Chapter 1346: Probe

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

The half-page contained the refinement methods for the High Zenith Invisibility Talisman that Han Li had once used, the Nine Palaces Heavenly Talisman that had inspired the creation of the Myriad Dragon Beads, and a puppet talisman known as the Armor Origin Talisman.

There was also a fourth and final talisman known as the Heavenly Halberd Talisman, and it was the only one on the half-page that possessed offensive properties.

Following his experimentation with the High Zenith Invisibility Talisman, Han Li had already roughly mastered the refinement method. Even though the success rate was extremely low, as long as he was willing to splurge on materials, he would still be able to successfully refine it.

The Nine Palaces Heavenly Talismans was an immortal talisman used to trap enemies. Even though he had only gleaned half of its refinement method, that had still been enough for him to invent the Myriad Dragon Bead.

As for the final two types of talismans, Han Li was completely clueless about them.

However, as Han Li was searching for ready-made shadow puppet talismans in the marketplace of Deep Heaven City, he coincidentally discovered a key point about the Armor Origin Talisman. With his extensive knowledge in the field of puppetry, it was quite likely that he would be able to make some progress given more thorough research in the future.

As for the final Heavenly Halberd Talisman, that was a metal-attribute offensive talisman.

According to the information on the half-page of the Golden Jade Tome, activating the talisman would allow one to manifest a heavenly halberd from the True Immortal Realm, which possessed the power to split the earth and part oceans.

However, this talisman was extremely profound and Han Li was simply unable to comprehend it at his current Deity Transformation Stage cultivation base.

Han Li stroked the jade badge as he contemplated the situation.

There were countless high-grade cultivators in Deep Heaven City, many of which were more powerful than him. As such, it as naturally best to create as many trump cards for himself in order to ensure his survival.

Unfortunately, he was unable to refine three of the four aforementioned talismans. However, even with just the High Zenith Invisibility Talisman, he could already conceal himself even from Spatial Tempering cultivators. If he could refine a couple of those, then the would definitely prove to be very useful.

As for the other talismans, Han Li wasn't in a hurry to refine them. He would simply have to conduct further research on them in the future.

With that in mind, Han Li flicked his wrist and brilliant azure light erupted from his storage bracelet. The azure light swept down toward the ground before receding to reveal a series of brocade and jade boxes of different sizes, as well as some vials and gourds.

Han Li made a grabbing motion toward the ground, upon which a brocade box immediately flew toward him.

He removed the lid of the box to reveal a section of red hide from an unknown beast. However, the spiritual light shimmering over its surface suggested that it belonged to no ordinary demon beast.

Han Li immediately tossed the small section of beast hide into the air before opening his mouth.

A spluttering sound rang out, following which a ball of azure spiritual light completely enveloped the beast hide.

Han Li made a hand seal, and the color of the spiritual light instant changed drastically, transforming into furious crimson flames.

A peculiar scene unfolded.

Not only was the beast hide not burned to a crisp by the crimson flames, the spiritual light emanating from it became even more dazzling instead while its surface gradually became translucent.

At this moment, Han Li pointed a finger at several other jade vials.

Those vials immediately opened of their own accord, and powder of different colors emerged from within before disappearing into the flames in a flash.

A series of crackles and pops rang out as the powders transformed into spiritual light of different colors that injected themselves into the beast hide.

The surface of the transparent beast hide was immediately illuminated with exuberant light.

Han Li continued to make hand seals, but his eyes were already closed.

Aside from the crackles and pops erupting from the crimson flames, no other sound could be heard within the secret chambers.

Two months passed by in a flash. 

During this time, a resounding boom would erupt within the secret chamber every few days. Only after a dozen or so of these cycles did the secret chamber fall completley silent.

Another half a month later, the doors of the secret chamber were opened.

Han Li emerged from within with furrowed brows before immediately rushing toward the hall.

There was still faint spiritual light shimmering there, and the silver screen of light, as well as the four specks of light on it, had become quite blurry and indistinct.

Han Li immediately replaced the high-grade spirit stones around the formation with new ones before activating it again.

Piercing silver light abruptly radiated from the octagonal formation plate, and everything on the silver light screen became clearly visible again. Han Li cast his gaze toward the specks of light with a dark expression.

The four specks of light that had split up earlier had gathered together once again, and they were only around 200 kilometers away from his cave.

There were two reasons behind Han Li's decision to emerge from the secret chamber. Firstly, he had finally managed to successfully refine a High Zenith Invisibility Talisman and secondly, one of the Gold Devouring Beetles he'd deployed to keep an eye on these people had disappeared. Han Li didn't know whether it had been trapped or killed.

