Although his aura didn’t change, a trace of slaughter energy surged out from him. It was thin yet deep, and left the people in the back feeling cold. For such a killing intent to make them feel such dread, it had to come from killing cultivators of the same level, and definitely more than one!

War Bear hurriedly said. “This is just a misunderstanding. Fellow daoist Qin, don’t think too much about it!”

Gu Shengping’s face turned as dark as water. He coldly snorted and fell silent.

Puff –

Qiu He’s corpse fell to the ground. The rank smell of blood curled in the air.

Wang Zifeng seemed as if he had restored himself a little, but now he fell onto his butt, in a trance like he had lost his soul.

Suddenly, he slowly came to the realization that everyone was looking at him. He regained his senses and began to shiver. He cried out, “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me!”

War Bear frowned. He raised his hand and slapped out. Wang Zifeng’s head exploded and he accompanied Qiu He to the yellow springs.

Gu Shengping licked his lips. “There’s one more remaining, and she’s a very beautiful young woman too. Killing her would be a waste. How about passing her to me so I can enjoy her.”

Yun Xueqing paled.

Qin Yu lightly said, “She is my friend. You cannot touch her.”

Gu Shengping’s cheeks twitched. A yin chill crept into his eyes. “Qin Yu, don’t reach for a yard after taking an inch!”

Qin Yu’s expression didn’t change. “Anyone who touches her, I will kill.”

The man with the thin and long face, Daoist Wuyuan, smiled. “Fellow daoists, please calm down a little. That girl is just a little baby; killing her or leaving her alive isn’t important at all. Let’s look at the jade slip first and see if the contents are complete.”

War Bear nodded. “Alright!” He flipped through Wang Zifeng’s headless corpse and found a jade slip. After probing it, he smiled, “The seal is still intact.”

Daoist Wuyuan turned around. “The seal is there and those two juniors clearly didn’t know the contents of it. If so, then how about fellow daoist Gu shows some mercy and lets go of this little baby girl.”

Gu Shengping flicked his sleeves and turned around.

War Bear said, “Fellow daoist Qin, while we won’t kill this baby girl, you need to guarantee that she won’t tell anyone of today’s events.”

Qin Yu said, “When you killed people, I didn’t intervene.” The meaning behind these words was that if this story were to get out, it wouldn’t be advantageous to him either.

He paused for a moment and then turned around. “Miss Yun, I wonder if you would like to remain a guest in my valley for some time.”

Yun Xueqing had a grateful expression. She hurriedly said, “I would. For the next month, I won’t take even half a step out of the valley.”

War Bear and Daoist Wuyuan paused for a moment.

In a month, the matter should already be settled. Even if this little girl told everyone that they killed Qiu He and Wang Zifeng, so what?

In these past years, they hadn’t killed enough people!

In the group of four, the only female cultivator suddenly said in a soft voice, “Fellow daoist War Bear, for the following matter, do you think there is a part for fellow daoist Qin Yu?”

War Bear smiled. “Fairy maiden’s thoughts are my own. But, concerning this, the four of us must come to a unanimous agreement.”

Daoist Wuyuan’s eyes flashed. “I have no opinion.” He looked at Gu Shengping. “Brother Gu, the greater picture is what matters. There is no need to haggle over minor things like this.”

Gu Shengping had a gloomy expression. He grunted and didn’t speak; this could be considered agreement.

War Bear cupped his hands across his chest. “Fellow daoist Qin, we have discovered a treasure land, and were wondering whether or not you would like to join us? Of course, we cannot guarantee any harvests and the dangers are definitely there.”

Qin Yu eyed the jade slip. He hesitated and shook his head, “I’m reluctant to do anything right now, so I won’t be joining in on competing for any profits.”

War Bear didn’t hide his disappointment. Without talking too much, he bid his farewells and the several people departed.

After watching the group travel far away, Qin Yu’s tense heart began to relax a little.

These four people were all at the late Golden Core realm, and the strength they could erupt with was even greater. With Qin Yu’s current strength, he didn’t have any guarantee he could defeat them.

Of course, withdrawing wasn’t difficult at all. With the Blood Escape Art, War Bear and the others would only be able to watch helplessly as he flew away. This was the only reason he had such a strong performance just now.

He wouldn’t be an idiot like Qiu He. A noble ninth level Golden Core, a rarity even within the entire Southern Empire and Northern Dynasty, had died miserably because he had tried to pull rank.

Qin Yu tamped down these thoughts. He turned and said, “Miss Yun, for security reasons, please.”

Yun Xueqing closed her eyes, her long eyelashes shivering. “I’ll have to trouble fellow daoist Qin Yu to guide me.”

This young miss, her thoughts were actually quite exquisite.

Qin Yu smiled. He flicked his sleeves and grabbed hold of her, stepping into the fog together.


Gu Shengping’s complexion was ugly. He looked around, “Every one of you is a powerful individual, so why were you all so cautious against that Qin Yu today? This is just too shameful!”

Daoist Wuyuan chuckled. He said, “Fellow daoist Gu, if you already know, why ask? This Qin Yu…hehe, he isn’t easy to deal with at all.”

The female cultivator floated forwards. “That fellow daoist Qin should have killed at least ten masters at the Golden Core realm, otherwise it would have been impossible for him to condense such thick slaughter energy.”

Gu Shengping clenched his teeth. “So what? If we all joined forces, are you saying we still wouldn’t have been able to kill him?”

War Bear said, “Although we never fought, I am positive that Qin Yu is far more difficult to deal with than that surname Qiu cultivator. If we all joined forces we might have been able to kill Qin Yu, but it was likely that we would have suffered severe wounds, or that some among us would have died. Right now we have much more important matters to attend to. I hope that fellow daoist Gu doesn’t interfere with the mission and create side issues.”

“Enough. Let us consider this matter settled for now. Fellow daoist Gu, what have your calculations told you?”

Gu Shengping took a deep breath. He said, “Although I haven’t locked onto the entrance yet, I have determined the general scope of where it is, within around 10 miles. Give me three more days and I should be able to find out.”

War Bear nodded. “Then I’ll have to bother you with that.”

Gu Shengping smugly smiled.

Daoist Wuyuan smirked, a trace of disdain in his eyes. This Gu Shengping was infatuated with women and lacked any and all tact. He had no idea how this idiot had survived until today.

Whoosh –

The group accelerated forwards.

However, no one discovered that when Gu Shengping looked back, a strange light flickered in his eyes.


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