Chapter 1433: Branches of the Flying Spirit Tribe

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

The young woman Jin Yue warned, “Fellow Daoist Han already refined a Kun Peng Feather. Along with the Tian Peng True Blood and the Relic we assisted in merging with him, the other branches can’t say anything about not being one of us. But that stands to mention, we’ll be avoiding speaking of Fellow Daoist Han’s circumstances to the outside to avoid unnecessary complications. We’ll simply say that he was a clan member that was nurtured overseas.”

“We’ll do as you say.” The two holy disciples nodded in agreement.

Jin Yue nodded with satisfaction and turned to Han Li, solemnly saying, “Fellow Daoist Han, I’ve already called for the scroll containing the Tian Peng Vow to be brought out. Furthermore, Elder Shi has also returned. He will participate in dispelling the seal on the scroll. Prepare to sign your name on it.”

Elder Shi seemed to be the black-robed man standing at the side.

“I’ll have to trouble you, Elders.” Han Li agreed without any reservations. His eyes then dropped on the wooden box on the table.

When Jin Yue saw this, she beckoned to the wooden box.

In a brush of wind, the box directly sucked into her grasp and dropped into the young woman’s hand.

In that next moment, the others also focused their attention there.

Jin Yue’s expression remained calm as he brushed her fingers past the green leaves on the box

Suddenly, green light shined brilliantly and she nimbly took the leaves off the box.

Without any of the pressure emitting from the leaves, the crimson box ignited into a ball of scarlet fire.

Jin Yue grabbed the fire and gave it a nonchalant shake.

The flames were immediately extinguished to reveal a half-foot-long scarlet scroll. There were an azure and a red ghost head biting down on either end of it, both appearing true to life.

After uttering a brief incantation, she tossed the scroll in front of her where it suspended itself at a low height.

The young woman then unfolded only one of her wings, which soon glistened with golden light. In a flash, the light wrapped around the box.

With that done, she turned to the black-robed man and said, “Elder Shi, help me dissolve the seal.” 

“As the matter concerns the existence of the clan, I will do my utmost,” The black-robed man said with a smile. Then one of his wings released a streak of black light which entered the scroll.

As for the red-bearded old man and the beautiful woman, they performed a similar action.

With the feathers of the four Tian Peng Elders absorbed by the scroll, space began to warp.

Red light flashed from the entire scroll and expanded several times in size. Both of the ghost heads on either end of it simultaneously opened and revealed blood-red eyes. It was then that they released their grip on the scroll and allowed it to unfold.

Red mist flickered from the above of the scroll, condensing into countless roiling talisman characters.

A blue light flickered from Han Li’s eyes allowing him to see the scroll’s contents clearly.

The red light was densely filled with small characters. Most of them appeared to be names.

At the very top of the scroll, ‘Tian Peng Vow’ was written in large golden characters of the Flying Spirit Tribe.

Afterwards, it listed faint silver characters with contents that appeared similar to a few Tian Peng records.

Then, it listed rows of dark azure names.

Han Li carefully swept his spiritual sense through the scroll.

When he made contact with the red list, long clear cries began to sound from it. Soon, the light mist roiled and revealed a mythical bird phantom. As soon as it appeared, it was only a foot tall, but as it brilliantly glowed, it turned the size of a hill, filling most of the hall and completely submerging Han Li and company in it.

Han Li and the holy disciples were alarmed, but Jin Yue and the other elders were completely calm.

“Move back,” Jin Yue raised her hand and waved an azure copper mirror at the bird image.

The phantom suddenly let out a cry and immediately shattered into tiny fragments that were swept into the scroll in an azure wave.

Jin Yue withdrew the mirror and spoke to Han Li with a deep tone, “Use your blood essence to sign the scroll. You must use your true name, or there is no saving you from the vow’s backlash.”

Han Li trembled. A few of his original thoughts had been temporarily placed to the back of his mind.

He took a deep breath and took large steps forward.

He spat out a golden thread. In a golden flash, the thread sliced open a small opening from his finger. Then under the pressure of his spiritual power, he forced a drop of faintly golden blood essence from it.”

“Yi!” Elder Shi wore an odd expression on his face.”

“Has Elder Shi found something amiss?” The red-bearded old man twirled his beard.

The black-robed man hesitated and slowly said, “It’s nothing. Fellow Daoist Han most likely cultivated a peculiar technique or consumed a few rare fruits which resulted in the color of his blood essence.”

