Chapter 1345: Emergence of the Lightning Robe

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

Han Li had inspected some of the restrictions in Deep Heaven City that had made use of beveled silver text, and he discovered that even though some of those restrictions had similar abilities to his Myriad Dragon Beads, they definitely weren't this petite and discreet.

As such, even though these treasures were simple to refine, they were truly unique. Of course, the simplicity being mentioned here was on relative terms. If it weren't for the information on that half-page of the Golden Jade Tome, there was no way that Han Li would've been able to refine such treasures.

Back in the human world, Han Li had also been tempted to refine a set of these treasures but unfortunately, one of the main materials required couldn't be found in the human world anymore, so he could only give up on that plan.

Back when he was at the Setting Sun City's marketplace, he unintentionally discovered this material, and it wasn't very expensive, so he decided to purchase all of the materials required to refine these beads.

Looking back now, that was a wise decision.

Seeing as he already knew that there were people plotting something in his Spirit Land, he naturally couldn't just leave things as they were.

Regardless of what measures he was going to take, his first priority was to conduct surveillance on these people.

Han Li departed from his cave abode as a streal of azure light, then buried the countless Myriad Dragon Beads from his storage bracelet deep into the ground according to a certain pattern with his cave abode as the central point.

At his current speed, it took him less than half a day to set up restrictions throughout almost two-thirds of the entire plot of Spirit Land.

After that, Han Li returned to his cave abode and set up a strange formation within a certain hall, then placed the octagonal formation plate at the center of that formation.

He then embedded several tens of high-grade spirit stones in the ground around the formation before casting several incantation seals to activate it.

Following a burst of low ringing, bursts of white light began to appear over the entire formation, following which a layer of silver light suddenly surfaced over the octagonal formation plate.

Upon that layer light, specks of white light were flashing incessantly.

Han Li nodded with a satisfied expression upon seeing this before making his way over to a secret chamber.

He didn't know who had trespassed on his Spirit Land, but they most likely had something to do with the cultivator he had fought over the Spirit Land with. Prior to grasping any concrete leads, Han Li refrained from doing anything that could potentially be reckless, and decided to survey the situation from the shadows first.

Now, he was preparing to inspect that mysterious lightning patterns, as well as to refine the other beveled silver text talismans inscribed on that half-page of the Golden Jade Tome. Of course, during this time, he also had to refine some spirit medicine, including the Clearjade Pill.

Han Li entered the secrete chamber before closing the door. He strode over to the center of the chamber before sitting down with his legs crossed.

He raised a hand and brushed it over his storage bracelet, following which azure light flashed, and a jade slip, a golden handkerchief, and a bead appeared.

Han Li injected his spiritual sense into the jade slip first, then carefully inspected the lightning patterns. After that, he stroked the golden handkerchief and contemplated to himself momentarily before tossing it up into the air.

After that, Han Li abruptly opened his mouth to blast forth a crimson fireball, which struck the golden handkerchief with unerring accuracy.

Golden light flashed and the fireball was snuffed out, but the handkerchief remained completely unscathed.

Han Li raised his eyebrows as he pointed a finger toward the handkerchief, launching a translucent ice spike toward it.

The ice spike was also reduced to nothingness following a flash of spiritual light.

A hint of surprise appeared on Han Li's face. Could it be that this handkerchief was immune to the power of the five elements?

With that in mind, Han Li flicked a finger to expel a burst of golden sword Qi.

On this occasion, the handkerchief was sliced in half with ease before transforming into countless thin golden threads that quickly disappeared.

Han Li's brows furrowed as he nodded initially before shaking his head.

He then turned his attention to the golden bead in his hand.

The power of lightning imbued within this bead seemed to be extremely volatile.

An hour later, an earthshattering boom suddenly erupted within the secret chamber. The walls of the chamber suddenly shattered, even though they had been reinforced by many layers of restrictions. Arcs of golden lightning that were as thick as large bowls surged violently through the air as if they were countless golden snakes dancing amid brilliant golden light.

Right at this moment, a crisp ringing sound erupted from the very center of the golden light. An inky-black small mountain then appeared, and it began to radiate rings of murky grey light.

As soon as the grey light swept through the air, all of the golden arcs of lightning disappeared, but a golden lightning wyrm had taken shape within the Divine Essencefused Light.

The lightning wyrm was struggling desperately in an attempt to escape.

At the foot of the small mountain, Han Li was seated in a cross-legged manner at the center of an area with a radius of around 10 feet. Aside from that area, which remained completely unscathed, everywhere else in the secret chamber had been severely ravaged by the arcs of golden lightning.

It was as if Han Li was perched on top of a stop pillar amid a gargantuan crater, creating an extremely peculiar sight to behold.

Han Li glanced a the small mountain and the golden lightning wyrm, then assessed his surroundings, and an elated expression appeared on his face.

"The power of the lightning bead has increased the might of the Divine Devilbane Lightning by more than tenfold! If it weren't for the fact that I had set up a barrier of Divine Essencefused Light to protect myself in advance, I would’ve been caught up in its power. If I can create a few more of these beads, I'll have no need for other treasures; this bead will be able to easily slay opponents of the same cultivation base!" Han Li murmured to himself with an excited look in his eyes.

