Chapter 1436: The Sparring Arena

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

Han Li walked along a stone path in a leisurely manner and admired the view around him.

At first glance, there was no one there, but when he raised his head, he found a few people that were flying. The Flying Spirit Tribe were originally accustomed to flight, so the paths on the ground were mostly for decoration.

When Han Li thought of how many powerful Flying Spirit Tribe members have gathered, he couldn't help but inwardly sigh.

Let alone other things, the seventy-two branches of the Flying Spirit Tribe each had a group of elders as well as a group of thirty-some elders overseeing the entire tribe. Their power far exceeded that of Deep Heaven City. After all, during times of peace, Deep Heaven City only had ten Body Integration elders standing guard. During war, the demon and humans could gather together nearly a hundred Body Integration existences, but this was the power of two races. Alone, neither the humans nor demons could hope to rival the true power of the Flying Spirit Tribe.

As for the number of Deity Transformation and Spatial Tempering existences, that wasn’t something that the humans or demons could rival.

In that case, despite how long the humans had established themselves in the spirit realm, they were considered a somewhat weaker power.

Comparatively, the Flying Spirit Tribe’s power wasn’t as high as the legendary races of the spirit realm, but they were enough to be considered a mid-grade existence.

As Han Li inwardly pondered this, he turned a corner and discovered a small booth in front of him. It connected to several other roads.

There were two wooden chairs in the booth, occupied by two white-clothed women that were having a pleasant chat.

When they saw that someone else had arrived, they stopped and looked over.

One of the two was a dainty woman that had led Han Li’s group to their residences, Xiao Zhu.

After some thought, Han Li politely asked, “So it was Lady Xiao Zhu. Could you tell me if my companion has passed this place recently?”

Xiao Zhu stood up and answered with a smile, “Young Master Han must be talking about his Junior Sister Lei. Not long before, I have seen her pass by. She seemed to be heading in the direction of the sparring arena.”

Han Li’s heart dropped and he asked, “The sparring arena? Was she alone?”

Xiao Zhu blinked and gave a meaningful smile, “No, she was accompanied by the Chi Rong’s Young Miss Hong Sha.”

“Many thanks!” Han Li’s face remained calm and he gave a brief smile before heading towards the path to the sparring arena.

When the two white-robed women saw this, they exchanged a glance of astonishment.

The Tian Peng holy disciple remained calm upon hearing that his companion was led there by a hostile branch. He was quite unordinary.

Unbeknownst to them, Han Li only appeared calm while he was actually quite angry.

That Tian Peng woman Lei Lan didn’t know what was good for her.

Although he didn’t know what the Chi Rong did to get her over there, it was clear they didn’t have any good intentions. If they deliberately injured her under the guise of an accident, the chances of passing the trial would grow even slimmer.

He couldn't remain indifferent about the matter.

After all, he placed his name in the Tian Peng Vow and made a supplemental agreement with Jin Yue. If he didn’t have one of the holy disciples become a holy master, he would be greatly troubled.

He was certain the Tian Peng Elders wouldn’t leave him alone as their clan was annexed.

When Han Li recalled the particulars about the earth abyss trial, he inwardly sighed.

This time, he would acquire important benefits from the Tian Peng race, but he was also drawn into trouble.

Even if he assisted the Tian Peng in escaping their dilemma, he would also need to make proper plans to leave.

With that in mind, Han Li stepped forward calmly and eventually arrived at the corner. Then, he flickered and blurred out of sight.

The so-called sparring arena was found easily. It wasn’t as far as Han Li had imagined.

After making use of his quick movement abilities, it only took him the time to finish a meal before he arrived at a huge light barrier. He faintly heard the sounds of an explosion from there.

His expression stirred and he ceased his movement techniques, instead moving closer on foot.

Since Chi Tian had taken the initiative to tell him Lei Lan’s whereabouts, their plan should’ve been to challenge him.

So long as he doesn’t appear, the Chi Rong won’t immediately make trouble. Furthermore, even if they were impatient to act, it was too late for him to do anything so there was no point in rushing.

With that in mind, Han Li’s eyes flickered with blue light as he gazed into the light barrier.

It appeared people were making full use of their abilities in battle.

Fortunately, those that were battling didn’t use any transformation abilities. One of them was controlling fire and the other breathing blue icy Qi. Han Li was relieved that neither of them was Lei Lan.

