Chapter 377 - Gigantomachia (2)

Second Life Ranker

[Vimalacitra smiles with pleasure. He is deeply interested in the decision you made.]

[Vimalacitra hopes that his power will be utilized better.]

[The power ‘Black Gubitara’ that Vimalacitra has bestowed upon you has become the thirty-fourth component.]

That was the last message. Thirty-four powers had agreed to become cogwheels for the right wing under the keyword. It was a tiny number compared to the 5000 powers, but they were significant.

Athena, Hermes, and Hundun, beings who had favored Yeon-woo since the beginning, were superior divine beings who occupied important positions in their societies. The weight of their powers simply couldn’t be underestimated. The combined powers of mid-level or low-level beings couldn’t even compare to a single one of theirs.

Vimalacitra, who had willingly given his most important power, was immense enough to do the role of hundreds of thousands. The right wing now had weight, and the powers began to work together like one piece of machinery.

At first, the powers were so different that it was hard for them to flow together, but once the purple energy from Superbia adjusted the differences, the cogwheels began to turn with maximum speed. Since Yeon-woo was in a perilous situation, it was the moment for the “Fight” keyword to prove itself.

Yeon-woo could feel the extraordinary amount of holy power and demonic energy flowing into his body. The Divine and Demonic Factors greeted each other in a welcoming manner.

Crunch. On the other hand, the Draconic Factors attempted another transformation in order to keep the balance. The potential of his Demonic Divine Dragon Body grew once again.

[Time Difference]

Yeon-woo sped up his thinking once more to make a quick judgment. He had only thirty seconds to maintain this explosive strength, and he had to ensure that things were ended by then. ‘No. It’s too difficult using only the right wing.’

Yeon-woo pulled out the left wing as well. Unlike the quivering right wing, the blazing wing of death soared up to the sky. The two wings spread open, and the window to use them shrank. He now had only eleven seconds.  

Yeon-woo quickly opened subspace to pull out Vigrid.

Ten seconds.

He released Blink, which rushed to Iapetos’ right shoulder.

Nine seconds.

The heat that had gathered to catch Yeon-woo instantly changed direction. Sharp winds blew down on Yeon-woo’s head. The wing of death flapped, scattering them.

Boom. There was a series of explosions as Yeon-woo gripped Vigrid and stabbed Iapetos’ shoulder.

Eight seconds.

The energy from spreading both wings rushed into Vigrid.


OK! Just leave it to me!

Nike transformed into Holy Fire at Yeon-woo’s urgent call and entered the sword. There, he conducted the energy and flared up. Whoosh. The fire grew to an uncontrollable size and swallowed Iapetos. Iapetos screamed in pain. Seven seconds.

He thrashed around in an attempt to rid himself of Yeon-woo, but Yeon-woo didn’t budge. Vigrid dug in even deeper and the fire burned even more brightly. This was all due to a trait of Vigrid that he’d gained some time ago.

Before catching Astraeus, Yeon-woo had received a message explaining that he’d completed part of Vigrid’s hidden conditions. It carried a clue that would help him uncover its hidden name.

[Hidden Quest / A Concealed Name]
[Description: After the great holy sword was created during the Silver Age, it passed through the hands of many heroes and gained and lost many names. Then, after it was cursed and changed into a demonic sword, it lost all of its glorious names and was abandoned in an empty cave for hundreds of years to wait for a new owner. It met you and began to regain its function as a holy sword. It is close to its former glory and after being washed clean by holy power and Dragon Blood, the curse is disappearing.
However, its lost names have been buried in myths and legends, and there is no way to find them again. The name ‘Vigrid’ is a fake name, but Vigrid never thought of looking for its old names until its spirituality was awakened after transcendence. It would like to search for its old name again.
Names are important to the characteristics of an item. Only after recovering its old name will Vigrid fully regain its glory. From now on, every time an achievement is made, a clue will be provided. Use these clues to look for the old names. When a name is found, Vigrid will develop a new trait and magical appearance.]
[Conditions: Vigrid-???’s owner. Must possess transcendence.]
[Time Limit: - ]
[Achievement Conditions:
1. Additional accomplishment → Clue provided
2. Clue solved → True name discovered
3. True name opened → Trait released]
[*Currently Available Clues (2/?)
1. All the heroes who held this sword were mighty. Their names are legendary.  
2. One owner cut a giant’s arm off and took possession of the sword. The curse of the giant has remained in the sword, and the owners of the sword since then haven’t been able to avoid it.]