However, on the subject of the power of lightning, he seemed to have more than just the Divine Devilbane Lightning...

A thought suddenly occurred to Han Li as he opened his mouth to expel a ball of azure light.

A tiny antiquated cauldron was hovering within the azure light, and it was none other than the Heavenvoid Cauldron.

Han Li immediately laid a hand over the top of his own head, following which a swath of murky grey light erupted forth, enveloping the golden lightning wyrm that had been trapped by the small mountain before pulling it downward.

The golden lightning wyrm was completely powerless to resist and immediately came plummeting toward Han Li.

Han Li then pointed a finger at the small cauldron that was hovering before him.

A buzzing sound immediately rang out as the lid of the cauldron flew off of its own accord. The grey light then forcibly stuffed the lightning wyrm into the cauldron before vanishing of its own accord.

Han Li then waved a hand toward the small mountain up above and drew it back into his own body.

As for the Heavenvoid Cauldron, he wasn't in a hurry to withdraw it. Instead, he allowed it to hover above his head.

Han Li inspected at the chaotic mess around, and his brows furrowed as he raised a hand to summon a massive ape puppet that was around 20 feet tall. He injected a wisp of his spiritual sense into the puppet and left it with an instruction to repair the secret chamber before making his way toward another secret chamber.

The Heavenvoid Cauldron hovered close behind him.

After entering the new secret chamber, Han Li sat down once again before waving a hand toward the small cauldron.

The Heavenvoid Cauldron whizzed directly toward him at his behest.

Brilliant azure light radiated from the tiny cauldron and it swelled drastically to around 10 feet in size.

Han Li flicked a finger toward the cauldron, and a faint clang rang out.

Bursts of thunderclaps suddenly erupted within the cauldron as a ball of silver light that was roughly comparable to the size of a human head began to unleash astonishing arcs of electricity.

Meanwhile, the cauldron was rumbling incessantly, and it appeared that more balls of lightning were stored within it.

This was none other than the golden and silver two-colored heavenly lightning that Han Li had forcibly extracted during his minor heavenly tribulation. This lightning was not inferior to the Divine Devilbane Lightning in power, and Han Li had a large quantity of it. As such, there would be sufficient materials for Han Li to experiment with refining more lightning beads.

Han Li took a deep breath before flicking his 10 fingers toward the balls of lightning, upon which his enormous spiritual sense surged forth like a flood.

The silver balls of lightning immediately transformed into countless silver threads of lightning amid a series of rumbling booms.

Time passed by slowly and after what seemed like the blink of an eye, Han Li had already spent half a month in seclusion within the secret chamber.

On this day, the octagonal formation plate that had been set up earlier suddenly began to emit a ringing sound. At the same time, brilliant silver light began to radiate from it and a screen of silver light also appeared in mid-air.

The doors of the secret chamber were immediately thrown open, following which a streak of azure light shot forth, appearing in the hall that the formation was situated in after just a few flashes.

The light receded and Han Li was revealed, wearing a set of golden and silver two-colored robes.

The robe appeared to be quite simplistic in design, but there were golden and silver runes shimmering over its surface, giving it an extremely vibrant appearance.

Han Li flipped a hand over expressionlessly to produce a set of azure robes. He donned those robes, and the two-colored robes draped over his body was immediately completely obscured.

He then strode forward into the formation and cast his gaze toward the silver screen of light.

On one corner of the light screen, four specks of light of different colors suddenly appeared, all of which were slowly moving toward the center of the silver screen.

A cold light flashed through Han Li's eyes, but he continued to scrutinize the silver screen. However, his expression darkened significantly as he witnessed the four specks of light drawing closer and closer to his cave abode.

Two hours later, the four specks of light suddenly stopped around 1,000 kilometers away from his cave abode. They then split up and began to travel through the surrounding area in a rather meaningless and indecisive manner.

Han Li stroked his chin upon seeing this before suddenly rustling his sleeve. A dozen or so fist-sized Gold Devouring Beetles shot forth from within, whizzing around the hall before disappearing out the door.

Meanwhile, Han Li cast a few more glances at the light screen before exiting the hall and re-entering the secret chamber.

He took off his azure robes to reveal that two-colored robe again.

He gently stroked the hem of the robe with his finger, upon which a smile appeared on his face.

This lightning robe had been refined after Han Li had used up almost all of the heavenly lightning in the Heavenvoid Cauldron.

This robe was imbued with over 10 types of lightning pattern runes and if they were to all be activated at once, they could unleash extraordinary power. This was enough for it to qualify as a new trump card of Han Li's.

As for that lightning bead, he refined a dozen or so of those as well, and if they were al unleashed at once, even a Spatial Tempering cultivator would most likely have to flee the scene.

With that in mind, Han Li had grown a lot more powerful within a short span of time.

After pausing to consider the situation for a while, Han Li donned his azure robes again before sweeping his hand over his storage bracelet to summon a palm-sized white jade badge.

It was none other than the half-page of the Golden Jade Tome.

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