Chapter 1437: Test

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

With a clap of thunder, a thick bolt of silver lightning entered the huge fireball.

Just as most of the crowd believed the silver lightning penetrated the fireball, the lightning disappeared in a flash as if it were consumed.

In her alarm, the fireball quickly arrived before her with astonishing momentum.

After some brief hesitation, Lei Lan shot backwards and folded her wings around her.

Suddenly, layers of lightning began to form around her. In the shining light, she transformed into a silver-white Peng bird. Silver lightning jumped across her body and an odd necklace appeared around her neck. A dazzling golden gourd several inches tall floated on top of it.

She finally decided to use her last trump card and strike down her opponent.

When the huge fireball saw the Peng bird, it immediately stopped its tracks. As a muffled explosion boomed, the fireball suddenly transformed into a scarlet firebird.

The firebird was several times larger than the Peng bird, but the Peng showed no fear. With a clear sound, its entire body massively surged in size, rivalling that of the firebird. Afterwards, countless bolts of lightning shot out from its mouth.

The firebird was fearless as well and surged its flames. It clawed at the air, releasing ten crimson claw streaks.

The huge wingspan of the birds along with the increasing chaos of the battle concealed nearly half of what was occurring inside the light barrier.

Blood and feathers occasionally fell from the air.

But an instant later, whatever fell to the ground would instantly disappear.

This was expected by the crowd. After an early-grade spirit general like Lei Lan transforms, they wouldn’t continue to stall the battle while at a disadvantage but aggressively attempt to turn the tide.

The lightning surrounding her entire body turned from silver-white to a faint purple and its might greatly increased.

Han Li stared at the lightning bird with his Brightsight Spirit Eyes and an odd expression appeared on his face.

The others only believed that the lightning bird used a technique on itself to increase the might of its lightning.

But with his spirit eyes, he could clearly see that the purple lightning wasn’t something that was produced from the bird’s body. It came from the small golden gourd that floated around its neck. When a spark of purple lightning from the goard touched the bird’s silver lightning, they seamlessly fused together, turning her silver lightning to a faint purple.

The purple lightning sparks also seemed to have quite a background.

Hong Sha was caught off guard, furious at having lost control of the battle.

Although she didn’t know what Lei Lan did, she clearly used an extraordinary technique. Otherwise, Lei Lan wouldn’t prove to be her opponent, given her cultivation.

At that moment, Hong Sha heard several male voices in her ear. Although their voices weren’t loud, they caused her heart to tremble. She promptly discarded her last trace of hesitation and spread her wings in preparation of using her killing move.

A strangely long feather shot out from the top of firebird’s head.

Then in a burst of flames, the feather turned into an exact copy of the firebird. It opened its mouth and immediately spat out a chain of fireballs, creating a wave of roiling flames inside the arena barrier.

The Peng bird was immediately overwhelmed by the attack from the second firebird. Seeing that she wouldn’t be a match, Lei Lan let out a furious shriek.

Fire and lightning collided. The light barrier shuddered and the nearby air began to faintly warp.

This also blurred the battle between the firebird and the silver Peng.

However, it was clear that the silver bird was facing eminent crisis and wouldn’t hold out for much longer. Perhaps she would soon be defeated with heavy injury.

Han Li observed this in silence for a moment longer before he suddenly spread out his wings. In a clap of thunder, he turned into a bolt of white-azure lightning.

Meanwhile, a black silhouette flickered from another point in the crowd and also silently vanished.

Bang! A thirty-meter-long golden sword light appeared in the air, cleaving through the clashing fire and lightning as soon as it appeared.

But before the swordlight reached the battle, a faint white arc suddenly appeared in front of it, producing a sharp metallic shriek.

Fire, lightning, and the white arc collided, destroying all trace of one another.

When the two firebirds and the silver Peng saw the flash of golden light, an incredibly sharp attack had arrived above their heads and swung down.

The three birds had no way to block it.

In their alarm, they couldn't continue the battle. They immediately withdrew their attacks and retreated.

The huge sword light harmlessly fell between the two sides. As for the white arc, it remained in its original place but soon released enormous energy.

A windstorm was conjured near it. A large quantity of worldly essence Qi gathered at the white arc as if a spatial tear was about to open.

The spectators of the battle were thrown into chaos. The lightning bird in particular withdrew her lightning and turned back into her young woman form with an expression of bewilderment on her face.