He had been given two clues, although they sounded just like a typical heroic tale and he found it difficult to make a guess. However, since he’d already used Vigrid for a long time, Yeon-woo could guess the determination of the spirituality in the sword, and even without that, he could guess the characteristics. He already had a few names in mind, and with the clue provided by the quest, he was sure he was right.

‘Durendal.’ It was the sword that Hector, the hero of the epic poem The Iliad, had stolen from the Giant Jutmundus. Despite being inferior in power and receiving a prediction that he would lose, the hero fought again and again to protect his motherland before dying from Jutmundus’s curse. Durendal was as bright as the victories of the great hero, and it had to be one of Vigrid's former names.

Six seconds.

Most items that gained transcendence exhibited strength based on their accomplishments. These accomplishments were legends, and Durendal’s legend was that it had been used to kill a giant. It meant that it had an outstanding nature for dealing with giants.

The being that Yeon-woo was fighting was a god that was as large as a giant, which meant that Vigrid had an advantage.

[Vigrid-??? has gained a true name, Durendal.]
[The true name of Durendal has been released.]
[Folklore: Giant-killing]

The amount of transcendence Yeon-woo had gained was far too small and he was unable to release Durendal’s complete true name, but with the Holy Fire, it was strong enough.

Iapetos screamed as the flames wrapped around his body. His dark body turned red from heat, blistering and forming cracks all over the skin. Flames dripped down like lava among the cracks.

Iapetos attempted to release his divine level once more. He would no longer be able to become a great god again, but his situation was too precarious. However, his body didn’t listen to him for some reason, as though it had been bound tightly by something. Iapetos realized what it was and scowled at the eyes glaring at him in the skies.

Athena! You bitch…you…!

Had she paid a price for the laws of causality? If so, what had she exchanged for the ability to stop a divine being? Even if the columns of lights made the exchanges between Olympus and Tartarus become smoother, she’d have needed a significant sacrifice.

It didn’t stop there. Beings as tiny as flies to him appeared through an open space. Boo’s eyes attacked him, while Shanon, Hanryeong, and Rebecca appeared once more and whipped around him. There were also other creatures he’d never seen before. A dark shadow loomed over the ground and tentacles sprang up to wrap around Iapetos.

[Spirit Guai]
[An evolved form of Guai. They stay hidden in the shadows of the spiritual world and only appear when needed.]

They were Yeon-woo’s shadow, and they moved entirely according to his will.

Five seconds.

Four seconds.

Three seconds.

The clock continued to tick as Iapetos’ giant body collapsed.

Two seconds.

One second.

When Yeon-woo reached his limit, his wings released, and he fell to the ground, his entire body exhausted. Was it because he’d forcefully used two incomplete wings? Whatever it was, the Demonic Divine Dragon Body finally hit a wall. Vigrid lost Durendal’s form and returned to its usual appearance.

However, as he fell, a faint smile appeared on Yeon-woo’s face. He felt a lot of pride in discovering how far his strength went before hitting its limits. He was now strong enough to go toe-to-toe and even defeat divine beings.

I’ll kill you! Kill! Iapetos glowered at Yeon-woo now that he’d been released from pain. Flames still ate away at his body, and pieces of his flesh rained down as black energy poured out from the cracks, like water leaking out of a broken pot. Kronos’ power was leaving his body, and that was the reason Iapetos couldn’t make a move even though he greatly desired to kill Yeon-woo.  

No…no! He struggled to hold onto Kronos’ power, but it escaped through his fingers. The Giant god’s power swirled around and rushed to Yeon-woo, entering the manacle and fetter. The Cast of the Black King cried with pleasure after eating Kronos’ power. All of this occurred before Yeon-woo could even blink.

Aargh! Iapetos exploded with rage. He had not only failed to defeat Yeon-woo, he also lost his power. His body was already shrinking and returning to normal. His eyes were fixed on Yeon-woo, who barely managed to land safely. “I’ll kill you even if it means death…” Iapetos slowly approached Yeon-woo, too weak to even finish his sentence. Still, a Titan was a Titan. He had the strength to kill a player who had exhausted himself.

“Rescue Cain!”

“Protect Cain!”

Lam and the remaining Dis Pluto members rushed towards Yeon-woo.

Enough. Suddenly, the sky divided as a colossal pair of eyes filled with amusement appeared. It was Typhon.

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