Chapter 1432: Tian Peng Holy Disciple

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

After an unknown time had passed, the gentle young man woke up with a splitting headache.

After he opened his eyes, he immediately jumped up out of alarm and noticed Han Li and the black-armored man who earlier regained consciousness.

According to his last memories, the youth couldn't help but shout with fury, “What happened? I last remember that Old Traitor Yu didn’t give us any treasure and instead used the Lightning Drawing Bead on us.”

The large man shook his head, still feeling somewhat muddled. He sat up cross-legged and immediately examined himself with his spiritual sense.

A short moment later, he let out a long sigh, “How lucky. I’ve only lost a bit of vitality. Nothing too bad.”

Han Li lowered his head in silence and his eyes wandered as if he were pondering.

The gentle youth looked at Han Li and the large man and said, “Do you two know what happened afterwards?” 

The large man wryly laughed, “Not much. When I was hit by that rainbow lightning, my soul was shaken and I lost consciousness.”

The youth turned to Han Li and said, “Brother Han, I recall that you’ve discovered that traitor’s scheme and didn’t fall into the Lightning Drawing Bead.”

Han Li sighed and said, “As a mere Flying Spirit General, how could I truly escape? Although I dodged the rainbow lightning, the Lightning Beast attacked me and was knocked out like you two.”

“You were attacked by the lightning beast? That’s right, the beast should’ve been possessed by the traitor with the crystal core. He definitely would’ve been able to control its body for a short amount of time.”

The black-armored man said with an odd expression, “The strange part is why would the traitor leave us here when he turned hostile.”

“That is strange! Most likely, the traitor saw that we succeeded and didn’t want to give anything. I found it strange that he would trade such rare items for subjugating a spirit beast. He originally planned on denying us from the start. Fancy that his Myriad Lightning Shop was so famous in the holy city.”

Han Li nodded, “If he only wished to deny us treasure, it isn’t necessary to kill us. However, while we were unconscious, he escaped.”

When the large man heard this, he grew pensive and accepted this idea.

A cold glint flashed from the youth’s eyes and he resentfully said, “We cannot allow that traitor to escape. Let’s go to his residence, even if he managed to get away. We might be able to get some clues.”

The black-armored man hesitated before agreeing, but Han Li shook his head, “My cultivation is too low. It is fortunate that we still have our lives. I don’t want to investigate the matter further so I’ll be bidding you two Seniors farewell.”

The large man and the youth couldn't help but glance at each other in surprise.

The young man gritted his teeth and said, “Brother Han, are you really going to use that done when that traitor played us? Your lightning techniques are quite unordinary, so you should be someone of significant background. Even if the traitor’s cultivation is far beyond ours, his vitality must’ve been greatly damaged when he extracted the soul of the Lightning Beast. If we joined hands, we have nothing to fear. And if that won’t do, we can make a report to the elders. Although he possesses some cultivation, would he dare to resist the clan elders?”

The large black-armored man said, “The clan elders? There is no need to alarm them? Let’s deal with the matter ourselves.”

Han Li calmly shook his head, “Forget about it. I have other important matters in the holy city. I may as well take care of both matters while I’m there. Since this matter can’t be changed, I won’t be paying much attention to it. Seniors, I will bid you farewell.” He then saluted the two and soared to the sky with the wings on his back, taking off in an azure streak.

The young man looked at Han Li flying away with a sullen expression and turned to the large man, “He can’t recognize the kindness of others. So long as we can find that traitor, the two of us will be able to deal with him.” 

“Hehe, a mere Flying Spirit General is still something, not much or little.” Feeling somewhat worried, the large black-armored man said, “However, since that Old Traitor Yu dares to turn back on his word, he must have something prepared. Our chances aren’t very high.”

“If we don’t investigate, how do we know if we can’t block him,” the youth shook his head.

The large man hummed several times, “That sounds reasonable. Let’s go.”

Soon after, the two flew in the direction of the shopkeeper’s residence.

At that moment, Han Li was boldly returning to the honored guest lodge and tossed the matter to the back of his mind.

Over the next few days, Han Li sat cross-legged in the building and continuously drank medicine pills to consolidate his late Deity Transformation-stage cultivation. Meanwhile, he spent great efforts to comprehend the Tian Peng’s transformation technique.

From his efforts, he grasped the transformation technique to the point of perfection. He would be able to use it in a real battle.

