Chapter 315 - The King of the Underworld (5)

Second Life Ranker

Where am I…? Steropes didn’t recognize his surroundings. He could feel himself floating, and the sudden return to the world was a shock to him.  

“Impossible!” Hades jumped up from his throne with a flustered face. From what he knew, it was impossible to do this with a soul. He was a god of death, not a god who ruled over death. Also, moving souls according to one’s wishes was against laws and principles. Gods were beings who enforced rules; they didn’t break them. The fact that Yeon-woo could do such a thing was… “Haa.”

Hades plopped back down on his throne with a sigh, his furrowed forehead expressing his inner conflict. Countless emotions passed through his eyes in one brief second: jealousy, envy, even covetousness.

[Hermes smiles bitterly as he looks at his uncle.]

[Athena looks at her uncle with still eyes.]

“Don’t look at me like that. It’s humiliating to be compared to that idiot Poseidon.” Hades knew that his niece and nephew were looking at him warily through their Channel with Yeon-woo just in case he tried to hurt Yeon-woo.

He snorted. He acknowledged that he’d made a mistake in the past, but he didn’t have any regrets. He also didn’t care about continuing his power. He was already gone from this world, and there was no point in obsessing over the past.

Also, he knew what the children of Hermes’ generation thought of him, so he wasn’t displeased by their gazes. He was just irritated to be compared to Poseidon, the simple fool who crushed anything he didn’t like. 

[Hermes smiles mysteriously at his uncle.]

[Athena nods at her uncle.]

“Anyway.” Hades’s eyes narrowed. “So that’s how you’re using his power? Incredible.” The Black King’s power broke the laws of nature. That alone was already a miracle that exceeded what a god could accomplish. It was a power that went beyond a greater god’s—the power of a primordial god or a conceptual god. Hades looked at Yeon-woo carefully. 

Yeon-woo had been so focused on the conversation among the three Cyclopes and missed the exchange between Hades and his niece and nephew. 



Brontes quickly ran to Steropes and hugged him tightly. Steropes muttered to himself with a blank face, and then his expression turned to one of surprise. Brother!

Yes! Steropes, how did you end up like this? Even you…



Even the youngest!

The three Cyclops brothers hugged each other, tears dripping down their faces. It was a reunion they didn’t think would ever come after they split up 200 years ago. They remained in this position for a while as they cried. Although Brontes and Steropes were souls and didn’t have any tears to shed, their sadness was clear to all. 

“Steropes.” Yeon-woo stepped forward although a part of him was crying, too. It was also his greatest wish to be reunited with his brother, and he wished that it was him and Jeong-woo hugging and crying right now. However, he was sure that it wouldn’t be long before that happened.

He felt sorry about interrupting their reunion, but there were things that needed to be done first. 

Steropes turned around. He recognized Yeon-woo as the one who called him. His eye immediately grew thoughtful. So, you are the human who called me here.

“Yes, sir.”

A power that breaks the laws of nature and creates new ones…you must be his successor. Steropes was the one among the three brothers who had mastered theology. This field was occasionally called philosophy, and it was sometimes hard to understand what Steropes meant. Bad fate is still fate. It’s also due to the result of the laws of causality that we brothers are meeting like this. All right. Why have you called me here?

“You might already know this, but you can’t stay here for long. I’ll get to the point.” Yeon-woo explained the situation in Tartarus and why they needed Kynee. The only way it could be recreated was if the three Cyclops brothers worked together on it.

Steropes sat down and listened to Yeon-woo. Afterwards, he organized his thoughts and closed his eye. After he opened it again, he said, That means you need me to stay for a long period of time.

“Yes, that is so.”

And to do that, I must be bound to you.

Yeon-woo nodded. A conflicted expression appeared on Steropes’s face for a moment. A holy being shouldn’t be bound to a mere human. Also, the remnant of the Black King Yeon-woo had inherited was a mortal enemy of the brothers. He was displeased at the thought of having to follow Yeon-woo’s orders. 

Steropes. Just then, Brontes gripped Steropes’ shoulder. Leave what happened in the past there. That child is him. You are dead now, so why are you still caught up in the past?


Besides... Brontes’ eyes were serious. I don’t want us to be split up again.

Arges nodded next to him, his exhausted face determined not to lose his brothers again. From the time they were born, they had been abused and bullied because of their strange appearances. The world turned its back on them, and so they became the world to each other.  

Finally, the brothers convinced Steropes, and he looked at Yeon-woo with a thoughtful gaze. Fine, human. It sounds too good to be true, but I accept being bound to you.