The woman controlling the fire should be the Chi Rong’s holy disciple Hong Sha.

Feeling somewhat baffled, Han Li suddenly sensed someone looking at him with icy eyes from a distance.

As Han Li possessed sharp senses, he immediately looked back to find this person.

However, Han Li only felt his heart tremble. The glance immediately disappeared and he couldn't find the person in the crowd.

Han Li’s expression sank and he pondered for a moment. He gave up on his search and quickly made his way to the sparring arena.

But before he arrived, the raging flames and icy Qi fiercely flashed, instantly deciding the outcome of the battle. 

The blue-winged man instantly was repeatedly pushed back by the raging flames and he eventually conceded and dropped to the ground.

Hong Sha, a beauty to begin with, wore a seductive smile and said, “Junior Sister Lei, I’ve already dealt with him. If you want the Lightning Star Stone, I’ll hand it over to you if you defeat me. I definitely won’t break my promise.

Many of the Flying Spirit Tribe’s men felt their minds roil when they saw her face.

Han Li inwardly shouted ‘no’, but at this distance, there was nothing he could do.

A ball of white light flashed and floated to the sky. They had a slender figure and silver wings.

She was Lei Lan without a doubt.

Han Li’s face sank.

The Chi Rong woman had instantly defeated an opponent in an instant and was now challenging Lei Lan.

It clearly wasn’t a coincidence. It was clear someone had spotted him and secretly informed her, thus setting their plan into motion.

However, he took several breaths and his expression became calm once more. He rushed forward to the side of the stage and looked for a nearby area before standing still.

Lei Lan expressionlessly said, “You used the Lightning Star Stone to drag me here from my residence. You’ve wanted to fight me in any case. Regardless of your intentions, so long I can acquire the stone, I won’t hold back.”

She spread her silver wings and bolts of silver lightning appeared in the air. They quickly spread across her body as if she were a spirit of lightning.

Hong Sha paid no mind to this and giggled, shooting a glance in Han Li’s direction. “So it turns out that Junior Sister has some skill. I’ll definitely present the Lightning Star Stone to you.”

A few of the branches below knew of the resentment between the Chi Rong and Tian Peng and began to whisper to another. They planned to enjoy the drama that would ensue.

Han Li stood in place with his hands behind his back without any intent to interrupt them.

Hong Sha giggled, but she inwardly felt somewhat anxious.

If Han Li didn’t stop them, then she wouldn’t be able to use the tricks she prepared. It appeared she would have to change her plans.

The woman pondered for just a moment and didn’t hesitate any further. She formed an incantation gesture and red light brightly glowed from her body. Bowl-sized red fireballs began to appear around her, filling the sky with red lights.

The temperature in the arena massively rose and became difficult to endure.

Those with lesser cultivation among the spectators were forced to take several steps back before they could endure the heat.

Han Li’s brow stirred when he saw this, but he remained in his original place.

When Lei Lan saw this, she wordlessly spread her wings and cast a spell.

Thunder rang from the air and the lightning wrapped around her grew several times thicker. From a distance, it looked as if a huge silver python was coiled in the air before it scattered into countless silver threads in an attack.

Each of the silver threads flashed, drilling holes through the fireballs.

In the blink of an eye, thunder clapped to no end. Countless fireballs erupted and turned into scattered embers.

The ability to control strands of lightning not only surprised Han Li, but it also turned the spectators restless.

Hong Sha also revealed a trace of surprise, but soon, she sneered. With a shake of her sleeve, she released a red mist and had it dance around her.

As the red mist brushed through the air, the embers gathered to the red mist and concentrated towards Hong Sha.

In the blink of an eye, a huge fire cloud appeared in the air, completely hiding Hong Sha from view.

The fire cloud roiled without end and a series of waves rushed outward. But soon, it condensed back to the center into a giant thirty-meter-wide fireball. The fireball turned in the air and let out a fearsome hum before flying in Lei Lan’s direction.

Lei Lan’s face slightly changed and she raised her hand. Silver light erupted, followed by a clap of thunder.

Her entire arm was wrapped in countless thin arcs of lightning. In a silver flash, they fused together.

With a loud eruption, a huge arc of lightning shot out from her arm to directly meet the giant fireball.

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