As time slowly passed by, two months quickly passed.

One day, as Han Li sat cross-legged on his bed with azure waves of light roaming around him, his expression suddenly stirred and his eyes opened. 

At nearly the same time, a bright voice leisurely spoke from the outside, “I am Bai Bi. Grand Elder Feng has given me orders to invite you.”

Han Li narrowed his eyes for a moment before wearing a normal expression.

His body moved with an unnatural swiftness as he stood to his feet.

Ever since he cultivated the Tian Peng Transformation Art, he felt his body become far nimbler and his body techniques have seen an improvement as well.

Han Li pushed open his door and walked out, heading directly to the main hall.

When he arrived at the hall, there was a yellow-clothed young man with his hands held behind his back.

The youth didn’t look particularly handsome, but his eyes were clear. When he saw Han Li arrive, he amiably asked, “Are you Senior Han? Under Grand Elder Feng’s orders, I’ve come to remind you to leave.” He spoke with complete and free ease despite only possessing early Deity Transformation cultivation.

Han Li glanced at the youth and smiled, “Bai Bi? It seems your bearing is unordinary. You should be one of the two holy disciples.” 

Bai Bi saluted Han Li with a smile and said, “I am ashamed. I have failed the deep favor of the elders as one of the holy disciples. I have come to know a bit about Brother Han’s circumstances from a few of the elders. I must thank Brother Han for his assistance, or else an elder close to me may find their lives in danger.”

“You mean to say...” Han Li wore an expression of surprise.

The youth smiled and said, “My uncle Bai Lei and my Aunt, Bai Ning.”

“You’re Brother Bai Lei’s nephew.” Han Li looked at the shining golden wings on the young man’s back and wore an odd expression on his face.

Sensing Han Li’s doubt, Bai Bi explained with a smile, “There is no need for Brother Han to feel baffled. It was only after I came of age did I arouse the Kun Peng True Bloodline hidden in my body. That is why my wings changed color.”

“So it was like that. Your luck must’ve been quite good,” Han Li chuckled.

Soon after, he followed the Tian Peng holy disciple away from the residence.

Four hours later, Han Li arrived at an imposing hall made of white stone. The hall was serene and had a white stone table and a row of five stone chairs to either side of it.

Apart from Yin Yue, the red-bearded old man, and the beautiful woman, there was also a tall and thin man wearing black robes.

A dark Qi faintly emitted from the man’s body, concealing his face entirely. He also had a pair of black wings that shined with black light.

The stone table had a box as scarlet as fire. Several emerald green tree leaves were intertwined in a pattern on top of it. The green light they emitted made for a stark contrast with the color of the box.

Han Li stood in front of the four with Bai Bi standing off to the side.

The atmosphere in the hall was incredibly heavy, and none of them chose to speak. It was as if no one was there.

As for the black-robed man, he examined Han Li with much interest.

A moment later, footsteps sounded from outside the hall to reveal a silver-robed woman with white wings. She carried a wind into the hall.

Her complexion was like white jade and her eyes were beautiful. There was not a flaw in her appearance.

“Lei Lan, you’re late.” Jin Yue looked at the woman and frowned.

The beauty bowed to Jin Yue and spoke with a hoarse voice, “Grand Elder, I’ve comprehended a few techniques recently and had a sudden understanding, resulting in my tardiness. I hope the elders will forgive me.”

“Since it was related to comprehension, then so be it.” Jin Yue’s expression relaxed.

She uttered a word of thanks and stood to the side.

Jin Yue then stared at the Han Li and the holy disciples and spoke with a pleasant voice, “You should know why we’ve gathered you here. The oncoming trial is related to the life and death of the clan. So one of you two must pass the trail and succeed the position as our race’s holy master. However, we’ve received information that there are branches hostile to us like the Chi Rong. They are unwilling to allow us to escape calamity and have most likely placed people in the trials to act against you. The time you’ve spent as holy disciples is too short. If the other holy disciples violently block you, you won’t return. For this reason, I’ve invited Fellow Daoist Han to our Tian Peng Race. He will temporarily act as the third holy disciple. He will offer you his strength.” 

Bai Bi and the newly entered woman raised their head and glanced at Han Li.

The young man had a warm, kind gaze while the woman’s expression was as clear as ice.

Han Li faintly smiled.

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