Chapter 378 - Gigantomachia (3)

Second Life Ranker

“Typhon!” Iapetos looked up at the sky with a stiff expression. Typhon’s arrival meant that he was trying to get in the way of his mission.

This fight…is your loss…Iapetos…

“What are you talking about?! All I have to do now is kill this bastard!”

Can’t you…see…or…won’t you? Typhon’s eyes were so cold that they sent shivers down the spine. I said…to look out for that child…do you not see…behind him?

Iapetos turned towards the direction that Typhon was looking at. Yeon-woo was gasping for breath, forcing out the last of his strength to fight Typhon. He was surrounded by Lam and the other Dis Pluto soldiers. They were clearly intent on protecting him.  

However, Iapetos saw something else. There was a large number of gods and demons standing behind Yeon-woo, some of them glaring at Iapetos. Of course, it was impossible for them to descend from the heavenly world, but Athena and Hermes seemed ready to do so as soon as they paid the price. Cernunnos’ and Vimalacitra’s gazes were sharp as well.

Athena’s and Hermes’ actions made sense, since the Olympians and Titans were enemies. However, why was Cernunnos, who despised being associated with societies, and Vimalacitra, who looked down even on other demons, standing with the human?

That wasn’t all.

[A message from Agares has arrived.]

[Message: It’s mine.]

[A message from Agares has arrived.]

[Message: If you touch what’s mine, I’ll kill you.]

The lofty Grand Duke of the East was scowling at him like he wanted to rip him apart. What was happening? Iapetos couldn’t understand why great gods and demons were shielding the mortal. He was only sure that if he killed that player, all those gods and demons would become his enemies. However, he wasn’t scared. With the columns of light appearing, the Titans finally had a chance to ascend to Olympus. They were preparing to reclaim their lost strength as soon as they arrived in the heavenly world.

Since their final objective was to rule the heavenly world, they would have to go to war with those beings one day. However, it wasn’t the right time yet. They had to subjugate Olympus first to have the foundation to declare war, and they didn’t want to make any unnecessary enemies at the moment.

‘But do I have to retreat like this?!’ The human was within an arm’s reach, and his weak neck could be broken so easily. The little bastard was even smiling. Although his face was hidden behind a mask, his eyes were curved as though he were laughing and challenging Iapetos to make an attempt to attack.

That smile made Iapetos lose his temper. “I’ll kill you!”

Didn’t you hear me…telling you to stop…Iapetos…

Iapetos ignored Typhon’s words as he stretched out towards Yeon-woo. Yeon-woo’s lips curved under the mask, and suddenly, white lightning shot down from the sky, as sharp as a knife. As he was about to reach Yeon-woo, Iapetos’ right arm fell to the ground.

“Aargh!” Iapetos had already been terribly injured from using Kronos’ power. The new attack, which was filled with Draconic Energy, dealt a critical blow to his soul.

Iapetos gripped his stump and stepped back. Blood splattered to the ground as Jeong-woo spread his magnificent white wings in the sky and quietly landed. His silver armor and blade shone with a regal aura.

“You’re late.”

What are you talking about? I hurried over as fast as I could.

Jeong-woo ignored Yeon-woo’s scolding and turned Dragon Slayer toward Iapetos. Should I finish my second round with that ugly guy?

Black clouds were wavering around Iapetos, which meant that his surroundings were entering the brink of a dream. Under normal circumstances, the power of his soul would make this impossible, but now, he wasn’t even as strong as Nemesis’ barrier.  

This was the reason why Yeon-woo had been so calm. Jeong-woo’s soul was very unstable and at a dangerous point. But if a special condition were satisfied, his soul would become as strong as the spirit of a hero, thanks to the level he’d achieved before he died. It was a level that had broken through Red Dragon’s siege and destroyed the Summer Queen’s heart. If Jeong-woo’s former power returned, Yeon-woo was sure he would be victorious against the Titan.

Jeong-woo could keep up his power for only a short time, but Yeon-woo felt like he’d be able to hold Vigrid again once that was up. The Philosopher’s Stone was already circulating energy from the Soulstone, and his Demonic Divine Dragon Body had almost recovered.

Iapetos clenched his teeth. His right arm had been severed so pointlessly. Rage filled his head, but his godly eyes could read the changes the brothers were going through, and he could guess what Yeon-woo was planning.