The old man looked at Han Li and pensively said, ‘That’s true. Golden blood essence is truly rare. His body has most likely been strengthened to a degree for that to happen!”

The black-robed man smiled and said nothing else.

At that moment, Han Li moved in front of the scroll and quickly wrote his name on an empty spot on the scroll.

When the drop of faint golden blood essence dropped on the scroll, the words absorbed it. In a flash, it turned into dark azure words. They were dull as if they had been written for many years now.

Meanwhile, Han Li faintly sensed that something was gazing at his primal soul, but it immediately disappeared.

Alarmed, it appeared that the Tian Peng Vow seemed to be something of a gateway.

Having thought of this, Han Li felt more at ease.

With a binding like this, the Tian Peng Elders wouldn’t be able to throw him away or their agreement once the matter is settled.

As Han Li pondered to himself, Jin Yue had the other holy disciples put down their names as well.

Once the scroll trembled, it quickly wrapped itself and the two ghost heads stirred, biting down on either hand. When Jin Yue waved at it, the scroll shrunk and quickly flew into her sleeve.

With the scroll retrieved, Jin Yue indifferently said, “Alright, since that matter is done, Elder Xi will explain the matters you must pay attention to during the earth abyss trial. Remember it well. It could save your life.”

“The earth abyss trial is held by the main branch of the Flying Spirit Tribe and is held once every three hundred years...” The red-bearded man began to slowly explain.

Han Li and the two holy disciples carefully listened.

Several days later, several huge snow-white birds flew out of the main gate of the holy city. After they left the restrictions, they soared to the sky.

Han Li was sitting on top of one of the birds.

With each wing flap, the white birds flew forward a hundred meters. With several flaps, they quickly reached the end of the horizon, turning into black dots.


On a mountaintop three months later, in a large series of green buildings surrounded by a huge plaza stood over a hundred Flying Spirit Tribe beings. At the center, there was a red crane and a brightly-colored strange bird. They were unleashing attacks as they fought against one another in mid-air.

The red crane’s movements were a marvel. Each claw and peck produced the sound of tearing space, clearly displaying an incredibly sharpness.

The brightly colored bird had four wings and a horn on its head. The colors on its body released a mist of light that seemed to absorb the crane’s attack without a problem.

The red crane was furious at this and suddenly flew a hundred meters backward, spreading its wings in the direction of the bright bird.

Suddenly, tens of long feathers shot out, blurring into gleaming blades as they flew through the air. They all struck the opposing bird’s light mist at nearly the same time.

No matter how wondrous the gorgeous light mist was, it groaned and violently trembled upon receiving the attacks of so many blades and began to forcefully tear.

The crane was overjoyed when it saw this and was about to release more blades when the bright bird suddenly released a sharp cry. A yellow wave rushed forth and the sharp blades were blown askew. They then turned around as if they were completely under the bright bird’s control. 

The crane was startled and opened its mouth releasing a white beam of light. It penetrated the bright bird’s wind.

A strange light flashed from the bright bird’s purple eyes and a black horn suddenly shined with red light from the bright bird’s eyes. A red light suddenly shot out from it and struck the oncoming white beam.

The air rumbled and both attacks were nullified.

“Brother Xun, what other abilities do you have? I’ve already fully used all of mine. If you have no others, I am going to attack.” The bright bird spoke with a man’s voice.

A cold snort sounded from the crane, “Your Horned Vulture Tribe only has their many abilities. How could they deal with me?”

“Good, then I’ll let you witness them. This is my newly cultivated ability.” The bright bird strangely said.

The right bird’s four wings flapped, releasing a wave of bright light. The bright bird transformed into a three-meter-tall yellow bell.

“Not good!” Everyone who saw this immediately took several steps back in alarm. Only those with more confidence in their cultivation stood still.

The yellow bell began to shake itself and let out deep rings.

Everyone who heard this felt their minds shaken by the sound.

As for the red crane that directly faced most of the bell’s power, he wordlessly dropped to the floor.

At that same moment, his body flashed white to reveal a white-robed Flying Spirit Tribe man about thirty years old.

Another man flew out of the crowd and caught the man before he landed.

The yellow bell shook and turned into a black-robed young man. He saluted at the ground and calmly said, “You let me win.”

As for the crane that turned back into a man, he looked at the black-robed youth with an unsightly expression as he was carried out by his companion.

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