“You aren’t a match for her. Don’t continue to struggle.” A faint voice sounded from behind Lei Lan as if the speaker was right behind her.

The silver-clothed woman’s face changed and she hastily turned around to find a youth standing there, Han Li.

“So it was Han Li who had taken action!” Lei Lan said with bewilderment.

The power of the swordlight was something she had expected from a Great Spirit General.

The fearsome swordlight and the white scar it produced had disappeared. The worldly essence Qi turned calm as well.

But at that moment, Han Li wasn’t looking at Lei Lan but was staring across from her.

Startled, Lei Lan followed his eyes.

She discovered that Hong Sha also returned to her human form and withdrew her doppelganger. She looked over at them with a mysterious smile.

After Han Li separated them, a red-clothed youth with a harsh expression had appeared at her side.

The youth was Zhu Yinzi, the Chi Rong holy disciple Lei Lan was most wary of.

Lei Lan couldn't help but feel a chill over her heart.

Zhu Yinzi smirked and said, “Brother Han, I heard that you’ve been cultivating overseas all this time and have only recently returned to the Tian Peng Race. I am quite curious about your abilities. Could you teach me a thing or two?”

The strike Han Li had just released caused his heart to sink. From that display, he knew Han Li’s abilities were quite powerful. But in order to take measure of Han Li’s true power, he calmly challenged Han Li in accordance with their original plan.

Zhu Yinzi’s reputation far outshined the likes of Hong Sha and Lei Lan.

With his appearance, the spectators immediately recognized him. With news that Zhu Yinzi had challenged someone else, the crowd grew excited.

It was rare to see two equals of great power face one another. The difference in fame was clear, but the other was a high-grade spirit general. The fight was likely to display things that were rarely seen.

Lei Lan frowned when she heard this, but a flash of realization suddenly appeared on her face. It appeared she finally saw that the Chi Rong’s objective was her Senior Martial Brother Han standing behind her. She was only bait.

“I have no interest in fighting you.” Han Li smiled and spoke with a casual tone.

“Hehe, since you’ve already entered the restriction, you cannot refuse. Brother Han, please take my attack.” The youth raised his hand. With a red flash from his palm, it turned into a scarlet claw, revealing five sharp points that glistened like red gems.

Han Li frowned. Without another word, the youth swiped his scarlet claw through the air.

Space ripped as the five scarlet talons shot forward. They instantly vanished after a flash of red light.

Han Li’s expression stirred, suddenly raising his arm, spreading out his pitch-black fingers in front of him.

Suddenly, the air thirty meters in front of him violently shook where five claw streaks appeared and blurred towards him.

Han Li’s expression faintly changed when he saw the scarlet streaks appear. They were originally only a foot-long, but when they reappeared, they were three-meters-long. The attacks were continually absorbing nearby spiritual Qi and surging in size.

But before the streaks grew close, Han Li already sensed an astonishing spiritual pressure directly approaching him. If his cultivation was weaker, the claw streaks would’ve froze his body and mind, preventing him from reacting as the streaks overwhelmed him.

As Han Li felt completely aghast, his pitch-black fingers suddenly flashed with light, producing a small black mountain in the air. In a flash, it immediately turned thirty-meters-large.

Han Li was now securely protected with the black mountain in front of him.

Red light flashed, followed by successive muffled bangs. 

A burning heat drifted towards Han Li, causing him to feel slight burns, but the mountain remained floating in the air, completely unharmed.

“Yi!” Zhu Yinzi was shocked by this result.

Han Li’s spiritual sense quickly brushed past the Essensefused Mountain and his face sunk.

Bang. He slapped his palm on top of the small mountain.

The mountain promptly spun in the air, now pointing the side that was struck in Han Li’s direction.

On the mountain’s black surface, there were partially melted five inch-deep claw marks. 

Han Li coldly snorted and pressed his black hand on the mountain.

Black light roamed across the mountain for a spell, mending all the damage that it had incurred.

“Since Brother Zhu wants a lesson, I’ll have to provide instruction.” With that said, he blurred, appearing at the side of the mountain.

He flapped his wings, revealing an azure Peng phantom from his back.

Meanwhile, a chain of booms sounded as four azure tornados soared to the sky around him, filling the air with their screams.

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