Yeon-woo nodded. However, Steropes spoke flatly, as if he were warning Yeon-woo not to be too happy about it. However, I have one condition. I’m not like my kind-hearted brother. I swear on the Styx that if you ignore my conditions after you become my master, I’ll destroy my own soul.

“Please speak.”

Once you bind me, I’ll follow your orders only for things related to Kynee, justice, and order. If you try to use me for your own benefit…

“That won’t happen,” Yeon-woo spoke confidently.

Steropes glared at Yeon-woo for a while. It was hard to read his glittering eyes. Fine. Let’s complete the contract. He nodded. 

Yeon-woo held his hand. He’d agreed to Steropes’ conditions even though they didn’t really matter. They had no idea that once they entered the Soul Collection, they no longer had their own will. ‘Once you’re bound, that’s the end.’

He could hear Shanon muttering, Another sucker’s been born.

Yeon-woo ignored him. 

* * *

After the contract was finished. 

From a lowly soul to a Guai. It’s beyond lacking compared to my godly body, but this isn’t too bad of an upgrade. Steropes muttered to himself after checking his condition. Arges looked overjoyed that his brothers were here, even though they were only souls. 

[You have successfully bound an outstanding godly being. You have made an achievement that is not easily accomplished. Additional karma will be provided.]

[You have acquired 10,000 karma.]

[You have acquired 15,000 additional karma.]

[The sudden quest (Helm of Darkness) has been created.]

Yeon-woo checked the new follow-up quest of Persephone’s Long-Held Wish. 

[Sudden Quest / Helm of Darkness][Description: The king of Giants, Typhon, has found a way to take the energy of the dead Kronos, and he has increased the combat power of the Titans and the Giants. The Titans have grown larger and are now taking over Tartarus. 
Hades and Dis Pluto have been enduring continued losses and have been forced to retreat into the ‘Temple of the Underworld’. You appeared just as enemies surrounded the ‘Temple of the Underworld’ and threatened to take it over. 
When you brought together the three Cyclops brothers, you found a way to increase the power of the Dis Pluto. 
First, you have to regain Hades’ power. Help the three Cyclops brothers to create the holy artifact ‘Kynee’. Once you have completed the holy artifact, you will receive Hades’ great respect.]
[Conditions of success:
1. Gather materials for ‘Kynee’
– Apophis’ Scale (30/45)
– Kathran Liquid (0/5)
– Silent Conch (12/300)


2. Create Kynee
– Refining 0%
– Smelting 0%
– Cleansing 0%
– Crafting 0%]


[Overall progress 0%]
1. Hades’ favor +150
2. Title ‘Artisan’ 
3. Power to use the holy artifact ‘Kynee’]

‘It’s up.’ Kynee was one of the most powerful holy artifacts and by attempting to create it, he would gain an incredible amount of karma and rewards. Yeon-woo focused on the title “Artisan”.  It was the title that only five people in the Tower had earned, including Henova, Brahm, and Victoria. If he could acquire this… ‘I’ll be able to see more information about the pocket watch.’

A title given by the Tower wasn’t something to be taken lightly since it was only given to those who reached the pinnacle of their respective fields. However, something worried him. ‘I don’t have many of the required materials.’

A cold smile returned to Hades’ face as Yeon-woo looked at him. “There’s something we need to deal with before we can fix Kynee.”

Arges’ face turned ashen after he realized what Hades was going to say. Yeon-woo clucked his tongue, as well.

“Kynee is an outstanding artifact and requires precious materials. However, as you know already, we severely need soldiers and resources. We don’t have any of the materials, and even if we did, we can’t afford to use them for this task.”

Yeon-woo nodded in understanding. “I’ll have to get them myself.”

Hades nodded with the cold smile still on his face. “That is correct.” Although he seemed arrogant considering he was asking someone for help, Yeon-woo recognized his attitude as belonging to someone whose mind was completely exhausted from a long war. Some grew cynical and bitter, but others didn’t let go of hope until the end.

Hades gave the impression that he would like Kynee to be recreated, but he wouldn’t be too upset if it didn’t work out. “Yes. We don’t have much time. The Titans and Giants are ready to attack at any time, and Kronos’ energy is almost completely gone. You need to get this done before anything happens.”

“I will.” Yeon-woo’s eyes flashed. “I have to.”

Hades raised a corner of his mouth. It wasn’t the cold smile he’d shown but the expression of a warrior for combat. He might have had this expression in the past when he fought Kronos. “Good. I wish you success, successor of the Black King.” Black light scattered around him, and Yeon-woo’s surroundings changed. 

[The trial of the hidden stage ‘Tartarus’ has been paused on Hades’ authorization.]

[You have gained the title ‘Hades’ Representative’.]

[You are being transported to the 31st floor.]

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