Prior to this, Han Li's second Nascent Soul, which had been responsible for refining spirit medicines in the cave abode, had informed Han Li that these specks of light had been at that very same location for several days already.

Could it be that they had already found what they were looking for?

With that in mind, Han Li suddenly sat down in front of the light screen with his legs crossed, appraising the screen in silence. 

Three days passed, yet those specks of light still showed no signs of moving.

Finally, on the morning of the fourth day, Han Li heaved a faint sigh and rose to his feet.

It appeared that he would have to make a trip there no matter what.

Regardless of what intentions these people had, if they were to stir up some trouble in his plot of Spirit Land, he would potentially have to suffer the consequences.

After all, a distance of several hundred kilometers could be covered in virtually the blink of an eye for cultivators like them.

These people were lurking so close to him; how was he supposed to focus on cultivation with that knowledge?

As such, it was best for him to inspect the scene in person.

Of course, if they had discovered something of value, then he wouldn't mind trying to take it from them. Han Li had faced Spatial Tempering cultivators in the past, and he was confident in his ability to escape from them even if he couldn't win in a battle.

In particular, he had just refined his lightning robes, lightning beads, and a High Zenith Invisibility Talisman, so he was feeling even more assured.

Meanwhile, those four people were completely oblivious to the fact that they were under surveillance from the Myriad Dragon Beads and there was no way that there would be any Body Integration cultivators among them.

With that in mind, Han Li rose into the air as a streak of azure light and departed from his cave abode.

After exiting the cave abode, Han Li began to chant something, following which he slowly turned completley transparent.

This concealment technique wasn't as effective as the High Zenith Invisibility Talisman, but it was also very difficult for anyone to see through it unless they were to carefully inspect Han Li with their spiritual sense.

Hence, it was more than enough to ensure that he avoided detection.

In the next instant, Han Li flew toward the location stipulated on the light screen.

It was only several hundred kilometers away and at Han Li's current speed, it wouldn't take him long to get there at all. However, he intentionally slowed down in order to ensure stealth as his top priority. Even so, he still got there after only a short journey.

As the target drew closer, Han Li silently descended toward the ground. The spiritual light around him then turned yellow as he continued to advance by burrowing into the ground and using his earth movement technique.

In the process, Han Li was making hand seals to obscure his aura to perfection.

After descending into the ground for close to 10 kilometers, Han Li suddenly stopped, and his eyes narrowed as he said something in a soundless manner.

Specks of golden light abruptly flashed within the soil around him as several Gold Devouring Beetles emerged before disappearing up his sleeve.

The wisps of spiritual sense that had been infused into the bodies of the beetles were withdrawn following which a peculiar look appeared on Han Li's face.

"So they really are looking for something, but I didn't think that what they're looking for would be in that place. Seeing as these people were able to detect my Gold Devouring Beetles and kill one of them, there has to be at least one Spatial Tempering Stage being among them," Han Li murmured to himself as he lowered his head in deep thought.

All of a sudden, he swept his hand over his storage bracelet and spiritual light flashed as a purple talisman appeared in his grasp.

The talisman was shimmering with bright light there were countless silver runes flashing all over it. This was none other than the High Zenith Invisibility Talisman he'd recently refined.

Due to the improvements in materials and refinement methods used, this talisman was far more powerful than the last one.

Han Li wasn't confident in his ability to approach any further without being detected by Spatial Tempering cultivators. As such, even he was rather reluctant to use this talisman, he still decided to do so anyway. He had to ensure that he would continue to remain undetected.

The talisman was quite valuable, but it naturally couldn't compare with his life.

Furthermore, due to the fact that the High Zenith Invisibility Talisman had been perfected on this occasion, it was no longer a disposable tool. Instead, it could be reused until the power imbued within it ran out.

The purple talisman exploded and several shimmering beveled silver text runes appeared before dancing around Han Li.

Han Li cast a few incantation seals with a serious expression on his face.

The runes around him then transformed into clouds of silver mist that enshrouded him in the blink of an eye.

The silver mist dissipated moments later, and Han Li had completely disappeared.

As soon as he vanished on the spot, Han Li sensed the difference between this High Zenith Invisibility Talisman and the last one.

At this moment, he could even draw upon all of his treasures as well as a vast amount of his spiritual power. Of course, he was capable of using those resources, but it if he were to unleash a treasure or a technique that was too powerful, then the invisibility effect of the talisman would be dispelled.

Even so, Han Li was already very pleased.

At the very least, he would be able to seize the initiative and launch the first wave of attacks should he choose to do so.

As such, he immediately continued on toward his destination.

After flying for several more kilometers, Han Li's body began to slowly drift upward.

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