I will not allow…any more disobedience…Iapetos. Typhon’s last warning stopped him from moving. He wasn’t in the best situation. He was surrounded by Dis Pluto and  from the abnormal energy around her, Lam, Hades’ Apostle, seemed to be preparing for a manifestation. If he continued to fight, he’d lose.

How could one of the twelve original Titans lose to mere mortals? However, nothing would change no matter how furious he got. Iapetos slowly backtracked, biting his lower lip. Even as he retreated, his eyes were focused on Yeon-woo. “Next time we meet, I’ll take your head, no matter what.”

With that, Iapetos vanished and hid himself in a space that Typhon granted. However, Typhon didn’t disappear as well. He frowned, as if he were dissatisfied with something, and turned to look at Yeon-woo. Suddenly, his eyes curved happily, as though he were having the time of his life.

Even though…Iapetos is a loser…amazing…I get why…Hermes and Athena are so protective…why Poseidon is so wary…

[The trait ‘Cold-blooded’ repels an unknown pressure.]

[The trait ‘Cold-blooded’ repels an unknown pressure.]

Yeon-woo stared back at Typhon, sensing a threat from him. Even though he’d been locked up in Tartarus for a long time, Typhon spoke like he knew about everything going on in Olympus.

The descendent of Black King…Death rightly belongs to you…but…I’ll tell you one thing…the Black King’s power…shouldn’t be used in that manner…it…is a power that belongs with us…not with the traitor Olympus…

‘Traitor?’ Yeon-woo looked at Typhon with wide eyes. Just then, a drawing he’d seen in Olympus’ Treasury flashed through his mind: it was of a nameless god falling into the netherworld because of Zeus and the other gods.

Kronos was his Apostle…and we have continued…Kronos’ legacy…so you as well…!

Boom! There was suddenly an immense pressure from the sky that seemed intent on stopping Typhon from speaking more. Yeon-woo turned his head towards the source of the pressure and noticed that Hermes’ and Athena’s Channels had grown darker, as though they were glaring at Typhon and signaling him not to speak any further.

Typhon’s eyes curved more. It appears…your guardian gods would not like…me to speak with you further. We’ll…finish our discussion…another time…

The eyes started to fade away. That won’t be… too far in the future… so I’ll be waiting…for you to come… With those words, Typhon finally disappeared.

The pressure in the air dissipated as though it had never been there, and a heavy silence descended on them.

Plop. Then, the silence was broken by Dis Plutos, who were weakly collapsing to the ground. They longer had any strength left in their legs. From the raiding of the holy territories and Iapetos’ appearance to the battle with Iapetos’ subordinates and the arrival of Typhon, it was the most intense combat that they’d ever experienced. Lam also slumped on the ground. She had used the last of her strength for the manifestation of Hades.

Jeong-woo had returned to the pocket watch to rest as well. However, Yeon-woo continued to brood over what Typhon said. ‘Kronos was the Black King’s Apostle?’

Now that he thought about it, when Yeon-woo had fallen into Tartarus near Kronos’ corpse, the Cast of the Black King had trembled furiously. And the Cast of the Black King had sucked up Kronos’ power leaking from Iapetos naturally, as if they had always complemented each other.

It made sense that Kronos’ power was from the Black King, and it was understandable why Poseidon, Demeter, Hestia, and Hera would be so wary of the power. ‘Zeus’ and Poseidon’s generation took over Olympus after defeating Kronos and the other Titans. It’s natural that they’d be frightened of the Black King behind the Titans.’ That was the Titanomachia. However,  Hermes’ and Athena’s generation hadn’t experienced the Titanomachia and could respect Kronos instead of tremble in fear at his name.

If they had begun to support the Black King, it made sense that they would favor Yeon-woo, who was the successor of the Black King.

“Is that it?” Yeon-woo looked up and shared his thoughts. The gods didn’t clarify anything.

[Hermes smiles ruefully.]

[Athena is silent.]

Yeon-woo took it as a silent affirmation. However, because of this, he still had a few more questions. He couldn’t imagine a concept god taking on another god as an Apostle. If Kronos, who was one of the greatest gods of his time, was just an Apostle, then how incredible would the Black King be? “You know something, right?” he asked the Demonism inside the Philosopher’s Stone, but all that came back was strange laughter. “Keekeekeek!”

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